Digestion Distress | Pyloric Valve Exercise | Dr. Weaver

Digestion Distress | Pyloric Valve Exercise | Dr. Weaver

hey Dr Weaver here just want to let you
know that we’re gonna go over digestion distress alright I talk about this in my
book the no more meds and it’s on page 60 we’re gonna talk about the pyloric or
valve but before we get into the pyloric valve and why we do it we’re gonna
discuss on apple cider vinegar on how much I love apple cider vinegar ACV is
what I call it or also known as liquid gold it is so
good for your digestive system so if you’re having acid reflux or if you’re
having some digestive issues apple cider vinegar is a way to go start slow though
maybe one the two teaspoons add it with some water on an empty stomach now every
morning I do this and I also add my vitamin C and a little bit of cinnamon
out a little cayenne pepper and that’s my little shot every morning to help not
just my sinuses but to help my digestive system like I said it’s liquid gold it’s
good for a lot of good things but one thing that I do notice with kids in
adults is that we do not get enough fiber so I’m gonna discuss on how to get
the pyloric valve to work properly because the pyloric valve is it gets
stuck when we don’t get enough fiber so there is fiber capsules that you can
take daily there’s also some good old powder but I know kids don’t really like
taking these things this is great for mostly adults but just like my elder
berry syrup there is a great product called ready-set-go and I love the name
of it because it actually makes it ready-set-go oh yeah so I love the product ready set
go and the reason was because it has wonderful psyllium seed wonderful
psyllium husk to help basically push on the pyloric valve for people that are
constipated for people that are having gas or bloating
you’re not getting enough fiber actually the recommended dosage dosage is between
19 to 31 grams so averaging about 20 kids and then I say for adults we need
30 grams of fiber and let me tell you we’re not getting enough because we’re
not eating enough fruits and vegetables and that’s
another thing is if you’re not eating enough fruits and vegetables you got to
take some kind of digestive enzyme because that helps break down the food
in the stomach just like I mentioned before on the apple cider vinegar what
it does is and what it’s designed to do is to help break down the food so big food particles don’t get through the stomach to the small intestine the
bigger the food particles get through that means more bacteria especially bad
bacteria can leak and get really full in there make you feel bloated so if you
feel bloated that means you have a problem take some digestive enzymes to
help break down the food take some extra fiber to help push the food through and
today we’re gonna give you an awesome tip to help you get your pillow or bow
working properly so you don’t have to need a bunch of different things to keep
your immune system and keep your digestive from being distressed alright
so now we’re gonna use the pyloric valve exercise and what that is is we’re gonna
find her belly button and then we’re gonna go about two inches above that now
everybody’s is different because everybody is different everybody’s
Anatomy is a little bit different but what we’re looking for is about two
inches and we want to do it like a circle oh yeah there it is I can feel it
right away of course I’ve felt thousands of these and I know this is probably
your first time feeling your own but you’ll actually feel like a little
bubble right in here and it’s really hard on her actually and this is a very
sensitive area for a lot of people and so you want to start really slow and
basically what I’m doing is a circular motion to kind of start with and again
the pyloric valve is in between this stomach which is on your left side and
it’s a valve that helps push the food through to the small intestine so all
we’re doing is actually doing a massage technique to help her food get through
the stomach to the small intestine now you don’t want to do this right after
you eat you want to do this about three to four hours after you eat so the best
time to do this is at night and usually when I tell patients to do this is when
they’ve already done what I call the deep breathing exercises
because the diaphragm is right here and the diaphragm is a wonderful muscle to
help digestion distress and to do the deep breathing exercises will activate
the diaphragm to help the pyloric Valve before you actually even do the exercise
so again what we’re gonna do is a circular motion right in here
just kind of warm up that area now what I’ve already done for her I have taken
fennel like I described earlier I put 30 drops of fennel in this bottle and the
rest was a carrier oil which I used with the fractionated coconut oil and this is
a really handy wonderful little roller bottle that you can kind of roll now
what I like to do for kids because you know I like kids and that I don’t like
adults but adults like this too as I just kind of just do a smiley face on
