DIY Rainbow Grilled Cheese – Pinterest Test – Man Vs Pin #96

DIY Rainbow Grilled Cheese – Pinterest Test – Man Vs Pin #96

*chainsaw noises* What’s up, I’m Rob, and you’re watching Man Vs Pin Now, this is a very exciting episode A TON of you have suggested This project that took the internet by storm …Rainbow Grilled Cheese….sandwiches We are here at the rainbow cow creamery In eastern North Carolina Where they actually have rainbow cows Uh…this is a real thing A few people know that the original Rainbow grilled cheese Was actually conceptualized here on this farm. So, I’m going around today, i’m checkin’ out the cows, I’m gonna see how they’re milked I’m gonna see how the cheese is made And then we’re gonna go home and we’re gonna make a delicious Rainbow grilled cheese sandwich Pin-o-meter, what do you think? Pin-O-Meter: Rainbow cows. Wow. Really? Yeah. Duh! How else do you think rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches are made? Alright, so I am actually here with Jeremiah. Jeremiah is one of the proprietors of the rainbow cow creamery You gotta tell me more about this place, cause this is one of the most magical, most incredible places I’ve ever seen. Jeremiah: Well, it is. It is a magical place. Actually, my great grandpa started this farm Jeremiah: a long, long time ago aand Jeremiah: he always was obsessed with the rainbow cows Jeremiah: So we kinda felt like we had to keep it going in his honor, his memory. And so y-, I guess you were, what, just randomly making a grilled cheese sandwich one day and you posted it up on the internet and then it just took off, everything exploded! Jeremiah: We really didn’t expect antyhing like that. Jeremiah: We hired some younger farm hands on and we made the, uh, rainbow grilled cheese Jeremiah: and he put it on the Youtube page Jeremiah: and it just was a sensation, like instantly, overnight sensation Jeremiah: We’re just super thrilled that Youtube would come down here and wanna film our rainbow cows Awesome, man! Soo, what can we do here on the farm? Jeremiah: Actually, we were thinking that, if you’re up for it Jeremiah: we’ll have you milk a cow I would love to milk a rainbow cow *Rob doing his best, despite having no clue about what he is doing* Alright, so we got our blue milk, eh, STRAIGHT from the tiit so now we’re gonna go up to the creamery, which is just up the hill a little bit, and see how all the cheese is made. Jeremiah: I gotta stop you for one second. Jeremiah: Cause we have a sanitation issue, and when you are in this room Jeremiah: with all our cheese Jeremiah: we really need you to put on… Oh, ok. I have a hat That’s fine right?
Jeremiah: That’s not good enough I dont think I’ve put one of these on before Alright. Am I good? Jeremiah: Ok, one more thing Oh! I get a beard one too!
Jeremiah: cover your face Is that right? Hold on, am I doing this right? Jeremiah: Yeah! Looks sure! I’m ready to make some cheese! Alright! So now we are in the cheese..making..facility Where all of the Rainbow cheeses are made. This is a very professional cheese person, doing cheese things I don’t really know what this thing is I don’t even know really, why they are allowing me in here but..this is cool! *pointing* What’s in like these little rooms here? Jeremiah: In each one of these doors we have caves.. and inside the caves is were we store our cheese. So now that we have the blue milk what’s the next step? What do we do? Jeremiah: We’re gonna transfer the blue milk into our clear container So I just pour this into here.. Jeremiah: Go ahead, don’t be sippin now Woaw..! I’ve never seen blue milk before Alright! So we got our blue milk, and then is there like… one of these… rooms reserved for the rainbow cheeses, or what do we do? Jeremiah: This is our Rainbow cheese cave this is where we keep all the brand new cheeses’m just it in here, let it sit and actually, you can’t come in, sorry. Oh, ok.. Jeremiah: Yes, sorry you can’t come in, but I can show you a couple things that we have, that i am real excited about That’s a brand new cheese Alright, we’ve got some Goulin, we’ve got some Pepper Jack got some Uncle Jack Wow, these.. these are the coolest cheeses I’ve ever seen Can I taste some of these?
Jeremiah: Can you sign a waiver? Are these ready to eat!? Worker: They are, they been aging for about six weeks soo- what’s your favorite one, out of all these what’s your favorite? Worker: My favorite is probably the blue The blue? Worker: Yeah, the dark blue. Nice. Alright, I’m gonna try some of these blue cheese. Wow! That is good! Salty! Like really creamy tho! That is amazing! Alright! We are done here at the Rainbow Creamery They have been nive enough to give us a sampling of all of the different Rainbow cheeses they make so- we are gonna go home right now, we’re gonna make a delicious Rainbow Grilled Cheese Sandwich Come on! Ok! Back at the house I finally graded my cheeses- into separate bowls and then took out my bread I lined up the different cheeses of rainbow order Sandwiched it up -threw some butter in a pan. And it wasn’t before long, that this started smelling f*cking delicious! Flipped it over! And THAT, is looking like it’s gonna turn out to be a -fine Rainbow Grilled Cheese Sandwich! Look at that color! After couple minutes, took it of, cutted it in half And wait for it! Wait for it Here it is! Here is the f*cking moment! Look at that Rainbow bullsh*t! Success! F*cking success! Talk about farm the f*cking table! Nah, I don’t wanna talk about it. Damn! That looks good! Whaaaaaaaaaat! Mmmmh HahhahahaHAH! Omg. That is delicious! *eating intensifies* F*cking Rainbow. Cow. Creamery! See? This motherf*cker knows what’s up! Mmh! Delicious! Amazing! F*cking amazing! Well, that’s all I’ve got for you this week at Man Vs Pin! A huuge Thank You to the Rainbow Cow Creamery for letting us terrorize their farm for a entire day! Remember, if you have seen any other amazing Pinterest projects out there. Be sure that you leave them down in the comments below! If you had a decent time watching this video and you wanna see more, be sure that you hit that Subcribe button! And you know, if you- if you feel like it,
you can hit that Like button too. I know- two f*ckings buttons! You know it’s a big deal these days -but if you could do that, that would be awsome. I will see you around here next week!


  1. I literally thought he was gonna shred some cheese than use food dye to make a rainbow!!! The usual rob way!?!?

  2. When he puts the nets on he looks like Santa Claus 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. That’s wrong for what there did to those cows there is other ways to make rainbow cheese other then putting coloring and probably chemicals to make that color stay like that

  4. I'm still confused on how much of this video is real and how much is not

    Describes my whole life

  5. There are no such thing. They just color the milk, not with food coloring, organic dyes, and then they mix up ingredients. Mix it up with a stand mixer. Then refrigerate it. They just edited the cows guys!

  6. i couldn’t tell if it was cheese or not. play doh? fondant? the cows were obviously colored in photoshop but the “milk” (i’m not sure if it was milk or not) was quite blue. i’m not sure what’s real.

  7. the first time i watched this i was on a lot of pain medication and i was so upset when my mom said we couldn’t get rainbow cows

  8. I was so stressed out when I first watched whether the cows were actually fr colored or not. My verdict…

    After like 4 or 3 yrs I still am stressed

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