CURE ULCER FAST Using 10 Home Natural Remedies (2019)

CURE ULCER FAST Using 10 Home Natural Remedies (2019)

Commonly known as stomach sore, ulcers are
developed around the stomach lining and in the upper part of your intestine. Various surveys revealed that one in every
10 people encounter ulcers at least once in a lifetime. Although the treatments are available to provide
relief from the debilitating stomach disorder, you can always opt for following home remedies
to avoid adverse effects on antibiotics on your health and get rid of ulcers in a short
time span. Welcome to the health room
Here are 10 natural remedies to cure ulcer fast Number 1
Cabbage Juice Cabbage is a popular natural ulcer remedy. Cabbage juice can become an ultimate solution
to treat digestive tract pain that peptic ulcer causes. It’s rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant shown
to help prevent and treat H. pylori infections. These infections are the most common cause
of stomach ulcers. Number 2
Garlic Garlic is a powerhouse of antibacterial and
antimicrobial properties. Some recent studies have shown that adding
garlic extracts to your meals does not only speed up ulcer recovery process but also decreases
the chance of ulcer development in first place. Moreover, if you like garlic taste, you can
eat two to three garlic cloves, depending on your condition daily, to fight bacteria
affecting your stomach lining. Number 3
Bananas The compound ‘Leucocyanidin’ in bananas
stimulates stomach mucus production in the body, helping to form a barrier between the
stomach wall and digestive acids. Moreover, the delicious fruit is loaded with
antibacterial substances that play an essential role in combating H.pylori bacteria. You can increase intake of banana by taking
it in the form of smoothies. Number 4
Cranberry Sweet and sour, cranberry combats ulcers and
urinary infections. It inhibits bacteria from growing and adhering
to urinary bladder walls. This mechanism of cranberry reduces the risks
associated with severe bladder infections that lead to ulcer formation. The compound likes ‘Proanthocyanidins’
in cranberry significantly impede the growth of H.pylori in the stomach lining. Number 5
Aloe Vera Aloe Vera contains antibacterial properties,
which make it an effective natural remedy to treat ulcers. Consuming concentrated aloe vera regularly
for at least six weeks is recommend treating stomach ulcer. It also reduces the growth of H.pylori bacteria
and helps you recover fast. Despite that, consulting your primary care
provider seems a wise idea to get the right treatment. Number 6
Chilli Peppers Studies have shown chili peppers as an effective
and natural home remedy that helps you fight stomach ulcers. The presence of capsaicin, a stimulant to
reduce acid production in the stomach is a significant factor, making chili pepper beneficial. Moreover, capsaicin also enhances blood circulation
in the stomach and increases mucus production to coat the stomach lining. Number 7
Licorice Licorice has remained a vital part in herbal
remedies due to its ulcer-preventing properties. The medicinal herb stimulates the intestine
and stomach to produce mucus required to cover the stomach lining from acidic components. Not only does this mucus protect stomach but
also it helps in the healing process while reducing debilitating pain. Number 8
Onions Stock up on onions! They might give you gas, but they also prevent
the growth of ulcer-causing bacteria that can increase your risk of gastritis (stomach
inflammation) and, over time, lead to stomach cancer. Add sliced onion to salads and sandwiches,
or toss them into stir-fries, fajitas, and pastas. Just avoid frying, which can upset your stomach. Number 9
Tea By now, you should know that coffee will irritate
an already-existing ulcer. But not so for tea! In fact, peppermint and chamomile teas are
anti-inflammatories that can soothe your ulcer pain and encourage healing. Brew your tea and allow it to cool until just
warm, too hot and you’ll irritate your ulcer. Stir in some raw honey for its antibacterial
qualities as well as for its sweet flavor. Number 10
Yogurt Everyone’s wild for yogurt these days, and
for good reason: Most yogurts contain active cultures, lactobacillus and bifidobacterium,
that can help digestion by balancing out bad bacteria with good bacteria. If you’re on antibiotics, these yogurts
can be especially helpful: They replenish the good bacteria that your meds have eliminated
from your body, preventing diarrhea. A person may be able to find relief with some
home remedies. But, people should see their doctor to find
out the cause and receive medical treatment. A doctor can create a treatment plan to help
treat the ulcer. At-home remedies may help prevent ulcers developing
in the future and naturally help ease symptoms. If you found this video useful, please give
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