Cooking With Twinkies!

Cooking With Twinkies!

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another
episode of BrutalFoods. As you can tell by the title of this video,
along with my elaborate snack cake costume, today we’re going to be doing something fun,
because today we are cooking with Twinkies. Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho ho. Twinkie the Kid: This is Twinkie the Kid. Ever wonder how they get that creamy filling
into the middle of a Twinkies cake? Active Boy: First they put down the creamy
filling, then they bake the cake all around. Producer’s Son: See, they got this big tube
with all this stuff and then they just smoosh it in. Girl: It’s just born there! Twinkie the Kid: Hostess twinkies, cakes,
fruit pies, and cupcakes. Girl: “It’s just born there!” Twinkies are an American classic. They’re a golden sponge cake with a white
cream center. Pretty tasty. I haven’t had a Twinkie since before they
got pulled from shelves and then came back to shelves right after. But even though it’s been a while since I’ve
had a Twinkie, I can still picture that flavor in my mind’s eye. I can taste that flavor on my mind’s tongue. I came across the Twinkies cookbook at a Half-Priced
Books and I just knew that I had to pick it up and try out some recipes for a video, so
heeeeere we go! [VROOM] [VROOM] We’re going! Today we’re actually going to be trying out
four different recipes. Three of them are from the Twinkies cookbook,
one of them is from a movie. Some of you might know where I’m headed with
that; I’m not looking forward to it. But we’re going to start this Twinkie journey
with a recipe called ‘Pigs in a Twinkie.’ [Happy music] An Old Lady with a Mysterious Accent Played
by Ian: “My 12-year old nephew Shay created this recipe because he thought it would be
something other kids would enjoy. It’s important to make sure the sausage is
cooked thoroughly.” You just made that sound pretty delicious,
Janine O’Barr from Burbank, California. So we’re gonna make a recipe that a 12 year-old
put together. The book doesn’t even say that he likes it,
he said he thought other kids might like it. So far nobody likes this recipe that I’m aware
of. To prepare this dish we’re gonna need some
Twinkies. You can actually tell the box is already open,
I had to throw some in the freezer for an upcoming recipe. Pork sausage links, and maple syrup. And that’s it. We already know where this is headed, right? I mean clearly you’re gonna make the sausage,
stick it in a Twinkie, and then pour syrup over it. Aunt Jemima Ian: That’s what we’re gonna do. I mean, it could be worse. It’s from a chapter in the book called, “Twinkies
and Meat?” And there’s only three recipes in there, so…
my options were pretty limited. Ah, so let’s… let’s make some sausage. [Grooving jazz] [Squiiish] Since we’re making four different recipes
today, I think I’m only gonna make one of these little sausage guys for one Twinkie. I don’t need more than that right now. I’m gonna pace myself, you know, I’m gonna
be eating a lot of Twinkies today. [Jazzy jazz] Stay straight in the pan, dude. [Meat-cookin’ jazz] All right, one sausage. I really quite like these pork-sausage links. They got a really good smell, they got a really
good taste. Uh… what else – what else is there to like
about food? They look… wiener-esque? [Kitchen timer ding] So I missed the part where we’re supposed
to preheat the oven to 350. So we’re gonna have to wait just a second
while that preheats. [ding] [beard scratch] We’re supposed to drain the sausage, I kinda
didn’t. I’m just gonna dab it with a paper towel,
make it nice and not so slimy. And we need to grab a Twinkie… Ooh! They’re so tiny. I guess I remember Twinnkies being a little
bit bigger, but… eh, maybe not? [Wrapper noises] Ooooohhh. Okay, you probably know what comes next. We’re gonna cut the end off the Twinkie here… Very nice. And then we’re gonna stick [laughs] We’re gonna stick the wiener into the Twinkie-hole. [sex music] Just like this? I might have to censor this, I’m not totally
sure. Just like… that. Ju- [laughs] Just like that! Perfect! Try and get it in there a little bit better… [squish] There we go, we can even put the top back
