Hello and welcome to Animal Watch and
this week we’re talking American Bullies The American Bully has a formidable
appearance looking like a weightlifter who has spent his life working out in
the gym. Huge, huge dense muscles, a short gleaming coat and a large toothy grin.
These dogs turn heads that’s for sure Loved by many, but equally feared by
others due to their appearance being similar to certain banned fighting breeds.
Coming in four recognized sizes pocket standard, classic and XL with some new
unrecognised XXL ones appearing around the globe. They certainly are a topic of
conversation, but are these dogs really docile companions as their owners claim
they are or are these dangerous fighting dogs? In order to find out
I’m visiting several pocket-sized American Bullies in Halifax and when I
say pocket-sized the males can weigh in at a staggering 37 kilograms making them
as heavy as my largest male wolf dog. Weak and pathetic these dogs most
certainly are not. Gentle and sweet? I’m soon to find out Hello hi Aaron.How you doing Anneka.
How are you? and you
Who’s this? This is Dios this Dios!
Our American bully. He’s like a little muscle man isnt he? A gentle giant. Oh he’s fantastic Wow! So you wanted to come see rest of pack then? You’ve got more than him? Yeah, we’ve got a few of them for you to see. for you to see. I would
love. That’s great. Let’s go. This is Floki. He’s a Dios son. He’s just going on 12 months now. 12 months? He’s actually really big for 12 months. Yeah and he’s not even finished growing yet. Oh, so how much more big is he going to get? He won’t grow much taller now Just the mass, he’ll just mature his head will start growing even more. Very loving dog, affectionate. Yes you are, you sure are, I love him. Hi Ivan, how are you doing? Who have we got here? This is Junior. So Junior is approaching three and a half
years old. In the UK we don’t crop ears so just to let you guys know that when
dogs have got cropped ears it’s usually because they’re imports from outside of
the United Kingdom. These guys are not cropping their ears. He’s actually from Spain. They’re like little muscle men. They really are. They’re beautiful look, they’re very affectionate. He’s like a pig in my ear. He’s like (makes pig noise) Alright, so who’s this? This is Cleo. She’s a two and year year old female. She’s so sweet. oh she’s such an affectionate dog. Oh what are they like with dogs when you meet when they meet strange dogs in the
park? As long as they’re socialized correctly the same as any other dog now
that’s got to start from a young age whether you go into classes and training
classes or whether you just go into puppy parties which are down at your
local park it’s essential that you get the socialization in early days so that
the dogs are aware and how to introduce themselves to each other how to approach
another dog because in fairness dependent on how another dog approaches
them is dependent on how they’ll react yes but she is a very very calm dog
she’s been socialized well and her reaction to any dog what comes over to
her is a tail wagging and she early approach and they sniff each
other and then they’re happy I can change the conditioning on her slightly. She was
originally kibble fed and we’re moving them on to raw I like to raw feed my dog
oh yes absolutely, I’m an advocate for that. Over the years it’s something that we’ve really seen the
benefits of in our older dogs and in our younger dogs if it’s carefully worked
and introduced to them in the right way so we’re just going through that
transaction with her now. First impressions were very good and I really did like these dogs who were bundles of fun and uber affectionate. I’m here with Aaron and
Ivan and we have got the amazing American Bullies with us today don’t we
and I’ve gotta say these are really lovely dogs. They’re calm, they’re friendly, they’re loving I’m a complete stranger and they have taken to me
immediately. You don’t really see these dogs do you are they fairly new? They’re
roughly five years. Just five years they’ve been in the UK? Yeah. When was the breed first started? About 40 years ago they started basing the foundations of
the American Bully and that was when they were really sort of trying to hone
in the exact features that they were looking to gain from the American
Bully and officially around 13 to 15 years ago am I right on that? 2004 it
become a recognized breed in America. And what would the original dog breeds that went into the background to this? Initially what they would have put into
it was based on a staffordshire that really tried to base it on the American
Staffy which is a longer legged Staffordshire so what these guys have
really tried to harness here is the stable temperature so they based it on
an American Staffordshire Terrier that is bulldog which is being put into it
and that gave you the larger go in the lower solenoid cage the deeper set.
These come in what four or three or four different sizes? Four different sizes
