David Mitchell’s twitter – Would I Lie to You? [CC]

David Mitchell’s twitter – Would I Lie to You? [CC]

Three members of the Cabinet subscribe to my Twitter feed. Please explain for some of the less “with-it” crowd what a Twitter is? Well, Twitter is a website where you can essentially leave messages of up to 140 characters and no longer. – OK, Lee’s team.
– You made it sound so dynamic! I can see why it’s so popular! I can’t! Why did you sign up? Because someone on it was impersonating me. What? Someone on Twitter was pretending to be me and putting messages on it like, “Going to Peep Show production meeting. Everyone there is an arsehole”, which I did not wish to be published under my name. And who are the Cabinet ministers? They are Andy Burnham, the Culture Secretary, Alistair Darling, who is the Chancellor of the Exchequer… Can you say “Exchequer” like that again?! – MUTTERING:
– The Chancellor of the Exchequer. And Alan Johnson. Is it any wonder the financial crisis we’re in? – How many followers do you have?
– About 27,000. What sort of information would you be giving that’s so interesting that they’re gonna follow you, of all the people in the country? – I think you can follow…
– I sounded really confrontational! – LEE MACK:
– You really are full of nastiness! You’re a very popular young man in the current entertainment “scene” and a lot of people enjoy his work and they want to get close to him and they follow him. – I’ve been on Question Time.
– He’s been on Question Time
– I’m a political force, Charlie! – Lee, let’s have a guess.
– I think it could be true.
– It’s a lie.
– It’s a lie, it’s a lie! If anyone is talking to Cabinet members, it’s Dave Mitchell! He’s not talking. He never… He doesn’t really say much. Frankly, you’re boring on there! – I think it might be true.
– Are you saying true?
– You can say that if you wanna lose the game! OK, it’s a lie. – A lie? Charlie?
– I’m absolutely convinced it’s a lie! I think it’s true and I’m gonna go with you two, but particularly you if it goes wrong! So you’re saying it’s a lie? David, is it true? It is…a lie. It is a lie, a very big lie. There are not three members of the Cabinet who subscribe to David’s Twitter feed. I myself don’t get all the fuss about Twitter. People have forgotten the simple pleasure of sitting down and talking to friends on Skype..


  1. Original air date: 28th September 2009
    His first ever tweet: https://twitter.com/RealDMitchell/status/1112129351
    The imposter: https://web.archive.org/web/20090123083336/http://twitter.com/ADavidMitchell (Click
    His twitter timeline around the time this episode aired: https://web.archive.org/web/20090919045218/http://twitter.com/RealDMitchell

    Bonus tweets πŸ™‚




  2. Do you know the clip where it's David's lie and Lee's team thinks it's true but Lee goes false and David say 'thank you for not believing that's true' ??? Please

  3. I like the bit from the same show where Charlie reveals he pretended to be deaf to a girlfriend for a year. Particular funny at the time because I used to read his column and he'd confessed extensively to doing it in one of his opinion pieces a few months before going on WILTY.

  4. Do you have the clip where Lee Mack asks the people backstage to change from "Lie" to "Truth" because Greg Davies said he'd do something if it was True? I can't remember what the Truth/Lie was Lee was telling.

  5. Love Charlie Brooker, him and David have known each other for some time so he can be a bit more 'aggressive' towards him in his own unique way.

  6. I may have said this before but everytime I hear David say 'Alan Johnson' I think of Johnson from Peep Show saying, "This is bollocks, Mark!"

    Stick that up your dojo.

  7. Trinny Woodall and Reece Shearsmith, what a line-up! Nice to see Brooker's being a nob as per usual – wouldn't be right otherwise.

  8. "I've got a 32" plasma in my office. You get a document up on that baby and you are seriously looking at that document," Alan Johnson

  9. why was charlie brooker so angry? i don't know how david took it but that would make me feel like shit. he said some shitty things

  10. I love how Lee believes it. "If anybody is talking through the internet to cabinet members, it's Dave Mitchell." He makes it sound like an insult, but I think it shows that, secretly, Lee actually holds David in quite high regard.

  11. I love David Mitchell's accent! I could honestly listen to him all day. British people are just so adorable! I want one πŸ˜‚

  12. In the UK you casually mention the cabinet but explain Twitter. In the US, you casually mention twitter but have to explain the cabinet.

  13. wilty David Lee x what a wonderful trio x love this show x thanku x u ave some amazing guests x makes my day x love u x god bless x

  14. So Skype is the old people platform now? What happened to msn?

    Skype is pretty cool though. I don't know why people make that joke…

  15. any1 else think the reason he came up w Alan Johnson was cos he just came off filming with another alan johnson? πŸ˜‚πŸ€”

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