Dining etiquette rules – 4 things to avoid at the dinner table – personality development video

Dining etiquette rules – 4 things to avoid at the dinner table – personality development video

Hey friends welcome to Skillopedia – the place
to learn skills for the real world. You are with me Niharika and in today’s session we
are gonna learn how to be sociable at the dinner table. Meal times are vital for family
bonding and for developing social skills. So whether you are dining with your family
members or with your friends or with your peers it’s important to be great at your social
skills. Have you noticed these days technology is taken over meal times. Have you noticed
people are always buried in their phones. Yes, they always have their heads buried in
their phone. So what’s the point. You are wasting your time and energy. So which are
the social skills that are important these days, well that’s what we are gonna have a
look at. Okay, so lets start with certain things that
you need to avoid that can be offensive at the dinner table. SO the very first thing
that you need to avoid is chewing the food with the mouth open. Yes, people tend to do
that. Well, the moment they take a bite, they chew it with their mouth open. Would that
be right? Do you think that comes out well? Definitely not, it’s quite offensive. Imagine
I am sitting with you at the dinner table, I take a bite of my food and then I chew it
with my mouth open, would you like that? So if you are doing that, please avoid it. The
second thing that you need to avoid is speaking with mouth full. What’s the need? It’s not
necessary that you need to talk or make a point when you are eating. So if you have
food in your mouth, please do not utter a single word. Finish your food and then go
ahead and talk. It’s not necessary that you need to talk with your mouth full. So quit
doing that. Let’s have a look at another thing that you need to quit doing. Stop reaching
for food which is not close to you. SO for example you are at the dinner table and it’s
a huge dinner table with lots of food on the table and lets say you want to refill your
plate with some more rice but the bowl of rice is pretty away from you, it’s not close
to you. So what are you gonna do? Are you gonna get out of your seat and try to reach
for the bowl? Definitely not, that’s offensive. Well what you can do is, if it’s not close
to you then the person sitting close to the bowl of rice please ask him or her to pass
it on for you. Yes, that’s the right way and that shows good manners.So do not reach out
for food which is away from you just request someone to pass it on to you. Okay, then the
last thing that you need to keep in mind is avoid using a toothpick in front of people.
Well, digging your teeth is pretty private affair. DO not do it in front of people. I
have noticed people, when they are walking out of the restaurant they are digging their
teeth. Wow. that’s offensive! So if you do that, please quit doing that, just go to a
washroom and then either rinse your mouth or use a toothpick, but do not use it front
of people. SO what’s the next thing that you need to
do at the dinner table? Well, be courteous. When you are courteous and you let other speak,
it shows your good manners. It shows how friendly you are and how concerned you are for other
people. SO let’s say you are dining with your friends or with your family members, let’s
be courteous. Let’s ask them that how was their day and when they are saying something
do not interrupt. Listen to them, acknowledge to what they are saying and then you can share
your views. Wouldn’t that be nice? That would also build your confidence in having a conversation
or opening up for different conversations with different people. SO be courteous, be
friendly and listen to what others have to say. The next thing you need to keep in mid is
continue eating. Now, when I say continue eating doesn’t mean that your concentration
should be only on food. Well yes, do not indulge into food completely but indulge yourself
in the conversation as well. SO while you are eating and the other people are having
a conversation about random things, probably someone is having a chat about what’s happening
around the world or someone is just talking about the weather these days or may be someone
is just commenting about a recent movie that they watched, so even you can enter into that
conversation by injecting a smile or maybe a laughter. So yes, when you are eating do
not just concentrate on eating and food but also try to listen what others are talking
and indulge yourself into certain conversations as well. And the last skill that I want you to consider
when you are at the dining table is compliment. So if someone has invited you over for dinner
and the family member has cooked a great delicious meal for you then please compliment. Now,
if the food is really amazing do let that person know. tell them that ” oh wow, the
food is absolutely great”! or absolutely scrumptious. Certain positive words will definitely make
person feel good. If you are at a restaurant and the food that is served to you, if it’s
really good then talk about it that’s another way to crack a conversation with people. So
the moment food comes at your table you can say that ” Hmm this tastes great” or ” the
food is so good” .” This restaurant food is really nice” Okay , so try to use these positive
words and let’s say that you don’t like the food, so what other words are you gonna use?
Let’s imagine that you are dining with your co-workers or with your seniors and the food
that is served to you is not that great, then are you gonna use the negative words like
eww the food is disgusting, the food is horrible, its so crappy , no you not gonna do that,
that’s quite rude. Yes, you can use negative words but words like – the food doesn’t taste
good or you can say that the food is bit unpalatable these are the words that you can use if you
do not like the food. SO keep in mind that if you love the food then do compliment and
if you don’t like it then yes you can complain a little bit. But do compliment the person
who has cooked for you, SO this brings me to the end of this session, hope you have
really enjoyed it and the next time you are dining with your friends , family or you co-workers
, you know how to behave, right! So use these tips and trust me you would come out as a
great confident person at the dining table as well. So keep watching and do subscribe
our channel and begin your journey to success, I will be back with more and more sessions
for you, till then you take care.


