Discovering Another Issue With Our Foal // Versatile Horsemanship

Discovering Another Issue With Our Foal // Versatile Horsemanship

we had a little bit of a scary situation
with our fall and today I’m going to tell you all about that if you’re new here my
name is brandi and this channel is all about horses and my journey with
horsemanship if you want to learn more about horses or follow my journey you
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this is Mainzer he’s five weeks old and recently had symptoms that required an
emergency vet call after our examination our vet recommended giving Mainzer ulcer
guard for two weeks to see if ulcers or possibly the root of the problem if you
would like to know more I’ve posted a link above that’ll take you to see
Mansour’s full story we’re guessing he weighs approximately 150 pounds so I’m
gonna set this for three notches it’s fifty pounds and knotch
he’s eating right now so she’s gonna have some food kind of stuck in his
mouth so I’m gonna wait until he’s done eating and then I’ll go ahead and give
this to him I’ve been really careful how I give this
to him because this is going to set him up for how he’s accepting dewormer and
such in the future so I want to make sure that if he struggles at all that I
wait until he is I wait until he relaxes and changes his expression before I
release the pressure so I’m just gonna go ahead and make sure to get it into
his cheek whoopsie so that got stuck to the grain and then I’m just gonna stand
here and pet him find a good spot to itch it really likes his chest his withers
scratched that’s weird see that video.this come in the world it’s weird so anytime I find something weird like
that I don’t know why he’s doing this but anytime I find a spot that is weird
they’re weird about touching I just keep working at it until they’re good with it
can you explain like what he’s doing that’s weird you can see he’s as I’m
rubbing my hand on here he’s twitching it’s a lot better so I want to make sure that he’s I would
never want to release pressure at a moment where they’re not okay with
something because then they’re gonna get worse about that I put my hand underneath his belly and
hold him there but I’ve never seen him do that before
with his back yeah that’s fine so that’s good oh there it is again and
I’m ready to hold on to him in case you should go too
you might just be that he’s just getting used to flies and stuff too I really I
have no idea I’ve never experienced it before but I know if all my other horses
that’s just what I do is I always make sure that they’re ok with something
before I stop doing it or that they’ve changed their expression see that tensing and that twitching I
don’t want to create any kind of braces in him this is really important stuff
for later on when he’s you know getting trained from with a saddle I want to be
able to put my hands all over him and have him be comfortable with it it’s the first time I’ve ever picked up
his foot – spot where he likes to be scratched
and work on that for a minute so everybody asked me when I’m gonna
start training him well I already am every time I touch him I’m training him
so I like to find spots that he likes to be touched spots that he doesn’t like to
be touched and I work on those I want to be able to touch them up in
here I’ll switch sides pick up those other
feet good boy and the more I can help them with the
flies the more he’ll enjoy this switch sides again they love him you know in case there’s noise he’s standing so nice and quiet back by
his mom’s tail and his hair on his bum is growing back now so that’s really
nice to see okay there’s a quick little update on Mainzer and how he’s doing um
so I’m gonna talk to the vet as soon as we’re done with the ulcer guard I’m
gonna talk to the vet and see what she thinks and if she thinks everything is
good then we don’t need to do any kind of follow-up and we’ll just kind of see
how it goes if you enjoyed this video please be sure to give it a like share
it with your friends and comment below let me know if you’ve ever had a fall
that’s had gastric ulcers that you knew about first time I ever even heard about
it so I’d love to know what your experience is thanks for watching


  1. My mare had a mule foal about 4 months ago with the same symptoms so now I’m wondering should I still call the vet even though it’s been 4 months she doesn’t have the symptoms anymore, do you have any advice

  2. He is so cool 😍 what was the matter with the spot on his back ? You must have touched a sensitive spot when holding him as he reacted by trying to nibble you, did you see that ?

  3. Hope all is well with your little buddy 💕🐎 your patience and gentle touch I'm sure helped him to stay calm. Thank you for sharing.blessings for a speedy recovery !

  4. Manzer is handling his challenges like a
    As far as his twitching goes, the horses skin is a complete glove of sensory elements. They feel the world around them. A human rub changes that direction and movement. Like a detoured route of traveling.
    Babies are trained since day one….hate the word train. I like WORKING WITH better.
    Just an OCD lady that talks to horses🤣 ❤🤗

  5. He twitches when you are near the area of the accupressure points for ulcers. Watche the videos of Dr. Marc DePaolo. Very helpful.

  6. OMG 😍 he is such a sweetie ❤️ your absolutely right, just touching him all over is training. My goodness people…let him be a baby. Why the hurry. He's doing great 🤩

  7. All the while he was sort of waiting for you to touch that spot again. Bug bite maybe? You are just wonderful with the way you are touching his whole body. That was a great bonding session for both of you!

  8. What a good boy.Sorry Brandi ;he is such a big boy .my goodness. I really see him being REALLY tall😁🤣a
    Anyway great training.;happy it wasn't a major major problem! So funny I just dewormed my mastiff ,four vials ( he did great too) .I love watching Manzers journey .Thankyou! 💖💖

  9. Thank you for an interesting video. Is the twitching withers a type of reflex? Manzer is going to be a handsome fellow.

  10. Such a special little guy! Love watching him think! Your videos are wonderfully! Thank You!!

  11. Hi Brandi, yes it’s hard to describe your colt’s face in one word, he’s beautiful, gorgeous, adorable all rolled into one. You are so lucky to have such a good looking colt along with his nice temperament. Your early handling of him shows. Just curious, wondering if you use fly spray on your horses?

