Couples Try Guessing Each Other’s Cooking

Couples Try Guessing Each Other’s Cooking

– It doesn’t suck.
– Did you even take a bite? – What are you used to eating?!
This better be some culinary masterpiece.
– Ohhh, it’s hot! (coughs) – (laughs) Yeah, this
is Caden for sure. – (Caden laughs) ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, you are
going to be guessing your spouse’s cooking.
– I got it. – (laughs)
– Is your boo a good cook? – You know, he’s made
breakfast for me. And that’s about all I know.
– I don’t cook as well as Laura, but I do cook.
She’s my sugar mama, so I have to contribute somehow.
And I do it by cooking dinners. – I guess I’ll find out.
– He’s like, “I make a mean bowl of cereal.”
– (all laugh) – You wouldn’t believe
how I pour the milk. You wouldn’t believe it.
– I know I’m gonna do well in this challenge, ’cause Laura
cooks in a very special way. She just stands by the food
and cooks it, ’cause she’s so hot. – Oh. (laughs)
– Hey! (snaps) – (FBE) Here’s how this is gonna work.
We’ve got three dishes for each of you to try. For each one of them,
one is going to be made by your significant other,
one is going to be made by the other person’s
significant other, and one is going to be made
by us here at FBE as a decoy. You’ll get to try all three
before deciding which one is made by your spouse.
And because we want this to be as pure of a taste test as possible,
you will be blindfolded. – Okay. All right.
– No shade on his cooking, I can totally tell it’s his food,
’cause it may not look the best, but it always tastes really good.
So I thought (snaps) I had it that way.
– I love you, though. Just in case I get it wrong.
– It’s okay. – (FBE) All right. So, first up,
we’ve got chicken. Here is option A. – (Jonathan) Are we getting
the same thing? – (FBE) Yes.
– (gasps) Thank you. – Just dive in.
No need to be afraid. Just go for it, babe.
– Oh, wow. That’s good. – I can’t even get mine on the fork.
– I just stabbed it, and I got the chicken.
– (Laura chuckles) – That’s not Laura’s,
because it’s got a lemon-y taste, weird thing going on to it
that I don’t particularly care for. – I don’t think this is Caden, ’cause there’s beans.
– I don’t think this is Anthony. – ‘Cause there’s beans?
– Yeah. I feel like we don’t really eat beans that much.
– There is basil in here, and I can tell–
I know he has a green thumb too. That’s fresh basil.
I think I know who that is. – Okay. I know whose it isn’t.
– The little side dish, I wanna say made me think it might be Anthony’s.
– Oh. – Just because it tastes
very Greeky, I wanna say. – Yeah, it did.
– And I know his family makes a lot of Greeky stuff.
I feel like I– I don’t know. You’ve never made–
you see, all this means is that you need to cook more for me.
That’s what I’m getting from here. – (FBE) All right. Now we’re gonna
have you try option B. – ♪ You can do it ♪
♪ Feed me, Seymour ♪ – I don’t think Caden made this,
but it’s good. – See, I don’t think
Anthony made this. – You know what I hate about that?
You’re like, “Mmm. Yeah, Caden didn’t make this.”
– (all laugh) – Well, when did we make fettuccine?!
– You’re like, “That’s good. Yeah, not him.”
– We’ve never made fettuccine. – It doesn’t suck.
– Did you even take a bite? – What are you used to eating?!
This better be some culinary masterpiece.
– I feel like if I ordered this somewhere, I’d be like,
“Mm…” – You’re not like,
“Let me talk to the manager.” – Oh, I’m Sharon not Karen.
– (laughs) – Caden might’ve made this,
but we’ve literally never made this together,
so I’d be surprised if this is what he made.
– Yeah. – This is hard. I feel
like I’m gonna hurt feelings. – I know! Me too!
That’s what I don’t wanna do. – Sorry, babe!
– (Caden laughs) – (FBE) Here is option C.
– Oh. (chuckles) No, it doesn’t
require a fork. This is Filipino style. – It smells spicy.
– Oh, it smells spicy. That can be Anthony.
– It’s burning my eyes and my fingers. Oh my gosh!
It’s so spicy! – (Caden laughs)
– That can’t be Anthony. This is FBE’s!
– I think this is Caden… – Oh!
– …’cause he puts hot sauce on everything.
– These are like extremes. It was like one was
really tangy and citrus-y, and this is really sweet.
– Mm-hmm. I know whose this is. – I licked– ohh, it’s hot! (coughs)
– (laughs) Yeah, this is Caden for sure.
– (all laugh) – Get ’em some water!
– I feel like you can’t enjoy this to a certain point,
because it’s so spicy! – I feel like I’m being attacked,
and this might not even be my dish.
– Oh, that’s good stuff, babes. Ah, you haven’t made those