officially. You’ve got your Pocket which is the smallest. and what’s the next size up? You have your Standard. OK, then? Classic and then you have your XL.
These are pocket-sized so these are the smallest and they’re big and they’re big. So how heavy are these ones roughly?
Well my female she weighs approximately 32 to 34 kilogram weight dependent and
condition dependent and Dios is a lot heavier. Usually sits around about
38 kilo. That’s big so you’ve got all of that weight and muscle squashed down into
a fairly short dog. So lots of people will be talking about health issues
because they’ve got quite flat faces. How do you find they are with breathing and
things like that I’d say it’s variable and yes you
definitely would want to look out for certain issues the soft palate is is a
problem that is within this breed and that comes from the bulldog traits.
These are very lovely colors so you were talking to me a little bit earlier that
this is a liver color and this is like a smoky blue? Yeah it’s actually
classed as champagne, Lilac Champagne. You cant have some weak older person taking one of
these home they got up they’ve got to have a good pair of arms on them so you
take them for walks so especially if these are weighing in at the weight that
you were suggesting. Yeah agreed but at the same time early stages of training
are essential. Spend your early years socializing the animals. When they’re in
the house I mean do they just lie down so they behave themselves, are they calm? He just lies in front of a fire. Yeah the calmest animals I’ve ever met.
Do you need to wear them out when you walk them every day? Each dog’s
different with the the exercise like Dios you can go out for a walk a day and he’ll just chill out You’re not hear nought from him, where we have a female and 24/7 she’s constantly They’re the sort of dogs that some people
might feel afraid of and also there’s been a lot of people that are given a
very, very bad image to to dogs similar to this. What is the public perception
right now of your dogs? Sometimes how a dog of this structure and shape and
image is portrayed by the media and I’m not completely knocking the media because
of the same time it’s down to certain owners as well but the way they’re portrayed in the
media gives the public an immediate perception that that’s not going to be a
friendly dog. I can understand their fears and their
concerns because of the size and structure of these dogs. Are these dogs
fine with kids? Always make sure that you’re in complete
control of the environment with your child and your dogs are in. That’s your
responsibility. They are a big boned heavy set dog and if they get
excited wagging tail, heavy paws I would recommend a child of three years
and above would be amazing around them, they are very controlled. My son does a lot of
handling of our dogs and a lot of training he did that from the age of four years old and has never had any issues, my dogs are very attentive towards him So what you’re saying it’s down to the
owner so if you go out of the room and you leave your
three-year-old child there with the dog and dogs you know knocks your kid
flat that’s that’s to be quite honest it’s your fault. But then
again I won’t leave my child with any dog. Exactly that’s what I’m saying
it’s down to the owner Do you still recommend that when they’re
walking them in a park like this that they keep them leashed up? I think
that’s the owner’s responsibility I think whether you own a Collie, whether you own a Pomeranian
whether you own a Tibetan Mastiff, you as an owner should be keeping that dog on a
lead because you’re not aware of how other owners’ dogs are going to react. It’s a different environment your own place as well If there’s one breed that Dios is scared of
that is a Chihuahua, few doors up. He’s petrified of it Well I’ll tell you what, it’s been absolutely amazing meeting your dogs today now Aaron you’ve got a YouTube channel yourself haven’t
you on American Bullies? Yeah I have it’s UK BULLY TV. I’ve had a bit of time out
but this year we’re coming back with interviews similar to yourself. Wonderful well
I’ll tell you what I’ll pop a little information link in the top of the
screen and you can find Aaron’s YouTube channel and you can go over and find out
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American Bullies in the UK you can visit Aaron’s YouTube channel or Instagram
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  1. Just about the ugliest dog that I've ever seen and too many neighbors have these where I live. You couldn't give me one and I'm not usually afraid of dogs, like Rottweilers, German Shepherds etc.
    Our neighbor's dog barks at me from across the street when I'm in my own yard minding my own business. I don't like any dog that slobbers. That mouth does it in for me. My perception has Nothing to do with media except what I've heard about pit bulls. I've been kind of okay with pit bulls. But this dog is too powerful and a huge mouth which makes them too strong and big a mouth for me. That's for sure.

