DIY JUCY LUCY – molten cheese stuffed burger – Matt’s Bar Taste Test + DIY vegetarian Juicy Lucy

DIY JUCY LUCY – molten cheese stuffed burger – Matt’s Bar Taste Test + DIY vegetarian Juicy Lucy

So here I am at Matt’s Bar and I’m waiting for my
Jucy Lucy to arrive, but first, let’s start things off properly with a Grain Belt beer. Go!
Cheers! Nom, nom, nom, nom! That’s nice — goes down easy: nice and
cold; smooth; light beer; it finishes kind of like you’ve got a bowl of cereal
in your mouth. I like it! Here is the infamous Jucy Lucy: got a burger patty;
we’ve got a bun; and onions. Molten cheese inside: we have to be very careful when
eating it. I’ve got a one order of fries. This is insane. Definitely enough for four people. Scrumptious! Itadakimasu! So amazing! It is juicy. It is delicious. Grilled onions are
essential. Look what I’m going to do…. Can’t wait to go home and try to make one of these
myself. So we’re back in the kitchen, and we’re gonna tackle a homemade version of
the Jucy Lucy. I’m going to be following the instructions in this book: The Great
American Burger Book by George Motz. So, this book covers all kinds of regional
burgers, including the Jucy Lucy…. If you’ve missed my previous episodes of
regional burgers be sure to check them out. They include the Fluff Screamer
which is a burger topped with Marshmallow Fluff and I’ve also done a
slug burger which comes from the Mississippi area which I’ll let you find
out if it contains slugs or not but, all right, back to the Jucy Lucy. So, I’ve got
some fresh ground beef here: this is 80/20 ground beef. It’s important to have
plenty of fat in your beef — that gives it flavor and juiciness. George has a
special burger patty contraption in which he carefully measures out and
flattens his burger patties — I don’t have one, but I do have a tortilla press, so
I’m gonna be using that. Place a square of parchment here — the precise amount of meat give me satisfactory results. Emmy, it’s not necessary. I think you could
definitely do this just with some elbow grease, maybe a spatula, but it’s always
fun to use tools, right? Oh yeah, George aren’t you proud of me? You should be. It’s
called the multitasker. Right there. Yeah. That’s…. that’s lovely. I actually found
this at a thrift store — I have two of them. I love them: very very sturdy
construction. This, I actually don’t use this at all for ice cream — I use it for…
usually measuring out cookie dough, but today it’s beef. Okay,
so two patties of equal size — I tried looking for the Impossible Burger
because I have yet to try that one but I couldn’t find it so, here we are with
Beyond Meat — let’s see how well these hold up to this whole kind of patty
press thing. These are very soft. So I’m not sure how well this is going to do
for this technique. Maybe I will try doing…this. Okay. So
that’s — that’s the veggie version! So I’ve got my cast-iron griddle here, and I’m
gonna be heating this up on medium-high/ high heat. We want this nice and
screaming hot. So we’re going to take a slice of American cheese; fold it into
quarters; that’s gonna be our molten puck; take our patty; remove one slice of
parchment from each of the patties; and then we’re gonna place the cheese right
in the center; take the other burger — right on top. We’re
going to press this together. And George said you kind of want to smear this right
from the center out. There’s the meat version…. Now let’s do the same with the
veggie. If we wanted to make this vegan we would use vegan cheese. So: same thing. The plant-based version, of course, has no actual beef fat in it. Instead, it contains coconut oil. And what I’m going to do is and place this in the
refrigerator and allow that coconut oil to kind of firm up a bit —
it’s definitely looser in texture than the beef version. So, while I’m
cooking the meat version I’m going to let this one kind of chill and solidify.
This is just a seasoned pan — I didn’t put any oil or anything on it so, what I’m going to do is
peel that paper off; put this puppy right on. Here we go! There we go! Looking good! I’m gonna toss
on some sweet onion. There’s like a Walla Walla sweet onion. Right with the patties that are cooking. And you should see the stovetop they cook at…. Super, super tiny. Probably about this big. And it’s just got burger after burger after burger
right on that grill top. It’s amazing! And a tiny little fryer. So, if you go to the
bar and you order this be prepared to wait — they’re definitely worth waiting
for. It’s super important to season this really
well: plenty of salt and pepper. So, when you’re cooking burgers, resist
the urge to move the burger around too much: we want to get a nice crust on the
bottom of the burger. If you start fidgeting with it, if you start moving things
around, you’re gonna lose all of that lovely meat crust. Once you start seeing
some juices come up at the top. it’s a good indication that we’re almost ready
to flip, and we’re going to scrape all that good meaty stuff off. Get right
underneath it! And flip! Oh yes! Look at that: isn’t that
beautiful? Absolutely gorgeous! Gorgeous, gorgeous! Now, this is really, really
important. You’re going to take a toothpick, and give it a little poke. And George says that
relieves some of the pressure, and that keeps the burger from exploding. Got
regular, plain old hamburger buns — nothing special here. I usually like Martin’s but
when I had Jucy Lucy’s at Matt’s they did not use Martin’s, so I’m just using