on… Perfect! It’s like it was never opened in the first
place. And we’re gonna take our Twinkie creation
here… Uh, set it on… should I set it this way,
you think? And now we bake at 350 for 10 minutes! Which seems… kinda like a lot of time. [Hip electric guitar jazz] I actually think that this has a chance to
taste all right. I’m not too afraid of this one. There’s definitely upcoming recipes that I’m
– I’m more scared about. I think this one is gonna go all right. The breakfast sausage, you know. People put whipped cream on pancakes… I’ve been to iHop, I’ve had a silly face pancake, okay? If we weren’t putting syrup on it, it seems
like it could be a nice travel snack – you know, a nice way to keep your hands clean
so you don’t get any of that Twinkie cream or sausage juice [laughs] all over your fingers. I – This is a disaster. [Relaxing jazz] There it is. There’s our, uh… Twinkie creation. You know, if I’m being 100% honest, it [laughs]
it doesn’t smell that bad. It smells very sugary, but… you know. It’s kinda what I expected. The sausage kinda fell out of the Tw- [laughs]
the Twinkie, and it looks a bit weird around, uh, that in part there? But it still smells reaallly good. Just says serve warm with sy-rup. So here’s some SY-rup. I mean, clearly, this is gonna be just a direct
injection of sugar right into my veins, but I’m okay with that. My body might not be okay with that, but I’m
okay with that. Well, happy breakfast everybody! Uh, happy breakfast! This is gonna be… delicious. If I tell myself it’s gonna be delicious,
it’ll be delicious! It’s just like a pancake. It’s a pancake breakfast with, uh, you know. There’s a wiener in there. [Sexy sexophone] It’s a little crumbly; the edge is – the outside
is very crispy, but it kinda all just breaks apart. Uh, bottoms up – bottom’s.. bottom’s up? Eat – food – I’m gonna eat it. [Sexy saxophone] Woah! [boing] Oh my god. This is so much sugar. It’s very breakfasty, I mean honestly, the
syrup and the sausage, the flavor just dominates the Twinkie, I don’t really taste – I kinda
think the inside, you get a bit of that… sweet filling, maybe a bit of the cake, but
most of what I’m tasting here are – is the pork sausage, and the uh, maple syrup. And it’s pretty good! [Even sexier saxophone] Just wrap it in a pancake. Get the Twinkie outta here, wrap it in a pancake:
way better. I’m sure kids would love this because of,
just, the amount of sugar in there. If you’re like, “Man, my kid needs more sugar! I’m just not giving my kid enough sugar! He needs more sugar in his breakfast!” Your solution: right here. This is not even really remotely worth trying,
uh… kinda a waste of a Twinkie. Eat the sausage, syrup separately, eat the
Twinkie separately. There’s really no reason to… um… [hands] put ’em together. Combine them. To put ’em together. [Poignant jazz] Well, since that was pleasant, let’s go ahead
and get the uh… non-pleasant thing outta the way. Twinkie recipe #2 is gonna briefly take us
away from the Twinkies cookbook. As much fun as it is to look through and as
crazy and zany as you might think the Twinkie cookbook is, they all seem like pretty decent
ideas. However, there is a Twinkies creation I’ve
known about for some years now and have yet to try. Anyone familiar with the movie UHF, uh, should
know what I’m talking about. Yes, today, I’m going to be trying the infamous
Twinkie Wiener Sandwich. [Heavy bass, like a sickness] If you would like to make it along with me,
you’re gonna need some Twinkies. You’re gonna need some hot dogs. I have these Applegate Natural Uncured Beef
Hot Dogs. They got kinda a funky taste, they’re supposedly
one of the more healthier hot dog options, so these are the ones I’ve been picking up
lately. I’ve adjusted though, I like them now. If you get these though, be prepared for a
bit of a weird… bit of a funky taste. We’re gonna need Easy Cheese. Can’t say I’ve had any of this stuff since
I was young. For those of you not in the know about Easy
Cheese, it’s like a compressed cheese paste that you spray out. It’s kinda like whipped creeam, but it’s cheese. It tastes kinda how like that sounds it would. Taste. And finally, we’re gonna need milk. [Cow moos] Yum! I mean, these are four things that surely