  2. These aren`t fighting dogs ! They can`t even breathe, let alone fighting ! There`s only one fighting breed and it`s called the APBT !

  3. breeding for the purpose of changing the product to make money =====IS THE BEHAVIOR

  4. I met bullys years ago and they were adorable. BUT, when there were two of them, one of them got furious in split second when they competed about attention. They were not even fighting really. Mother dog just gave little slapping around her young son and showed who is the boss. 😬 I can tell that it's no joke when these little pigs get annoyed…

  5. Talk about overbreeding !
    They look like deformed mutants ……nothing appealing about them besides target practice 😂

  6. I seriously hate what they did to the Original Pitbull Terrier…why would they mutate this dog…who started this shit.

  7. These bullies have breathing problems? Have you guys ever seen a pug? An English bulldog? Lol if these bullies have breathing problems then those dogs are in trouble lol

  8. Its very sad how badly bred these dogs are… their going to get hip problems, back problems, and yiu can already hear them struggling to breath and the amount of weight on them isn't good you can see their back is struggling to support all the weight snd eventually it will take its toll on the rest of their body aswell.

  9. It's easy to say how sweet these dogs are and how foolish those are that blame them for misbehaving when it's really the way they were raised. The problem is, all that talk doesn't mean anything when you have three wild ones in your face trying to kill you like I did one day while running along a country road. Actually all you can think about is trying to survive. I was bit, but my martial arts training saved my life. As for the dogs, country justice prevailed, and they can't kill anyone now.

  10. My Aunt has one it will knock you down and shower you with kisses I LOVE HIM SO FREAKING MUCH but one time a guy broke into their trailer while my aunt was taking a shower and tank bite the guy in the pant leg love him so much love him

  11. These beautiful dogs would be more beautiful if monstrous humans would leave their ears alone. If humans would not purchase these cropped eared dog's then there wouldn't be a demand, then that evil practice would STOP. Crazy and selfish humans want their ears to look this way to make the poor dog's look ferocious. So PATHETIC. Their ears are supposed to be gorgeously and naturally floppy.


  13. First you mate a pig with an Old English bulldog, and a prehistoric monitor lizard with the Michelin man. Then you mate the two offspring et voila, this is what you get.

  14. This is what happens when a wonderful dog breed gets mutated over a couple decades by thugs seeking the most muscular looking dog, with no care whatsoever to the actual health or athleticism of the dogs. Just thicker and wider and thicker and wider . . . until it's just a cartoonish caricature of what it's ancestors used to be. Look at Petey on the Little Rascals. That's what this breed is supposed to look like.

  15. their good pets unless the owners or people treat them badly and encourages bad behavior and people need to know how to treat their pitbulls and all dogs for they don’t make their dogs super dangerous

  16. All the fight instincts from the pit has pretty much been bred out through all the cross breeding it took to accomplish the bully look. They honestly unhealthy ,lazy friendly, unathletic, companion dogs that were bred only for a desired look and no other purpose.

  17. Okay, Im so confused? Im not so sure what my dog is anymore lol. He is 105lbs (47kg) and 27.5 inches (69cm) from the floor the the top of his head and looks more like a staffy, not a bully. Do blue staffordshire breeds grow to be that big?