plain hamburger buns here — nothing special. T Take our onions… right on
there. Our Jucy Lucy…..right on top of that. I’m going to clean this pan off before I do my
vegetarian version. And then we’re just gonna put this right on top. And there we have it — the Jucy Lucy at home. Okay, now I’m gonna cut this open and see what it looks like inside. It’s really important when eating this to allow it to rest a little bit otherwise you’re gonna give yourself third-degree burns in your mouth because this cheese is so stinkin’ hot. Okay, let me get the “mmm” shot for you. Okay. Here we go. Oh yeah, look at that! Love it! Alrighty! Itadakimasu! Mmm! Delicious! It’s a cheeseburger but you’ve got a
nice concentrated center of that oozy American cheese. Now, I don’t eat a lot
of American cheese in fact the only time I eat American cheese is on a cheeseburger,
because I think it’s the perfect cheese for a cheeseburger.
I don’t want cheddar; I don’t want pepper Jack; I want melty, plasticky, rich
American cheese because that’s what I need to be kissing my burger patty. I
love it on a burger, and this is no exception. It works beautifully here. If
you like cheeseburgers you’ll love this because the cheese is really
concentrated right into the middle, and you get this kind of different
experience than you would if you just had the melted cheese right on top
which is much more even. This is concentrated, so you just kind of get this
goosh of melted cheese in the middle — very much kind of like a macaroni and
cheese kind of thing going on here. The burger is crispy and you’ve got that
really lovely caramelized meat flavor on top which goes really well with those
caramelized chopped onions — just a little bit of onion flavor, not much. If you
don’t like onions, I still suggest trying this because the combination of onion
and cheese and burger meat is just so, so good. The burger buns are just the means
of delivery; they are soft and squishy; they keep your hands clean; it’s all about the
meat and cheese here. It’s very, very important also I feel like to season
your meat with plenty of salt and pepper because that’s all we’ve got here: we’ve
got salt pepper, beef, cheese, and bun. It’s so good… Oh, and onions! Mm-hmm. Delicious!
This was the original meat version, now let us attempt the vegetarian version.
The griddle is nice and hot… Same thing: we’re gonna add some onions to this. Salt…. and pepper. So this is plant
based — we’re gonna have a little bit different indicator of doneness. Kind of
look underneath the edges here to see if we’re ready to flip it. I think we are. So,
make sure you scrape all the way, and flip quickly. Ah. There we go. Warm up my bun. We’re gonna take our onions…. take our huge patty; slide
that off, and top it with our top bun. So, moment of truth, I’m gonna slice into
this and see how we did. Oh yeah, we did it! Heeheeheeheeheeheehee….. Yes, we did it! There it is! Here’s a vegetarian version of the Jucy Lucy. It turned out just
fine. I thought it was gonna leak all over the
place, and it didn’t. So let’s go ahead and eat this before it gets too cold. Yes,
I’m so happy about this! I love it when experiments actually work out! Okay, now
this is very pink and it’s supposed to look like meat — and it does. It smells a
little bit differently, of course, because it is not meat but it looks pretty great.
All right, let’s give it a taste. Here we go! Itadakimasu! Ooh! Mm! Hm-hmm! And that’s delicious. It’s a
great meat substitute — if you’re looking for that. If you’re not looking for a meat
substitute, you just want a veggie burger, then this is not the burger for you
because this is definitely trying to emulate or simulate meat. It doesn’t
taste like meat a hundred percent — of course not! — because it’s plant-based. And
it does have that kind of soy protein flavor to it: got a little bit of
smokiness to it, but definitely has that kind of soy/processed meat flavor to it. It
also has a good texture: it has that crispness that we got because we cooked
it on a very hot griddle; and then inside the meat is — “the meat” — is juicy and moist
which is from the coconut oil that they use in the recipe. And like the meat
version, you’ve got this hot gooey mass of American cheese in the middle that is
just this punch of cheeseburger. Again, I think the grilled onions are pretty
essential to this burger — they just lend a little bit of sweetness; a little extra
grilly flavor to this. I also have to say the Beyond Meat burgers also have a bit of
an aftertaste: that soy kind of isolate aftertaste. I also noticed after I eat
these sometimes when I burp, I taste them again which is not something I
necessarily want to taste. Maybe that’s my own digestive system — maybe that won’t
happen to you — but that kind of lingering soy flavor — it’s a little bit strange to
me. It’s not the original, but still, pretty stinkin’ delicious! So there you have it: homemade Jucy Lucy burgers. Absolutely obtainable; absolutely worth
making. Thank you guys so much for joining me! I hope you guys enjoyed that one. I hope you guys learned something. Please share this video with your
friends; follow me on social media; like this video; subscribe; and I shall see you
in the next one! Toodaloo! Take care! Byeee! And, in case you’re wondering where I got
my awesome flippy hamburger sweatshirt, I found it at H&M in the kids department.
Alrighty, there you go! Happy burgering!


