Comprehensive Ketogenic Diet Food List

Comprehensive Ketogenic Diet Food List

Comprehensive ketogenic diet food list Kaito protein sources meat fish and eggs Grass-fed organic beef try to avoid grain-fed and hormone injected etc Chicken free-range organic if you can Pork in moderation a lot of people refer to this as a bacon diet Yes You can have bacon but the nitrites and other Preservatives are not healthy Try to find uncured bacon or purchase local from a butcher and avoid the cheap factory farmed garbage in the supermarket’s Pork is also higher in inflammatory Omega-6 and often contains starches fish in moderation fish is good wild-caught Avoid factory farmed fish as it tends to have high mercury content which can cause toxicity acceptable varieties include tuna mackerel halibut salmon Cod catfish trout Shellfish again pay attention to where it is sourced and eat in moderation oysters clams crab mussels lobster shrimp lamb turkey wild game eggs chicken and duck Cato dairy foods Dairy is allowed on the Cato diet You should only use full fat products and avoid skin Partially skin as those products will have more sugar and higher carb counts whole milk organic Only most milk is loaded with hormones Heavy cream cream cheese full fat whole milk. Mozzarella Aged cheese’s like swiss grass-fed butter full fat cottage cheese full fat plain Greek yogurt Most commercial brands are loaded with sugars and are not acceptable consider home made sour cream full fat ghee half-and-half in moderation check labels dairy alternatives coconut milk almond milk hazelnut milk cashew milk Friendly vegetables carbs from vegetables are counted NAT You subtract the fiber content from the total carb count to get your actual carbs Vegetables are good for you. So don’t fear veggie carbs That being said you need to avoid starchy vegetables that are high on the glycemic index Potatoes carrots peas and stick to those on this list all leafy greens spinach Lettuce cabbage, etc. Kale Brussels sprouts asparagus green beans kohlrabi radishes celery cucumber zucchini courgette eggplant avocado onions moderation peppers moderation mushrooms bok choy snow peas cauliflower broccoli daikon Olives Cato friendly fruits fruits are loaded with sugar Yes, they contain many nutrients They are nature’s candy after all but you can get all the same Nutrients from vegetables and should only use the fruits on this list very sparingly Some fruits that have an immense glycemic load like bananas for example need to be eliminated altogether It is highly recommended to not use fruit at all until you are fully fat adapted Usually a month or more into the Cato way of eating enjoy fresh only and in moderation blackberries blueberries strawberries raspberries cherries lemon the juice squeezed in water lime cantaloupe Beaches nuts and seeds nuts and seeds are very Cato friendly But some are better than others when it comes to carb count and glycemic load They are calorie dense high in fat and can be used to provide satiety But should be used in moderation if you are trying to lose weight It can be very easy to overdo a good thing with nuts and seeds almonds macadamia nuts pecans walnuts flaxseeds hazelnuts pine nuts hemp seeds Sunflower seeds peanuts plain not honey roasted, etc Cashews extreme moderation. These are the highest in carbs. Chia seeds sesame seeds pistachios Sweeteners and substitutes, as you know, sugar and grains are a huge no on the Cato way of eating grains and sugars lead to insulin resistance And a host of other problems that keep people fat carb addicted and struggling with weight loss eliminating these foods can seem daunting at first Although ideally you want to get away from the taste for sweet at first you are looking for progress not perfection That being said there is a great deal of debate over the use of sweeteners Many of which are chemical Laden and not good for you others like molto dextran Despite having zero calories create a higher insulin response in the body than regular sugar You definitely don’t want that So be sure that any sweeteners you choose to use are not blended with it many products. Stevia in the raw For example blend this nasty molteau dextran with the stevia for cheap filler Stick to the following Cato approved sweeteners and flour substitutes and use in moderation For more information on the glycemic response of sweeteners Stick to those that are zero for best results. Check out this comprehensive guide Flowers and baking goods. Are you a bread addict? I was I Understand the struggle. There are some ways to make Cato breads and desserts and they are great in moderation The goal is to rid oneself of addictive behaviors and not to simply replace old habits That being said I do enjoy making Cato biscuits and breads at times and it’s a great way to scratch that It’s without breaking protocol avoid gluten-free flour blends They are loaded with carbs almond flour meal a staple with great texture Coconut flour absorbs a lot of moisture as a cornbread Of texture when baked ground flax can also be used as an egg substitute Psyllium husk powder oat fiber not to be confused with oat bran Completely insoluble fiber adds good texture and flavor and is high in fiber unsweetened cocoa powder or unsweetened baker’s chocolate