  12. So interesting to watch. Did you ever find out what was making Manzer twitch? Is Manzer too young to use bug spray on? Or maybe you can't spray either of them while he's still nursing, so the spray doesn't get in Nikas milk? Thanks for another great video!

  13. The colt is beautiful and so is his mama! My foal is an Andalusian and when I rub her like you are… she will stick her little front legs straight out like she is pointing at someone! Do you have any problems with the colt pawing the ground? Mine paws and I don’t know if it’s genetic or what because I haven’t taught her to stick her legs out like that or paw the ground. Her mother does it too but only if I’m riding her but the foal has never seen me ride her. Have lots of fun training your colt!

  14. what a clever lil guy! I have rarely seen horses figure out how to itch a leg with another, usually they use their faces.

  15. That sensitivity in the withers… when I was a kid a found a book about a woman & her horse named Nona. As she was Similarly sensitive, Nona’s human wanted to train her to go bridle-less… and use cues by her hands on the withers. In the 70s, this was really far out… all the years I’ve been away from the horse world, I didn’t know about the bitless movement had caught on.

  16. This foal has issues after issues after issues..ive never seen a foal have so many may have but i never..its very weird..

  17. Manzer is beautiful like his mother. Your handling of the little guy is so wonderful, Manzer is real responsive to that. He trusts you completely. Thank you for uploading this video. Love it!

  18. I had an unraced TB who crossed his front legs all the time. He often would stand there for several minutes with them crossed. He especially loved doing it in the lineup at shows.

  19. Beautiful job of what I call "imprinting" I've found in my years with horses the gentle touch does the world of good with foals! He is a beautiful carbon copy of mom.


  21. I hope he doesnt have any more problems as he grows up. The foal at the barn I go to is growing pretty healthy. Her and Manzer are so adorable!! Don't you just love foals? :3

  22. Sweet little Manzer took his medication so well – Brandi i love how you give them quality attention – he's such a good boy – thanks for the update – feel better soon little guy

  23. You're so gentle and patient with him. Just wondering if he's your first foal from birth with your own horses. One other thing how tall are you, you look a little short next to him already. Lol

  24. fly tickles on his withers maybe…my big guy does that fly shake of skin when they have been driving him crazy…he also loves to be s fetched there! your baby takes worker better than my horses😂 mine figured out that stuff is gross even when mixed in grain or fed grain after….we started worming with their bridal s on( sliding the tube in under the bit then rolling it over or under into the cheek)…made it a lot easier. I also got what s called a worming bit…it's just a plastic bit with a hollow tube for the paste ….it's NICE exspecaly for oral meds!! and it's easy to clean( but once they chew on it you gotta look for sharp edges n burn them down).

  25. Nice work!
    May I suggest a UTube channel you might find interesting? Look up " Remount Horsemanship", Richard gets into groundwork and youngster handling in a very nice way. Cheers!

  26. Gastric ulcers!……For a wee thing like he is, how does this come about? Or is this a fairly common thing in foals? But why?
    He really loves his cuddles…..almost as much as you do!!….Love from Scotland💞🐴🐎

  27. I saw him nip lol was it at a fly and you were in the way? It's so interesting watching him grow and learning about foals (even if he isn't typical) Manzer is a special little guy and he has many who love him 🐴💕😊

  28. Hi Brandi, I love watching manzers journey. He has come a long way, he is such a handsome, sweet boy and I love how he just loves everyone.💖

  29. Brandy, he’s acted a little weird since “He touched the fence” video. Watch it and see how he reacted after touching. Could this be his problem.

  30. That sensitivity when you touched his shoulders and withers is very strange indeed. It's almost like he has a pinched nerve in his neck.

  31. Is there a kinesiologist who works with animals in your area, or a craniosacral osteo, just to check him out physically. EKMA might know someone internationally who you could contact? If you look in the plus (more) of this post

    you will find an email for Elodie who used to be a stunt rider and now works with shiatzu, homeopathy, and kinesiology to help animals and bring back balance after falls etc Liberty trainer too. (Cirque du soleil on her CV too? I'm not sure). We have a donkey who she helped enormously – skills, integration, confidence, flexibility with other donkeys…

  32. I don't know, if I should add my two cents, but I have had a lot of Horses do that, it;s called Reflexes it's instinct to shake the insects off, especially when their older, many horses, both young and old will that same thing, standing still.
    I like the way you handle him though, he's getting good training as a youngster, I just don't want to see you waste your money, I also think you are an excellent horseman, and Thank you for taking such good care of your Horses!

  33. I think I remember mentioning to you very early on ( lol maybe not, my memory isn’t the best anymore ) that sticking his tongue out like he did was a symptom of ulcers in foals. I hope all is well and the round of Ulcer Guard does the trick and makes him feel better

  34. What a cutie pie! Boy, does he despise flies! I completely agree with him too! Just stay off of me!
    The tiny hooves and little broomstick tail is adorable. His mama must trust you so much! She doesn’t even look to see what’s going on with him. She just knows you’re good. I think a lot of things we worry so much about they just simply outgrow. Unfortunately we don’t know which of those things that’s going to be. (My husband would be teasing me about how I’m going to be getting a thank you note from the vet for her new Mercedes—lol!) Thanks for sharing!

  35. He fell over backward and has a pinched nerve. That's the same spot that triggered the forelegs to spasm on the day he went down. It will be fine. Not sure why the vet thought ulcers. No disrespect.

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