  1. Omg are you still in Minnesota? If you are you should come down to Jordan we have Minnesota’s biggest candy store and have a bunch of delicious snacks! If you’re not then next time you come you should plan a trip!

  2. I like smoked gudda cheese on my buggers also I like my buns a little toasted on the inside also a garlic mayo on the bun if I can afford it I like onion buns

  3. Emmy! Totally breaking the 5 people or more table rules! You naughty delinquent! My god look at those fries!
    Sooooo a Minnesota burger then? I notice there is no reference to "steamed hams" useless book!
    So you want plasticy american cheese? damn! Ok I'll take all the cheddar then thanks.

  4. What you described about "burping" with the Beyond Burger is exactly why I dislike it. Not a vegetarian, but I do tend to avoid red meat, most of the time. I do like the Impossible Burger as a good substitute, I haven't had that issue with it. I don't think you can yet buy Impossible meat just yet for home use, I think it's still in their future developments.

  5. Emmi. I finally found my impossible burger meat at Wegmens. And yeah the impossible doesn’t have that after taste you were talking about. Hope that helps 🤗

  6. Emmy I love your videos, but I am in the market to buy a connection burner and I am wanting to know what is the brand of your and please where can I buy one?

  7. cheapest american died yellow imitation cheese basically an inside out velveeta burger stinky greasy place no windows poor ventilation a fn gross dive good French fries though life long minnesotan that hates the fn place but ends up there with some of my lower class buds from time to time

  8. I gave this a go last night. It was a teensy bit pink in the middle 😅 unfortunately had to perform an unforgivable sin of nuking it the rest of the way (there is medium rare, and there is outright “the inner layer of beef that sits against the cheese did not cook”. I can’t do the latter)

    I have enough hamburger to make two more of these, though, so I’ll try attempt number 2 tonight! With bacon since I have some good bacon that I need to use up too

  9. Hello from St Paul MN!!!! The home of the Juicy Lucy (aka the 5 8 Club 😉) a tortilla press is not quite a burger press….anyways….don't forget to season your meat, and we DO allow any cheese and fixings….like mozzarella cheese & spaghetti sauce–make your burger a mix of hamburger & sausage patty and onion & green pepper. That's an Italian Lucy. Get creative!!!! And you can have toppings-put them in the burger, like blue cheese, bacon bits, tomato, onion…good meat….that's an Inside out Lucy……or you can use other "Peanuts" names, call that one a "Pigpen"…..😁 it's a fun burger, we also advise cutting it in half before eating, so you don't get burned. OH!!! We also do one at Thanksgiving, called the "Gobble Gobble Lucy" made with ground Turkey and the center is mashed potatoes, stuffing & gravy; then its topped with cranberry sauce!!! Yum!!!! Have fun & experiment with your Lucy!!! 🥰

  10. Hey Emmy, I’m pretty sure there is actually no soy at all in beyond burgers so you deffinitely aren’t tasting it lol. They’re made with pea protein. I agree though that they do something weird with my digestive system and I’m tasting them for hours. I think there’s a different ingredient for flavour that does that though because I eat soy protein all the time burp free.

  11. In most Mexican households in this part of the country where I'm at (I live in a border state so I don't know if maybe that has something to do with this) we also use out tortilla press to make patties. Or if we don't have one we use two flat large plates and press them one on top of each other,, bottom side up with the meat in between (and of course plastic or parchment paper)

  12. We've done this for years. When I was a teenager I worked at a diner than did a "pizza burger" version. The meat had Italian seasonings, the cheese in the center was a blend of mozzarella, provolone & mild cheddar, and instead of ketchup, pizza sauce. The bun was toasted with garlic butter. The diner is closed now, and I haven't had one in 30 years. Now I have to make it lol.

  13. IDK, I think Matt's is overrated. The seasoning for their meat is really uneven and most times the burger is just bland. There isn't much worse than paying for bland, unseasoned food.

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