  1. Thanks Madam and one suggestion is audio makes echoing when I watching this video in my TV…. But the message is as usual great…

  2. I just ran across this channel by coincidence! Excellent content, clean graphics, and great communication! You've just earned a subscriber! 🙂

    (I enjoy that you summarize all of the talking points in the notes!)

  3. Niharika u have a outstanding presentation capability, stunning look……..Ur vocal, ur expression , ur sense of dress code ur nice and fluent English speaking ability , ur smile throughout d class, all r very attractive and cuts heart………..I had been looking for you since i first watched ur presentation about "how to speak effectively over the phone " Seriously neharika having finished ur that task still ur sounds plays subconsciously in my memory……… u r really swimming there………….
    how beautiful a girl can be……..how haunting her everything…………………….

  4. I enjoy this video to moon and back. Can I use this expression to express "so much" as a feeling I learned last video?

  5. Wao Very Nice. Muhammad SAW (PBUH) has told these things before 1400 years ago and I am pleased to know that today's World also admits it. 🙂

  6. Great..listening to Niharika is like updating oneself, stress relieving, adding a feel good factor & of course enrich with knowledge.

  7. thank u niharika u are rolly fantastic and im fan of your teaching method and i like your signetur word:(rolly)

  8. actually…human being have developed social skills slowly in thousand of years , it now that technology is separating them….so its a matter of thinking whether we are progressing or going backwards…as science and technology are not the only thing which decides a human race advancement.

  9. What about 'picking your teeth' with your tongue, say you got peanut butter stuck on the roof of your mouth and tried to remove it with your tongue?

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  11. yes nowadays i also observe that while taking meal people are buried in their cell phone n i dont think , it admits in our etiquette and moral. nice tips mam. u have a quality that u r crystal like clear about your topic that attracts listeners more.

  12. I have 2 questions: 1) Is it rude to keep bury ones head on the cellphone and not talking or looking at people dining with you ?
    2) Is it rude to keep quiet the whole time dining with others?
    At one time I was holidaying with family members and when we sat down to eat, it was all quiet just because we knew this particular elderly lady does not like us to make conversation, talking and laughing. I and the others felt awkward the whole time eating with her, so we ALL just kept quiet, finished eating and off we go.

  13. This is a video demonstrating how to take two minutes of information and extend it to ten minutes. First, be sure to show the name of the subject in print and then tell the name of the video in words for those who cannot read. Say the name such as "How to extend information," and then be sure to tell the audience that you are going to talk about extending information during the video.  At this point you might give an example of extending information  by explaining exactly what "extending, " means and possibly reminding others of the definition of "information," be sure to tell people that you are going to tell them the definition before you jump into actually telling them the definition, so as not to surprise them by springing the definition on them without introduction..

  14. why u speak English wit so much effort….why it's not coming to you naturally….when one is well versed wit the language..then why it's not coming out in your speaking….not impressive….too shallow.

  15. who wants to eat in places where cant do the thing the way want…lucky that I am not from the elite class. I understand that these things you mentioned don't look good, but I don't think they offend people. Following all these things eventually, leads to a person stop enjoying his food and concentrate on rules

  16. so what you say is, one should have excellent vocabulary in english, great social personality, positive attidtude to enjoy food in a restaurant, else one has no right to out and eat with others…am i correct?

  17. Great videos. In this era when people have neglected soft skills, you people are really teaching them in a very nice manner. Thanks a lot and that's really meant..

  18. I like your suggestions except for the one about complaining if the food could be better. In this situation I think its best to perhaps not return to the same restaurant, but for now to be thankful to God and gracious to your host for the meal and shut up. You don't want to come across as some spoiled loser.

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