look like they go together. I can’t way to eat them. Thanks, Weird Al! Gonna go ahead and put these back in the fridge
while we wait, and this is gonna go pretty much how it looks like it’s gonna go, I’m
gonna make the hot dog first and uh, the rest after. [Jazz with a vocal piano] You know, some of you guys don’t think that
I know how to boil water. In one of my previous videos I boiled some
water. Took a while ’cause I left the lid off the
pot. That was just to get a cool shot of the water
boiling, guys! Don’t you want to see those bubbles pop up? Isn’t that worth waiting a bit longer and
complaining about it? Huh? But really, though, thanks for the cooking
advice that you guys leave me in the comments. 90% of the time it’s something that I do need
to know, so thank you for that. All right, I’ll be back when one of these
hot dogs is done cooking, and then we can continue this… nightmare. [Scary music with ticking noises] [Sawing noises] [creaking noises] [boing] [boing] [boing] [nightmare squirting] Weird Al: Look what I got here, Bob! A Twinkie Wiener Sandwich! Your favorite! Ian: Uh, so this is… exactly what it looks
like . It is a Twinkie with a hot dog in the middle of it and Easy Cheese squirted on top. If you’ve never seen UHF before, you’re probably
wondering where the milk comes in. Uhm… You dip it. Weird Al: You gotta grab life by the lips
and YAAAAAANK as hard as you can. [oh my god he dips it.] [HE EATS IT] Apparently this is a thing that Weird Al ate
at some point voluntarily? I’ve read that he still eats it from time
to time with Tofu Dogs, I don’t think he eats real meat anymore… but either way, a disaster. I love you Weird Al, but… a disaster. I feel like the longer I wait the worse it’s
gonna be, the hot dog juices are just gonna soak into the bun. Oh my god, it’s falling right through. Okay, okay. There we go. There we go. Looking good. Looking good. I’m just gonna get it over with. Just gonna get it over with. How do I…? It won’t fit. [sigh] [GRRR] Euuuurrrrghhhh okay! Weird Al: Twinkie Wiener Sandwich! Uuuuuuhhhhhh…. No. No! I don’t have to eat more of this, right? You guys don’t want me to eat more of this,
right? You want me to move on and just – awww… I’m not eating more. Do you want to know what this tastes like? You do it! It’s a nightmare. It looks – it tastes exactly as it looks. It tastes like this. You want this? I don’t want this! [crash sfx] [applause] First thing I tasted was the hot dog and then
just immediately after that you get the sugar cream filling plus the squishy sogginess of
the bun that’s got some hot dog juice in it – the, the twinkie bun. I legitimately cannot believe that that is
a thing that someone voluntarily eats. Something someone would try? Sure. People will try anything. I just tried it. The fact that someone ate that so often and
it was such a fond food of theirs that they continued to eat it with a tofu dog after
they became vegetarian is INSANE. It’s CRAZY. I guess you could say that it’s a little… WEIRD? [Buzzer] I mean there’s a reason that that is not in
the Twinkies cookbook. There’s a reason that you’ve probably never
heard of it outside of UHF. It’s terrible. Okay, so, I gotta be honest, the Twinkie Wiener
Sandwich left me a little frazzled. That was really gross; I don’t want to do
more Twinkie stuff today. We still have two more recipes coming up. I’m gonna record those tomorrow, though; I’ll
be more refreshed, my palate will be cleansed, and uh… we’ll have more Twinkie fun… uh,
tomorrow. Which – for you guys – is gonna happen like
right now. Hey, everybody! It’s tomorrow. Did you miss me? I sure did! (?) You made a comment about my awesome headband
yet? You’re thinking about it. Even though there’s been a gap between the
first two recipes that I made and the two I’m making today, uh… I still feel very upset about that Twinkie
Wiener Sandwich. Just… vile. Just a vile creation. That just makes it more exciting that the
two things I’m making today I think are gonna be pretty good! So let’s get started! [jazz] Ogre: “My family loves chocolate and mint
