hey guys what’s going on today we are
going to be cooking some Korean food right now I’m cooking eggs
well I’m boiling them we’re gonna make some like spicy rice cake stuff and do
like a mukbang I’ve never done one before so I don’t really like know how
they go but we’re gonna cook and then eat it’s gonna be a lot of fun a few moments later whoa got the goods
okay we finished cooking and okay so I didn’t really like do the greatest job
at showing all the ingredients I put in because I stopped after the spices thank
but basically we put up and some noodles and some fish cakes and some eggs and
that’s now we have this beautiful noodle oh I want to show you guys like how good
it is by just like yeah it’s like
there’s so much in here this literally looks so good my weight is not so good
they’re really yeah it’s like really good okay so I have
stove here with me oh my gosh this looks so good before it gets cold I’m like
slobbering over here it looks so good I’m gonna grab an egg and some rice me oh so bad we gotta teach hundred his
words I look oh dang Oh let’s see is actually really good right for a
first try I know Michael what alright let’s finish
f hey did you start at the kitchen stove we shouldn’t mix those kitchen mmm yeah no you don’t like it
oh we’re gonna love this okay so hunters never have this before so you’re gonna be like blown away I’m
gonna be blown away mm-hmm all right let’s try this so we’ve
got noodles cut the lemon what are these called again rice cakes rice cake hey
doc doc doc doc doc doc it’s a heart bean bag doc one of these guys you have
to get tagged yeah not so dang right there that’s that fish the fish cake is
probably you like it my car second literally eat this whole
thing no more would have thought that I don’t
know if I can make it again I literally didn’t measure anything else I was gonna
say you didn’t measure anything so we’ll never be able to remake this it is so
good hmm are you surprised by how good it is
are you didn’t kimchi over I mean King Joey I mean I am G with it yes you don’t
have everything was very creative I had to call my mom and ask her how to cook
it cuz I thought I was cooking it wrong but turned out perfect
she gave you the best resume the key hmm I can’t believe how good it came out
I know at first that that wasn’t me too watery solo no this isn’t gonna be good little icing this is perfect then
there’s a little hint of sweetness you don’t think about it so this is real
fish it’s up there okay what does that mean nothing anybody knows yeah is it really fish I think I looked
at the greens it’s like fish paste and then something else what does that
mean Oh Brian you’re on Travis are you sit eat the food it’s like a Korean dish
what it’s a Korean dish but I thought there
was like rice cakes those rice cakes which is just like condensed rice egg
nerds like new it looks pretty good actually he’s very good yeah there’s top
that’s more than fair is it really absolutely delicious there’s chopsticks
where the forks are I think in that door okay it runs coming over to try because
he walked in on us must be infection and over there jealous good like what
oh hi oven was filming a video of them eating it it’s really spicy though it
does have a kid so what is what is this thing so that’s the rice cake is it good
yeah your own I’ll put it in the bowl for you thank you so much so basically
we combine like two dishes lime in and in stuff okey-dokey is like made with
the simple rice cake yeah yeah so normally this is need though though
though though it’s like in between but this is made with just like these rice
cakes and fish from these fish cakes but we added lemon which is the noodles is
curly nose yeah I’m sorry are just so many people
so we all fitting tough y’all who’s Ryan hello Ryan
let’s see how like I’m literally gonna finish the whole thing
fire stop these are so this is so good I have broken chopsticks everybody’s
looking at me the whole world is looking at you those look-alike spit it out like oh my
gosh this is that’s pretty good pretty good
that’s pretty good it’s delicious you know it’s just it’s just the right level
spicy right do you not like spicy you know I love spicy cuz that will be power
this way I’m into this oh my gosh why he’s getting fish this is
called not poking the whole thing yeah we’re doing the mock thing when you
don’t I didn’t know what mukbang mother thought of the dish we were eating in my
finger right now do cardio and try it everybody so far has only second thing
contract you love this stuff you love dogs cutter I’m tapping out
taking spot Clark will eat the whole thing I’m only
anyone of this but you don’t have a literally finished
welcome Carter a little bit whoa and then Hunter scallion thing is when you
yeah yeah well that’s that okay my chocolates are so broken I can actually
do it right everybody let me they’re broken Christ
how’d you break them I packed like this they’re too strong
yeah oh wow it’s spices like the perfect little spice I said that’s what
everything it’s just you wanted a similar name everything you’re the thief
see I told you no ignoring I don’t feel like this yeah it’s a bit you can try
it’s not beautiful it’s you it’s like there’s big barbecue look at court is
literally gonna crush the holy little down when it was a bad idea for you
always you always like well beat these two Hannah heads
they were crushing her I didn’t run over yes that was like Italy’s night and like
many cameras oh are you try the fish thing no does it
actually made a fish we don’t know this fish page so that it’s gotta be made if
it’s not is we don’t know what their speak as me enough fish paste it is fish
paste but what’s dish piece this is much stuffed fish that was called ok transit
what is this called this not booky booky yeah ok next time we should do chopped I
get it no I don’t think I can I don’t like definitely hunter will I get I do
know I miss Carter like this cuz he likes measure the rescues like this like
the water I can do which is the residue it’s the right you say how do you like
that that spice is something else yeah and then like you it’s so yummy and you
just ignore the spice I know this she’s like a little subpar still still
crushing over what are we cooking next time I don’t know but I don’t know I
don’t know what’s gonna top this I mean there’s a lot of stuff you know there’s
gonna be so many other statements saying that’s on the beam that forget him yeah
but we need better kimchi with that oh yeah look at her last little bit
it was delicious I wish there was more Lamia yeah who is
the problem no 73 today’s video was a success because we ended up making a
really yummy meal and everybody ate it and it was really really really good so
thank you so much

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