  18. I've seen lions cuddle people too and bears yeah it's only when they decide they don't want to play then u will see the true side of these dogs yeah most dogs will be calm around their owners but hey would you really like to get on the wrong side of one in a bad mood

  19. I live in Los Angeles, I’ve seen these designer breeds listed for sale above $1,000 USD but I’ve also seen many of them abandoned in shelters. I considered adopting one but all the ones I saw appears to have genetic issues, many problems mimic those of English and French bulldogs. This is probably due to greedy unscrupulous backyard breeders. I’ll stay with the adoptable APBT mix, they’re pretty robust dogs that can make for a wonderful family pet.

  20. Am Bulls are feared due too the fact that real dog fanciers know their foundation dog is a man stoper by pedigree .The Bullmastif

  21. I own a American bully xl she’s not trained but she’s so friendly she rarely barks we just socialized her a lot but when new people come to our house she loves them

  22. FULL OF SHIT…dangerous aggressive murderous dogs….just ask any small breed dog that interacts with them…oh sorry you cant! They have torn them to shreds!

  23. Lovely dog . If u have to give ur dogs meds or cbd.oil 0lz make sure u give it in a safe plastic dropper or syringe not a glass one like those being sold on amazon plz spread the word animal lovers need to keep each other informed 😊

  24. Not even going to watch this video! Just give some history. Before the gangbangers & other criminals in the ‘80’s screwed up this breed’s reputation, their nickname wasn’t ‘pitbull’, it was ‘nanny dog’ because you could literally leave your baby or toddler alone with them and not worry about them. No training required. They have a natural affinity for caring for, & protecting babies & children. You have to keep your bedroom doors open at night so they can check on you. Because they will.

  25. Looks deformed with a ton of musculoskeletal problems waiting ahead.
    The 2 guys they have in this video I know are going to be scallies/hooligans/chavs. The cropped ear excuse the guy gave about his dog, the dog came from Spain, I'm sorry but there are a lot of British scallies/chavs living in Spain, so I don't think a Spanish person cropped the dogs ears but instead a British person taking advantage of practically non-existent animal rights laws in Spain did the ear cropping.

    These dogs are only bred for intimidation and low maintenance care.

  26. Wtf have u Brits done to OUR American Pitbulls?????

    They're so short. Real pitbulls aren't that small. And stop cropping their ears ffs.

  27. They're called American bullies but have I yet to see 1 of them in America the past 37 years. We have Pitbulls ffs. Nothing else. Bulldogs too. But a bully???? Wtf is that ??? Y'all should call it a English pitbull

  28. You might not crop in UK but you buy the dogs so you support it. The only reason for it being done is fighting. " We don't do that" okay don't buy a dog that's been hacked! I repeat, a boutique dog bred for people who want " the look". Good for nothing else.

  29. My neighbor before I moved away had two of these dogs, they were very friendly and really strong. I never had a problem with them and my Springer. They are very expensive to own.

  30. Every pit bull owner seems to say the same thing: "don't worry, he's friendly". This is right before their dog attacks you or your dog. This breed has been used in dog fights, and to protect drug dealers and other criminals. True, it's not the dog's fault, but those horrible owners have irrevocably ruined the breed's reputation. They are also breeding these dogs to be larger and more muscular. I wonder why.

  31. My mothers in law got a american bull softer than anything she got a westie too she's the one that youve got worry about

  32. If this dog decides that it wants to really hurt something, it can do it very quickly and stopping it will be a very difficult and bloody job. That been said I have a restricted breed myself. But I'd personally never fancy trying to pry a dead carcass from the mouth of any bullbreed.

    I have also never understood why any domesticated dog would need Jaws that big.

    But I blame that on us obviously.. specifically weak men who live in fear and need something to make them feel safe and tough. 😅

  33. Thanks, but I'll take the word of certified medical doctors over that of delusional Animal Activists who swear NO OATH to public safety.

    1 in 40 pit bulls will grievously injure or kill another animal or human, compared to 1 in 50,000 of all other dog breeds combined. Last year, pit bulls killed a person every 9 days in the US and Canada, 30,000 other family pet dogs, 14,000 farm animals, and 17,000 cats.