Be very careful with these products as they can be easy to overdo condiments and extras Condiments and extras can really jazz up any dish It is very important to learn to read labels so that you can avoid added sugars corn syrup at cetera Look for a zero carb and look for high quality ingredients or learn to make your own That being said there are many extras. You can pick up and enjoy from the store Olives pickles dill not sweet or bread and butter etc. Read labels Mayonnaise homemade is best without the low quality oils of most commercial brands mustard apple cider vinegar olive oil coconut MCT oil avocado oil Most cream based dressings ranch Caesar, etc. Check labels hot sauce salsa without sugar added sugar-free ketchup in moderation read labels non with corn syrup or sugar sugar free barbecue sauce This is my current staple list and will likely change and grow over time because I’m sure there are a few things I’ve forgotten with this variety of good foods it’s possible to create amazing meals that everyone will love I avoid mentioning that I’m Kato to people who I don’t really Want to have a debate with and they still love my food and recipes I hope if you found that nothing else works for you that you’ll give low carb or kado a try It is a healing way of eating for many people progress photo The first picture is my son and I at our heaviest he was on homecoming court his junior year. I Started Cato on May 24th at about this weight My son joined me in June to drop some pounds for senior year and to feel better The middle picture is his birthday on July 31st The third picture is us on September 2nd And we’re still going he lost over 30 pounds from June to September and I lost 22 pounds in my first 100 days My Kato journey here is a bit about my experience so far with the Kato diet Initially, I started doing intermittent fasting in March 2017 Barrowman oops, some health issues and stress caused me to pack on 50 extra pounds over the past few years I was depressed feeling hopeless and constantly feeling ill and tired I read about intermittent fasting Helping to ease conditions like insulin resistance and started initially just doing that. I ate for eight hours out of the day Fasting for 16 this started the healing process I noticed that my hiatal hernia wasn’t causing me pain Reflux was greatly reduced and I was less dependent on caffeine to get through the day But the weight was resistant and I still dealt with strong mood swings hot flashes high blood pressure and other issues I only lost seven pounds while counting calories and obsessing over food I began to feel overwhelmed again And so I decided to challenge myself to overcome my carb addiction once and for all from March to May I lost seven pounds which is respectable But I was still feeling bad and thinking about having another 50 to go made me feel Overwhelmed feeling overwhelmed when you are a carb addict and stress eater is a recipe for disaster So I decided to challenge myself to overcome my carb addiction and get my butt in gear once and for all I’ve suspected for many years that gluten and sugar were problematic for me I’d cut them for a bit feel good, but gradually they’d worm their way back into my daily life Setting me back up for the binge stress eating This never-ending cycle resulted in spikes and crashes an insulin which created insulin resistance Pre-diabetes and the myriad of other health problems on my rise to obesity On May 24th of this year 2017 I added a 100 day Kato challenge to my already established intermittent fasting if Protocol the results have been nothing short of miraculous My life has changed in so many ways that I struggle to find words for it all the obsessing Counting running and other stuff. I hated never gave me the health benefits and weight loss results I am gaining while on Cato never in my wildest dreams. Did I think my body could heal this quickly? I recently finished this challenge and I am now dedicated to low-carb for life here is what has happened in only 100 days my blood pressure is consistently normal and often lower than when I was a runner no more hot flashes I am no longer on medication for GERD hernia issues I am no longer insulin resistant My IBS C is under control, no meds. No pain, no bloating. No discomfort I have all day energy without constant caffeine My anxiety has dropped from an 8 out of 10 to a 2 or less every day my son’s too He’s a new person confident. No attention problems, etc. I feel ambitious Energetic and adventurous no more sad sack couch potato here I get things done every day now and feel accomplished. My brain is fog free I don’t walk into rooms constantly and forget why I am able to get focused and maintain it My asthma has improved by 80% I haven’t taken an allergy pill in 45 days the pleasant side effect I have lost 22 pounds in 100 days as a paramedical woman and 7 inches off of my belly 6 inches off my hips and I no longer have a double chin No joint pain or other aches and pains due to chronic inflammation No more migraines headaches. I have not taken an OTC painkiller in 50 days And I used to eat them daily for my assorted aches and pains I feel more energetic and frisky than I did in my 20s and 30s, even when I was thin and thought I was healthy before