in a long time. – (FBE) Which of those
three dishes do you think that your significant other
made between A, B, and C? – I don’t know!
– I think Caden made C. – I think Anthony made A?
– A was Taylor. – C was Laura.
– (FBE) Gentlemen, how’d they do? – I made C.
– Yes! – Yeah. (laughs) – I made A.
– You did A?! – Oh my god!
– Oh, shit. That was good, babe! – (FBE) Did they get it right?
– (both) Yeah. – They did.
– Ah, teriyaki chicken wings. – That basil was very telling.
Very telling. Was that from the– from your–
you grew that? – Mm-hmm.
– I knew that. I knew. – Wow. Very good.
– Mm-hmm. – I don’t wanna feel overconfident.
– Yeah, me either. I thought maybe I’d get one right,
and I just got one right. So, I’m like–
– (laughs) We’re good for now. – (FBE) Next, we’ve got some pasta.
– Pasta! – I’m gonna start with this one.
Here is option A. – This is gonna be fun
to eat blindfolded. – (Laura) She may not
get mine on this one. – Fooo.
– (chuckles) Mm-mm. Mm-mm.
– This tastes like something Anthony would make.
I don’t know. – Why?
– I mean, I’m gonna be honest right now.
– It’s pasta! – I really don’t even know,
’cause I can’t see it. (laughs) – (FBE chuckles) Jonathan
is passing his to you, Sharon. – (Sharon laughs)
– You know what it tasted like? (gasps) It tasted
like my eighth grade cafeteria. – That’s ex– no, it tasted like cafeteria spaghetti.
– It totally did, right? Yeah. I think yours.
– It’s really hard to tell pasta, because it’s pasta.
– Yeah. Unless you do something super special.
– (FBE) All right. This is option B. – Is it there?
– (FBE) Nope. – (Sharon) Oh.
– (FBE) Now it is. – I can hear it.
I can hear it! – Lean forward. There you go.
– I don’t want it to get in my hair.
– There it is. – You have nothing
on your fork! (laughs) – Woo!
– Oh, this is stinky cheese.
– A lot of cheese. Let me see your fork.
– Mm-hmm. – Let me feed you. Here’s the little train…
– That’s my face. – …going down the track,
goes through the tunnel…. – (Jonathan laughs)
– …doesn’t come back. – Oh my god!
You’re– – You got a big bite
on that one, huh? – No, most of it landed on me.
– Oh! I’m so sorry! (laughs) – I feel like Caden likes
these types of noodles, so maybe this is his.
I don’t even know what it’s called. Penne?
– Yeah. – Is that what it’s called?
– There’s lots of garlic. – Super cheesy. See, my–
– See, I like super cheesy, so I’m thinking maybe
that’s what it is. – My thing is I don’t care for cheese.
– And it’s not a red sauce. – I don’t think it was
made by my spouse. – (FBE) Here is option C. – That smells good. Ah, I don’t know what to expect
from Anthony anymore. – This smells really good!
I feel like this is Anthony’s. – There’s some kind of fresh [bleep]
going down. Hold on. – This is Lala’s.
– This chef side of Anthony– I’ve known for two and a half years–
never met it! – (all laugh)
– Isn’t it like one of those things where you mix– it’s in
the vinegar and the oil? You know what I mean? Those–
– Yeah. That’s what it is.
– I don’t like those. – This tastes like wheat pasta.
This might be Anthony. – I feel like I’m literally basing my guess based off the noodles
he picked out one time. – (all laugh)
– I’m just impressed that you can remember what kind
of noodles I picked out. – I remember ’cause
I didn’t want them. – (all laugh)
– Oh, okay. Got it. (laughs) – (FBE) So, between options
A, B, and C, which do you think was made by your spouse?
– C was the last one I had, right? C.
– Oh. I love cheese. Everything else is something
that I would not eat, so I’m gonna go with B.
– C? – I think Caden made B.
– (FBE) How did they do? – Yup. Got it.
– Yeah. – Mmm! We did good.
– Sorry, I had to feed you my stinky cheese pasta.
– I made B. – And I made C.
– Yes! (claps) – Wait, did he make C?
– Yeah. – Oh my gosh!
– Was it wheat noodles? – Yeah.
– We’re killing it! – Whoa. Who cooks with wheat noodles?
– Dude, we’re doing really good. – I think I just had ’em.
– Oh, shoot. oh, shoot. – (Brittany laughs) – That’s impressive.
– He’s a chef. That pasta was gourmet.
– Dude, I got myself a chef! – (FBE) So finally, we’ve got
three different dishes. We asked your significant other
to make the dish that they’d consider their favorite, so we’re gonna
have you guess what that is. – Oh.
– Favorite? Okay. – I know what it damn well
better be. ♪ (hardcore rock music) ♪
(steam whistling) – Oh my gosh.
– Do you know what Caden’s is? – I don’t know. Do you know?
– I don’t know. – Wow.
– (FBE) Here is option A for the final round.
– All right! – What is that?
– I don’t know. But I feel like I have to touch stuff.