    Ohio State University’s College of Medicine and Wexner Medical Center have just released a study (May 2019) showing that pit bulls are NOT safe animals to be placed in homes or communities. Dr. K. Craig Kent, dean of the Ohio State University College of Medicine, says that pit bulls are "a significant public health issue."

    "In my mind, this is an epidemic. I generally see the worst of the worst.” — Dr. Robert Lober, Pediatric Neurosurgeon, Dayton Children's Hospital

    Dr Nicolas Hamelin, plastic surgeon at Hôpital Pierre-Boucher in Montreal, says, "The spread is so great between pit bulls and other dogs that one cannot close ones eyes to the statistics."

    Dr. David A. Billmire, director of the Division of Craniofacial and Pediatric Plastic Surgery at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center in Ohio, says " I can categorically tell you that the problems associated with dog bites are indeed breed-specific."

    "When you have a pit bull, you have to recognize that your dog is more dangerous than others. The data speaks for itself. Half the dogs out there are not pit bulls yet almost half the major dog attacks that we have seen at Children's have been from pit bulls" Dr Mark Wulkan, Surgeon-in-Chief at Children's Health Care, Atlanta

    "It wasn't until the pit bulls (became popular) that I started seeing the really vicious attacks." Dr Benjamin Van Raalte, reconstructive surgery specialist, Iowa.

    "Attacks by pit bulls are associated with higher morbidity rates, higher hospital charges, and a higher risk of death than are attacks by other breeds of dogs" Dr John Bini, trauma surgeon, Dayton, Ohio

    "Pit bull bites were implicated in half of all surgeries performed and were over 2.5 times as likely to bite in multiple locations compared to other breeds. " Dr Michael Golinko, Chief of Pediatric Plastic Surgery, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

    "When I started my career, the most common dog-bite injuries were from German shepherds and occasionally retrievers. These injuries were almost always provoked, such as food-related or stepping on the dog, and in almost every instance, the dog reacted with a single snap and release – essentially a warning shot..,. then, my colleagues and I started to see disturbingly different types of injuries. Instead of a warning bite, we saw wounds where the flesh was torn from the victim. There were multiple bite wounds covering many different anatomical sites. The attacks were generally unprovoked, persistent and often involved more than one dog. In every instance the dog involved was a pit bull or a pit bull mix." Dr David A. Billmire, director of the Division of Craniofacial and Pediatric Plastic Surgery at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center in Ohio

    "If you have 100 drugs that treat high blood pressure, and one of those drugs caused half the deaths, it would be taken off the market. " Dr Benjamin Van Raalte, reconstructive surgery specialist, Iowa.

  34. As a Bully owner myself in the U.S. I confirm totally the docile nature of this breed. they are perfectly suited for a studio apartment. My Bully came from the breed originator Ed Shepard

  35. This breed should not be promoted, these men are idiots. You can't compare the strength of these dogs any other dog breed with the exception of the purebred bulldog and the pit bull. I don't believe in the breeding of any bracyasaphalic i.e. pushed in/ flat nosed dog anyway. I think that it is very cruel as you are setting the animal up to suffer

  36. This is the only Animal Watch video I disagree with. These so-called pocket size bullies are EXTREMELY unhealthy dogs, most are predisposed with breathing problems, photosensitivity, skin conditions, autoimmune diseases, bone and joint problems and a slew of other heath issues; not to mention they are structurally poor functioning dogs and look very unnatural. And I think they're ugly…through no fault of their own. Breeding these poor creatures in such a way should be outlawed!

  37. All i see in the comments is pitbull this pitbull that, pitbull over american bully. The pitbull has been banned in the UK (Which is where the video is at) for many years.

  38. There are only as many Breeds, as there are Jobs, all Breeds of dogs are just dogs at the end of the day, it all depends on Breeding and the first year of Socializing for Purpose!

  39. Pitbulls are the only dogs bigger than a Chihuahua iv seen turn on a family that raised since a pup and never abuse it (I know these aren't pits I'm addressing the morons who say it's only the owner that makes a bad dog)

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