together. When we make shakes, we like to thicken them
up with cakes and cookies. Twinkies just seemed to be the perfect complement
to our Grasshopper concoction.” If you’re immediately wondering what Grasshopper
is, it’s a cookie. It is a mint and fudge cookie from Keebler. Those, uh, freaky little elf dudes. [Ogre groan] They’re basically just Thin Mint knock-offs. I dunno if this came before or after the Thin
Mint, but I’m pretty sure this came after. And they’re not as good. Still pretty good. Worth picking up if you can’t, you know, hunt
down a Girl Scout. So that’s… you need some Grasshoppers for
this. Gonna need some Twinkies, of course. Gonna be using some chocolate syrup. SY-rup. Sy-rup! Milk, again. Uh, but I’m not afraid of it this time. And vanilla ice cream. Ooh! So it’s a shake. It’s a milkshake. It’s gonna be delicious. Let’s go. The actual recipe in the Twinkies cookbook
makes enough to serve 3-4 people. I’m just one guy, and I don’t even eat that
much, so I’m gonna try and make a personal size. It may end up not accurately reflecting the
recipe, but I’m gonna do my best. I’m also gonna put this stuff back – you know,
until I need it. I don’t need melted ice cream. [SMASH] Also I don’t have like a big fancy blender
or anything, I’m just gonna use my NutriBullet which is great because it’s really gonna suck
all the nutrients outta that Twinkie. Make sure I get nice and buff. Looks like first we’re supposed to blend the
Twinkies in with the milk. Drop a Twinkie in here… if I’m only doing
one Twinkie, how do I go down from 2 1/3 cups of milk? That’d be a sixth of whatever that is, right? [sleepy jazz] Gettin’ kinda flashbacks to the… y’know. Now, we just gotta blend this together. [Ferocious blending] [Squeak and pop!] Well that sure looks like, uh… milk. Cookies and syrup, blend until smooth. This is cookies. Really, I should only put one cookie in here. I’m gonna put two, because I really like… I really like cookie. PLOP. How do I need the syrup, though? Isn’t the cookie enough? Is this too much chocolate? I’m just gonna guess… I don’t really care. [farting noises] Probably fine. I’m a professional and professional chefs,
you just use your best judgement. So… I’m sure this’ll be deli- [ferocious blending] That’s lookin’ tasty. That’s lookin’ pretty chocolate milk-y. Now we just have to add the ice cream. I need an ice cream scoop. This recipe calls for three cups of vanilla
ice cream, but uh… eh? I’m gonna throw a few scoops in there until
it looks good, it’ll be fine. We’re free to make it too thick, but we can
always add a little more milk if it ends up being too thick, it’s not a problem. Now all we have to do is [BLENDING] That does not look thick enough for me. I dunno if you can see that, but uh… we’re
still pretty watery. Let me add another twinkie. Smelling really tasty. Smelling very minty. Lookin’ a little bit better. I think ideally you probably want your milkshakes
more thick than this, but I’m at least gonna give it a try before I, y’know, try to fix
it some more. [suspense] Mmmm! Well, that’s delicious. I don’t need to fix that at all. This, um… tastes a lot like Girl Scout Cookies. [Sexy, happy music] Mmmm! I can’t say I taste the Twinkie. I gotta be honest, can’t say I taste the Twinkie. That chocolate mint is really, really overpowering. But again, I kinda guessed on how much I should
put in here, so it’s possible that if you make it the way that’s in the cookbook, you’ll
taste more of the Twinkie, but I don’t mind. You could easily just market this as a Thin
Mint or Grasshopper milkshake. I don’t really get the point of the Twinkie,
but… I don’t mind it. Like, if you hand this to me I would enjoy
it, but I wouldn’t say, “Is there a Twinkie in this? Is that a Twinkie I taste?” Does mint chocolate and banana go together? For some reason I feel like throwing a banana
in here would make it extra good, but I’m not totally sure. [triumphant but relaxing music] Mmmm! I’d call that one a huge success, and with
perfect timing because it’s summer and that would be really tasty on a nice, hot day. I think you should give that one a try, honestly,
