DIY Tater Tot Waffle Grilled Cheese!!! – Corinne Vs Cooking #18

DIY Tater Tot Waffle Grilled Cheese!!! – Corinne Vs Cooking #18

What up internet, Corinne here and you’re watching Corinne Vs Cooking! No make-up edition! Yeah, that’s right. I was so excited about this thing I just saw on the internet that I just hopped in my car and came to the store real quick to get the ingredients. That’s right, today we’re gonna try the tater tot grilled cheese! What?! So let’s get started shall we? *whispers* Shopping time! Now, if you’re lucky enough to have seen this video in your timeline you will know that they originally made this with bacon, but I’m gonna use tomatoes instead, because I love tomatoes and I don’t feel like pissing off all the vegans today. Actually, scratch that because you still need to use some cheese. I wish I wasn’t such a monster but I’m addicted to it so… Squishing the tomatoes. Ok so now all we need is our magic ingredient… Tater tots! Yes! Love these things. Wait a minute… onion rings? And sweet potato waffle fries? Yes, that’s happening. Whoooooo! Now let’s get home and make this masterpiece! Oh mai gawd. Did you guys know that not wearing make-up is the new wearing make-up? Wut. I know~ hashtag instagram famous Why do we have so much corn starch still? I think this is the…no. Where’s the f*cking WAFFLE MAKER!? Aww. Too short. ARGH! Still has Rob’s last project in it. It’s a success though. We have a waffle iron. Let’s f*cking WAFFLE! OKAY! So I’ve been letting our frozen goodies kind of thaw out a little bit in the refrigerator in the basement. So I’m going to go get those. You’re doing LAUNDRY!? WHAT! Have you seen any monsters down here? Rob: Nope, you’re all clear. Rob: Ooo. Hello.
Corinne: Oh, sorry. Corinne: Habit. Watch out, kitty. *rawrs* Um, so… They’re still pretty frozen. We’re going to put them in the oven for a minute. Let’s turn the oven on. F*CK YEAH. All right. I’m just going to put them in the oven for like… 5 minutes. YASSS. If I could eat like a 5 year old everyday, I’d be pretty f*cking happy. Being in your mid-twenties is totally overrated. Still frozen. Wait. What? Allll riiight. It’s startin’ to smell like tater tots up in here. And I want one. Augh! Really heavy. Mmmm… tater tots. Mmmm… onion rings. *hums* Okay, now for the fun part. You just heat up your waffle iron and start putting your tater tots right in there. Yes. Now you just waffle it. You just push the top down, right on there. This is my first time using a waffle iron. I don’t–I don’t really know what I’m doing. I don’t really like waffles. Now waffles made from tater tots that’s a whole different f*cking story, isn’t it? Sorry, you’re not allowed to curse anymore Rob just told me. Oh yeah you guys. Oh yeah! TATER TOT WAFFLE. Wrap your mind around it. Get to know it. Become friends with it. The world just became a good place to live in again. For the second layer of tater tot bread, I’m going to be adding in some onion rings. What~ I know you weren’t expecting that. Or maybe you were. Because you saw that I bought them at the store. Whatever the case, it’s happening! And be careful ’cause that is hot. So… Make sure to use an oven mitt of some sort. Once both of your sides are done, it’s time to build your grilled cheese. Got some cheese in there and then our tomatoes and basil and then some more cheese. And you top all that with your other layer of tater tot. AWESOME. Woohoo HA. Yeah. That definitely almost fell apart. So you gotta be careful with these things. Still better than the cauliflower so far though. Just throwin’ that out there. YEAH. Look at that shot there with the meltiness. And now it’s time for the taste test! Mmm~ Now this has potential. Unlike that cauliflower grilled cheese piece of crap. This is DELICIOUS! Mmm~ Get a hint of that onion ring. Very good. Tater tot grilled cheese. For the win! Okay, so I’m thinkin’ this was a success. But, it was a DIY miracle that I got that thing outta there without breaking. So, chalk that one up to Baby Jesus. Are you allowed to talk about Baby Jesus? Rob: Nope! I can’t curse; I can’t talk about Baby Jesus? And it pairs wonderfully with this Sauvignon Blanc here. Mmm~ So delicious, such a great combination. Rob: No wine! You can’t talk about alcohol. What!? Rob: Nope. No. Corinne: I quit. Rob: DE-MONETIZED. All right. Let’s test out the sweet potato waffle fries, shall we? Yeah, you just throw those in there and waffle ’em up. Wafflin’ the waffle fries. Know what waffle rhymes with? quaffle. Okay, yeah. Here we go. Side 2. After another 15 minutes, DONE! I’m just keepin’ it simple on this one and adding some cheese. And HOLY HALLELUJAH. This thing looks amazing. Ow, it’s hot. Ow. This may look burnt to some of you, but I assure you it is not. You probably just need to adjust the brightness on your monitor or something. MY UNICORN FRAPPUCINO LOOKED AWESOME TOO! Let’s see what it taste like, shall we? Ha– Hmm~ Ha–HAA– Hmm~ Those were seasoned waffle fries, and that sh*t is delicious. I mean, that stuff is delicious. The only negative about this project is that it actually takes a really long time. It took me like 3 hours to make 2 of these. So… could be fun for the whole family though! Just like this show! That’s right. Family fun advertiser friendly entertainment. Right here, on Threadbanger. As always, we want to know what projects you want to see us make on this channel. So, leave your suggestions in the comments down below. Don’t forget to subscribe, like up this video, and I’ll see you later. *sound of scissors snipping* My hair– Maybe next time, I’ll put some makeup on.


  1. I thought of this myself but since you have so much cornstarch why don't you make a bathtub full of Galaxy Oobleck

  2. There channel has to be my favoriteee. Late at night I’ll just lay in bed and re watch old videos of theirs, like it’s
    So fun to watch and just calms me in a way😂 love u rob and Corrine ❤️

  3. Every grocery store ever: Let’s put the veggie section right at the start so you get all the delicate stuff in the bottom of the cart. 😒👌

  4. The only waffles that you get in Ireland are like what you just mage with the tater tots they are square and made from potatoes and they are called potato waffles

  5. Oh I am so glad this worked because I love a good tater tot and I have always wanted to make the Tater Tot Waffle. I thought about adding spices to it to change it up but never would I have thought to make a sandwich let alone a grilled cheese

  6. Some of my waffle successes:
    Cornbread waffle, top with chili.
    Brownie waffle, top with ice cream
    Biscuit waffle, top with gravy

  7. Okay at This point its sad😂 their Channel had become “a few Adults Trying to stay relevant and chilfriendly” omg yall okay? 🤭😂😂

  8. I know your next experiment:grilled cheese tacos! Just saw a video for it and that shit is right up your alley. I May be a little annoying and comment on other videos because i really want you to try it(not Rob😂)

  9. i`v had this,it is Delicious!!!!! but it has couple servings to it , so your not going to be able to eat in one sitting.

  10. She completely missed the opportunity to channel (pun intended) her inner Simply and say "we're gonna bake that shit fo' a minute"

  11. If vegans get pissed at people using animal products, then I'm pissed about them cutting down my plants without repopulating them.


  12. This is two years old, but I wonder if you put the cauliflower in the waffle iron, if it'd work better. God, I hope so, lmao.

  13. how does it take 3 hours to make 2 waffle grilled cheese' ?!?! they definitely over exaggerate there times with projects I think lol

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