  1. Finish Ketogenic Diet Food List.

    Keto Protein Sources Meat, Fish and Eggs

    Grass Fed or Organic Beef (attempt to keep up a vital separation from grain supported and hormone imbued et cetera)

    Chicken (unfenced or normal if you can)

    Pork (with some limitation) * numerous people suggest this as a "bacon eat less carbs" – yes, you can have bacon, anyway nitrites and diverse added substances are not gainful. Endeavor to find uncured bacon or purchase neighborhood from a butcher and avoid the disgraceful generation line developed garbage in the supermarkets. Pork is moreover higher in ignitable Omega 6 and frequently contains starches.

    Fish (with some restriction) Fish is awesome wild got. Avoid producing plant developed fish as it tends to have high mercury content which can cause threat. Tasteful groupings include:








    Shellfish (yet again, center around where it is sourced and eat with some restriction)









    Wild Game.

    Eggs (chicken and duck).

    Keto Dairy Foods.

    Dairy is allowed on the Keto swear off nourishment. You should simply use full fat things and avoid skim, not completely skim as those things will have more sugar and higher carb checks.

    *Whole Milk (Organic simply most deplete is stacked with hormones).

    *Heavy Cream.

    *Cream Cheese (full fat).

    *Whole Milk Mozzarella.

    *Aged Cheeses (like Swiss)

    *Grass Fed Butter.

    *Full Fat Cottage Cheese.

    *Full Fat Plain Greek Yogurt (most business brands are stacked with sugars and are not acceptable, *consider hand made).

    *Sour Cream (full fat).


    *Half and Half with some limitation (check marks).

    Dairy Alternatives:.

    Coconut Milk..

    Almond Milk.

    Hazelnut Milk.

    Cashew Milk.

    Keto Friendly Vegetables:.

    Carbs from vegetables are counted "net" you subtract the fiber content from the total carb check to get your genuine carbs. Vegetables are valuable for you so don't fear veggie carbs. That being said you need to keep up a key separation from flat vegetables that are high on the glycemic record (potatoes, carrots, peas) and cling to those on this once-over.

    Each verdant green (spinach, lettuce, cabbage et cetera.).


    Brussels Sprouts.


    Green Beans.





    Zucchini (courgette).



    Onions (control).

    Peppers (control).


    Bok Choy.

    Vacation day.





    Keto Friendly Fruits:.

    Characteristic items are stacked with sugar. For sure, they contain various supplements – they are nature's treat everything considered, yet you can get every single comparable supplement from vegetables and should simply use the natural items on this summary sparingly.

    A couple of natural items that have a huge glycemic stack like bananas for example ought to be executed all together. It is exceedingly recommended to not use natural item at all until the point when the moment that you are totally fat balanced (generally speaking multi month or more into the keto strategy for eating)

    Acknowledge new only and with some limitation:.





    Organic products.

    Lemon (the juice squeezed in water).




    Nuts and Seeds.:.

    Nuts and seeds are incredibly keto genial, yet some are better than anything others with respect to carb check and glycemic stack. They are calorie thick, high in fat and can be used to give satiety, anyway should be used as a piece of adjust in case you are trying to shed pounds. It can be anything other than hard to overstate something worth being grateful for with nuts and seeds!


    Macadamia Nuts.



    Flax Seeds.


    Pine Nuts..

    Hemp Seeds.

    Sunflower Seeds.

    Peanuts (plain not nectar seared et cetera).

    Cashews (uncommon adjust these are the most important in carbs).

    Chia Seeds..

    Sesame Seeds.


    Sweeteners and Substitutes:

    As you most likely know, sugar and grains are a colossal NO on the keto technique for eating. Grains and sugars incite insulin deterrent and an extensive gathering of various issues that keep people fat, carb subordinate and fighting with weight decrease. Getting rid of these sustenances can give off an impression of being overpowering at first. Though ideally you have to make tracks in a contrary heading from the longing for "sweet", at in the first place, you are scanning for progress not perfection.

    That being said there is a considerable measure of prudent discourse over the usage of sweeteners, colossal quantities of which are mixture stacked and not bravo.

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