even if you don’t wanna put Twinkies in it, I don’t – oh! Even if you don’t wanna put Twinkies in it,
I think you should give the Grasshopper milkshake a try. Less of a Twinkie drink, more of a cookie
drink. But still really, really tasty. [smash] And with that, we have reached the final recipe
which just happens to be the recipe that I am most excited to make. It surprises me that I’ve never had this before
because it’s one of the most famous Twinkie recipes. But the time is now, because today we’re going
to be deep frying a Twinkie. Deep-fried Twinkies are nothing new, been
around for a while. You know, they’ve even sold – I think frozen
packaged deep-fried Twinkies, which I can’t imagine that’s anywhere near as good as actually
deep frying a Twinkie, but they sold it. And I’m excited today because I’m going to
get the real experience, so let’s get started. Obviously we’re gonna need Twinkies, we’re
gonna need oil for frying. My poor, vegetable oil bottle is a little
sad, but it’s okay. Milk. Cider vinegar? Which I’ve never heard of before. This is apple cider vinegar? I don’t know if there’s other kinds, I sure
hope that this is the right one. [words mixed together] and confectioner’s sugar. The recipe also recommends raspberry syrup
to put on top, which I picked up and then promptly remembered that I don’t like that
crap. Aside from maple syrup, if you’re just putting
syrup on a thing, that’s not really my jam. [laughs] Jam. The first thing you’re gonna wanna do is freeze
the Twinkies. I already have a few in my freezer ready to
go. Recipe recommends that you freeze it for several
hours or overnight. These have been going overnight, so I should
be good. Next thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go ahead
and preheat my oil, I’m using my mini deep fryer again, but you can use oil in a pan
if you want. Just make sure the oil is deep enough to cover
the entire Twinkie. We’re gonna heat that oil to 350. So while that’s heating up, we’re going to
make our batter. First we’re gonna combine the milk, vinegar,
and oil. Mix that together. This time I am gonna follow the amount of
stuff I’ve put in the batter. I wanna make sure I get it right, and also
I’m gonna be frying more Twinkies off-camera after I’m done. So I wanna make sure I have enough. In a smaller bowl we’re gonna combine the
flour, baking powder, and the salt. One cup flour, one teaspoon baking powder,
half a teaspoon of salt. Whisk that together real quick. We’re gonna blend ’em together, which… hopefully goes well. I was worried that the consistency, uh, is
gonna be wrong. I blend together wet and dry ingredients? I guess I’m not blending. [dinky music] Oh, that’s definitely thickening up. All right, now we got this nice smooth batter
and it’s actually looking pretty good. You know what it smells like? It smells like buttermilk. Is buttermilk milk and vinegar? Is that a thing? I’m not gonna be able to stop to read instructions
for this next part so I’m gonna make sure I got it down. Dust the Twinkies lightly with some flour,
I got some flour right here. Dip it into the batter, coat it evenly, allow
the excess batter to drip off, then we put it in the oil. Okay. I gotta get a little more organized here. Don’t – I don’t think I’m gonna use this. I’m sure I can find a use for strawberry jam
but, eh, not today. Got my frozen Twinkie, I’m gonna dust it with
flour, which I’m just now realizing that I don’t really know how to do… That’s dusted. [Rainbow sound effects!] Okay, then we’re going into the batter! Cover it, roll it around maybe a little bit? Let the excess drip off, there’s a lot of
excess. Now I’ll just shake it. Now we’re going in the oil for 45 seconds. [Ssssss] I think maybe I put too much batter on there? But I mean, batter is delicious, so, that’s
fine. Also I don’t know what you’re supposed to
use to poke stuff around in a deep fryer thing? I’ve got – I figure something metal is a good
idea? Been 45 seconds, so we’re gonna flip it…
as best as we can. So I… holy crap! Okay. Well, it’s looking big. I think maybe too much batter. I think – I dunno if the batter’s too thick? I’m not really sure, but… it’s lookin’ huge
