Dhumavati Mantra Jaap 108 Repetitions ( Dus Mahavidya Series )

Dhumavati Mantra Jaap 108 Repetitions ( Dus Mahavidya Series )

Dhumavati Jaap Mantra Om Pale in looks, unsteady in gait, vicious in thought, tall in figure and is dressed in dirty clothes Her earrings are discolored and She puts on the act of being morose in behavior since She is Widowed. She has Her second birth. She rides in a horseless chariot with the flag depicting a Crow of Death on it and as She is old She has sagging breasts Her eyes are red with Fire like the bright Sun rays. She is in possession of all in hand, yet fully endowed with desires She has a protruding, crooked nose. She suffers from hunger and thirst which leads to Her quarrelsome and frightening to all the enemies of Her devotees, who She blesses and Liberates Om We bow to the divine Goddess existing in all, who resides in the form of Many Forms.We bow to Her, we bow to Her and we continually bow to Her. We bow to Her, we bow to Her and we continually bow to Her.


  1. madame dhumavati comes to us and reminds us of her presence in our minds. how the difference between a prison cell and a palace is in the mind. a man who has everything to eat will want nothing he has when he is hungry but a child with only a peanut to eat every day finds a universe of beauty and nourishment inside his daily peanut. this mystery is dhumavati herself

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  3. वह परम प्रकृति काल परिवर्तन के लिए शिव (पुरुष) को निगल जाती है अर्थात यह ज्वालामुखी, धरती, आकाश , समुद्र, बदलो का फटना जो प्रकृति है वह हमें मनुष्य, पशु पक्षी , जानवरो को हमें नष्ट कर देती है । वह परमेश्वरी के बिना हमारा जीवन अकल्पनीय है |

  4. Oh beloved Mother Dhimavati please continue allowing me to earn the grace of your immaculate smile. Your arrival to my senses are a blessing indefinitely. I appease you for the countless energy I derive from your existence. I bow before you as you are my teacher, guide and companion.

  5. Algún comentario en español?acabo de conocer a Dhumavati y quisiera saber alguna opinión de este mantra.Que supongo son buenos 🤗Un saludo a todos

  6. The deity associated with Moola Nakshatra.
    It's a destructive side of spirituality. When one falls down after a lot of miseries in their life and start looking at life from a different perspective it's Nirriti or Dhumwati in charge. They are just cosmological Allegories. She represents the Mula nakshatra. One of the most powerful and spiritual nakshatras.

  7. oh Maa Dhumavati I wish that all living people will be blind, deaf and dumb to my existence. let me dwell for all eternity alone. Absolutely alone. thank you

  8. Many respect to chant central.. the way you make those videos it give me chills and motivate to pray everyday and not to worry about anything🙏🙏🙏

  9. I'm Cuban and I found this channel lookingfor a relief I listen and repeat specially this mantra is so powerful and destroy all my fears,India MA I love you🙏,love and light for all the world!!!

  10. Excuse my ignorance but I need to Enlighten myself of Dhumavati Mata, I haven't heard about her. Is there anyone who can help me understand?

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  12. …😌😌😌…thank you for sharing…it's made just so simple,natural and that's why i like it so much…
    Love and peace for every being on earth …🍒🍀🙏🙏🙏💚🍄🍒🍒
    Greetings from the italian alps …

  13. Today is dhumavati jayanti may mata makes our country free of crime and sorrow
    Om dhum dhum dhumavatiye tha tha swaha
    Datia peeth ki dhumavati ki jai

  14. We pay homage to Dhumavati Ma so that She will create a massive funeral pyre consisting of all the tyrants, corrupt leaders, losers, hypocrites, and those whose greed offsets their generosity.

  15. Beautiful just beautiful ❤🙏 I belong to the moola Nakshatra and am so happy to come across this .wonderful explanation given . The chants give so much of peace and strength … it's like an assured feeling that no matter what , Maa is by your side loving and protecting you .
    Om Dhum Dhum Dhoomvati Tha Tha svaha

  16. ఓం ధూమ్ ధూమవథైయ్ నమః,🙏జీవితంలోని చీకటి పోరలను తొలగించును.

  17. Is listening to this video is sufficient pls let me know. Maa let my problems and sister problem solved.pls bless us maa

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    please seet in clean place
    Please do not touch unwashed cloths
    She is always angry and hungry so please care fully pray her
    4. Dumvati a angry and hungry women goodness never we seen any puranas so plz be care full


  21. even mistakely don't chant her mantra if you don't have diksha she is a very very ugra mahdvidya any mistake in her sadhna can lead to loss more than profit her sadhna can be performed by both tamsik as well as rajsik marg but can never be done in satwik manner taamsik marg describes ,performing baglamukhi sadhna before dhuma sadhna,giving bali before dhuma maha mantra jaap,mantra jaap in shamshan,offering panch makar after it giving one more bali as per resources

    rajsik marg is longer and takes time it includes performing baglamukhi sadhna first
    offering 27 types of food items,nav vaidya
    mantra jaap but its time duration is so longer, so tamsik marg is better
    direction of dhuma is south and south west
    if she is siddha to sadhak then we can't describe his success in words
    for saving life of her bhakta malla dhuma swallow her husband mahadev
    by her blessing we win kargil war and our enemy have to run leaving the border even after very high chances of winning so luck is controlled by dhuma
    please don't perform her sadhna seeing this my guru gave this to me if you have guru then go to his way not on the way i described or given in other vdo no guru(good) wants his student to be unsuccess the vidhi i described is only for info it is not full vidhi full vidhi is so long and can't be described here
    i hope you never chant her beej mantra without guru with the eyes of sadhna

    jayatam shri shri bagla bhairavi ch chinnamasta devi dhumavati sahita maharani shri mad shamshaan kalika mata thakurani!

  22. Ом Дхум Дхумавати Джай Намо Намаха Ом Дхум Дхум Дхум Ом

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