their belly just right there so just a smiley face right in here and you’re
just really trying to get in the fennel and they’re really good and this really
will help them massage now I am NOT lifting up her shirt but you would want
to do this you want to get the essential obviously not on her shirt you want to
get it into the skin but then when you’re doing the valve yourself you want
to do it on your shirt and I’m gonna tell you why because a lot of times
you’re not going to be able to have your spouse or your parent do this for you
you’re gonna have to do this yourself so in order to do this yourself and this is
actually the first time this patients done this so she is learning along with
you guys so she is taking a one pound weight and after she works right in here
and she can just kind of do a circular motion she’s gonna help push her stomach
into that valve just like that just about that much pressure again this is
not supposed to hurt but the first few times and if you have a lot of comfort
with digestion it will be sore be patient with yourself and do about three
to five minutes not thirty five minutes three to five minutes on doing this and
what that will do again you’re never supposed to bloat in this area but a lot
of people have what we SIBO which is small intestinal bacterial
overgrowth and the bacteria builds up here because again those food particles
are too big and they get lodged now a lot of patients ask me why does my
pyloric valve get blocked what causes the blockness to happen
stress stress causes it so when we’re under a lot of stress and we get the
sympathetic nervous system to go really nuts what that does is cut off that
valve so we can flight we can run and get away from that bear that’s attacking
us and we forget about our digestive system so in order to get this whole
digestive system working the first thing to do is take some deep breaths you know
I love my deep breathing and that helps your parasympathetic with your nervous
system to relax rest and digest so that’s why it’s important to do your
deep breathing and then do your pyloric valve and get that stomach and get that
Valve working like it’s supposed to now another thing I want to share with
you guys is the ileocecal valve and it’s right down in here and how I like to
show you here is like you take your belly button and it’s like right where
your pelvis is and you’re almost like drawing just a diagonals and it’s right
in between that area towards her shoulder here and so we can also work
that area and that’s another valve that comes between the small intestine and
the large intestine right close to your appendix and it causes a lot of issue a
lot of people have pain there as well and what we see in thermography is
either one or two or both valves are not working properly and you can also work
that same direction your gonna go as small small circular motions and then
you’re actually going this direction just like this to help your digestive
system alright I hope this was very helpful for you guys and that you won’t
have any more digestion distress now this is an extra little bonus who likes
bonus material I always love my bonus material so what I do with this is
actually put sweet fennel in it you don’t want to use peppermint because a
lot of people think peppermint is really good for digestion but it is
but if you have acid reflux it actually can cause problems with the pyloric
valve so don’t use that but I love fennel and it smells fantastic it’s got
a really neat like licorice smell it’s fantastic and what it can do is actually
help your digestion de-stress people again that have constipation gas and
bloating digestive problems fennel is your friend
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  1. Thanks so much for this info. I have a friend who has terrible problems with his system. You have given me the answer for him. He is only 24. His valve has not been working nor does he get enough fiber.

  2. Hi there! I've had SIBO and pyloric valve distress for YEARS, I'm also addicted to enzymes. Will simply deep breathing, fennel oil, and a belly massage fix this issue? How long should I try it for? Everything gets stuck in my tummy!

    I just had an upper GI done an hour ago, and again these mainstream doctors revert to medication.
    I started this stomach-pulling a few days ago, and now this video puts a really bright light on what TO DO !!!
    Question: How do I turn a jar of fennel seed into a liquid like you have there?

  4. How long kinda sort of does it take to release ?
    I’ve been doing this for a few days maybe four, and I still feel some discomfort and slight pain.
    How do we know when it’s closed?

  5. Hello Dr, Corinne my Pyloric valve is not closing, im suffering from chronic bile reflux, i still have my gallblader and never have paint in this zone, Drs. dont know what is going on in my country, how i can cure this disfunction, what can be?

  6. Hi, great video. I am curious why the one pound weight? I am a massage therapist and I was trained to perform this with just my hands ( on others)

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