creamy mac and cheese

creamy mac and cheese

wellcome back guys! today i am going to do a mac and cheese everyone likes mac and cheese today i am going to show my recipe very easy so lets get started ok lets cook the macaroni first meanwhile we can make the white sauce guys this is the basic white sauce i am using 2 and a half cups of milk here add three tablespoons of butter three tablespoons of flour simmer untill thickend at this point add salt and pepper, mix well now put some oil into the pan let it heat add onions green chilis garlic saute for a while now add carrots add salt chili flakes saute for about 5 minutes now you can put in cooked macaroni and mix all together pour white sauce mozzarella cheese give it a mix until everything is well cooperate finally add some thyme my mac & cheese is ready now


  1. Great video! This was really entertaining to watch! Keep doing what you’re doing! Thanks so much for sharing! Any support on my channel is appreciated! let’s stay connected! 😊

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