– (Brittany) Ugh. (laughs)
– (guys chuckle) – Tastes like egg.
– Is it eggs? – It’s eggs.
– That’s good. – Oh my god.
– That’s good. – It’s such a pain in the ass.
– I don’t know if she’s– have you ever made waffles?
– Maybe. – I used the dirty one. Did you see?!
– I don’t think you ever made waffles. – We make eggs a lot.
We have eggs for breakfast and lunch sometimes.
– This isn’t Anthony’s, I think, because Anthony eats egg whites.
– Ohhh. – I don’t think this
is just egg whites. – (FBE) All right.
Here is option B. – I hope it goes well
with syrup. – (Jonathan) Oh! Ew.
– What’s that? What is this? The– (gasps)
Is that a cookie? That’s a cookie.
– This is a hot dog. – Oh my gosh.
– This is not Anthony. – Oh my god. I know what this is.
– I wonder what the garnish is. But it’s the weirdest taste.
– So, this is the main part of it, ’cause this is my most favorite thing
in the world to eat. – That he makes?
– Mm-hmm. And he knew it.
– What am I eating? – Wait a minute. – It’s pretty good. – This is Anthony.
I think it’s a linguica sandwich. – (FBE) And what is that?
– It’s a Portuguese dish. It’s like a Portuguese sandwich.
I think it’s like a little bolillo bread.
– That’s lemon curd. Lemon curd.
– We already talked about me not liking lemon.
– Oh my gosh. – That’s my problem.
– Like, meringue cookies and put the lemon curd on. Ah.
– Oh, all right then. – I eat a lot of sweets.
– Okay! – I’m confident in that one.
– If Caden made eggs and Anthony a linguica sandwich.
– (all laugh) – We’ve already proven
he’s a better chef than me, all right? Good lord! (laughs)
– (FBE) And finally, here is option C.
– Well, this has to be Laura’s, because she doesn’t make mer–
uh, mermaids– waffles. – (Jonathan) Ooh.
What is– oh! Oh. See, I knew that.
My hand knew exactly what to do.
– Ooh. – Oh, is it a pancake?
– Mmm. – Yup. These are good.
– These taste delightful. – See? – Caden made the eggs.
– (all laugh) – I feel like we make
our pancakes with oil so they’re a little crunchy
on the outside, but this one’s not. – Well done, babe. – Mm-hmm. Yeah, babe.
– (Sharon chuckles) – But to both of the babes.
– (FBE) So, between options A, B, and C, which do you think
was made by your significant other? – B.
– A. – C.
– Option B. – (FBE) All right, guys.
How’d they do? – You got mine right.
– YAY! – I made C.
– No way! – I made the pancakes! – Oh, wow.
– And she liked ’em! – (all laugh) – You’re right.
– High five! – (FBE) With a final score of 3-2, Brittany,
you are our winner. – Wow!
– Woohoo! – I’m very impressed.
– It’s impressive. It’s impressive. – (FBE) Spouses, how do you feel
they did in this challenge? – Great.
– Yeah, you got ’em all right. – I wonder. I just didn’t know
if you’d get the pasta. That was the only one
I wasn’t sure. – Well, I wouldn’t have if–
– You didn’t have cafeteria spaghetti. – If it wasn’t cafeteria spaghetti.
I know you’re not gonna make that. You’re not gonna make something
that, you know… – Had cheese.
– …is basically a cheese porno. – You should make this guy
cook for you more, ’cause this guy is–
he’s a sleeper. He’s a sleeper on the stove
is what he is. – (FBE) Well, for you guys,
how do you feel you did in this challenge?
– I nailed it. – I’m sad that I didn’t
get all of them right, but honestly, we make eggs
every single day. So, it was a toss-up.
– No, yeah. No, they were sneaky with that.
– Both were– I’ll eat at any time. – Your food looked really good.
– Yeah. Ah, I’m hungry still. – Thanks for watching couples
guess each other’s cooking on the React Channel.
– Subscribe. – We got new shows every week.
– Let us know in the comments… – What we should try
and guess next. – (both) Bye!
– Hey, guys, Ethan here from the React Channel.
Be sure to follow us on Twitter and tell us what you thought
about this episode. It’ll be @fbe. Or click on the links
in the description below. Bye, guys!


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  2. This was cute! Am I the only one imagining Brittany and Anthony double dating with Caden and Madison? Also I love the commentary that Jonathan and Sharon threw out. They’re so funny!

  3. Am I the only one that thinks the episode was awkward. Especially with the partners that cooked the dish. The only one that was chill was Madison’s ¿fiancée? And Anthony seemed really shy

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  5. I have to get married for the food. being in a non monogamous relationship means i still have to be hungry all the time because you never know.

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