and pretty delicious. Time is up! Let’s see what we got here. [slow jazz] It looks like a donut! Look at that donut-lookin’ thing! Now I’m gonna dust it with some confectioner’s
sugar. Still don’t quite understand the concept of
dusting. I’m assuming it’s something like… y’know,
you just wanna put… that doesn’t look… that doesn’t look right. That doesn’t look right at all! Uh… I think I’m gonna try it without the syrup
and see if it needs it, first. I’m not even really that much of a topping
guy. I like plain, basic, you know, this is complex
enough for me. All right, everybody! Time to try this creation. I’m pretty – I’m pretty jazzed about this. [Sawing noises] All right, so that’s what it looks like on
the inside. Nice, fri- it just looks like a filled…
like a cream-filled donut. I guess that’s what I should expect it to
taste like, right? [crunch] Mmmmm! Oh man! Mmmmmm! Mmmmmmmm! [fwoop] Clearly there’s a reason people are deep-frying
Twinkies. It’s golden, it’s crispy, it’s warm and soft
and mushy on the inside. [Crunch] I will say, though, that it is a LOT. You know, very… I dunno if heavy is the right word? I wouldn’t mind splitting this with someone
and just taking, honestly half of this is gonna be enough for me. It’s hard to argue with fried sugary treats,
man. That is just tasty. It definitely tastes and has that feeling
of like a carnival food. Like I said, a state faire kinda food. It’s just very – not dense, not… heavy. It like leaves an oil coating, almost, in
my mouth? Just for me, personally, I think a whole one
of these is a bit much. I don’t think my stomach can handle all of
this fried goodness all at once. I really like the batter, in fact, it makes
me want to try and dip other snack cakes in it and fry ’em just to see what else tastes
good. If you’re hosting an event and you want some
type of snack treat, this would be great. People would love this. I think it’d be great if you put it on a stick. Get some wood and sticks. Stick it on. So you don’t have to touch all the sugar and
oil. But, that was really tasty. It was delicious. I would say that it tastes as good as it looks,
and it looks pretty stinkin’ good. [Jams!] Bottom of the list is obviously the Twinkie
Wiener Sandwich. Terrible, just awful, in fact I’m gonna rank
it as #85, even though I only did four things. #3 is gonna be the Pigs in a Twinkie, tasted
pretty good, very breakfasty, but I don’t really see the need for a Twinkie, I think
replacing the Twinkie with a pancake would taste a lot better. Here’s where it gets a little tricky, because
the two things I made today were both really good, we got the Fried Twinkie, nice, crispy,
state-faire food. Then we go the Twinkie Grasshopper milkshake:
nice, cool, refreshing, it’d be great on a hot day. I loved both, but I’ve gotta give it to the
deep-fried Twinkie. In fact, I’m disqualifying the Grasshopper
shake. Disqualified. I feel like for it to be a Twinkie recipe,
the Twinkie needs to be, like, the star of the dish. Um, maybe I’m watching too much Chorped. But in the milkshake I couldn’t taste the
Twinkie, it was used to thicken up the shake, which is great, but you could swap in any
number of things to thicken up a milkshake and probably not be able to tell the difference. Not quite the Twinkie recipe in my opinion. How about you, have you tried any weird Twinkie
recipes? I mean, people are out there doing it. There’s 12 year-olds inventing Twinkie recipes. Someone out there has had to try something
else. And really, I just hope you enjoyed this video. This one was a lot of fun to film even though
it was a weird, two day event. I kinda liked the break in-between. It kept me nice and refreshed. I’ve been really enjoying making these food
videos, it’s not a direction I saw my channel heading in initially, but I’m glad so many
of you are enjoying the food ride along with me. Thank you so much for watching. I’d also like to take a moment to thank the
sponsor of this video: Skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning community
with thousands of classes in design, cooking, video production, and more. Premium membership gives you unlimited access
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