1. Please make more of these! The microwave recipes are so good for people who are new to cooking and are overwhelmed by most meal prep and planning recipes.

  2. Healthy… Pieces of bacon in the thumbnail. Mmm class 1 carcinogens and contaminated with antibiotics/ hormones, cholesterol etc. Meat and healthy don't go in the same sentence

  3. Love this series! I’m excited about the oatmeal. Never thought about adding an egg. I have to have healthy meals for work and I HATE grilling my vegetables then re-warming them (yuck)! I may try to cook them in the microwave instead.

  4. YES. I am in the military myself and have access to a rice cooker and the microwave. These recipes keep me from eating rice every single meal. Fuck the haters I love this series

  5. I love this !! I'm in the Military living away from my family and all I have is a microwave to cook in, and this is the best resource I've found on how to make great food! Thank you so much for the awesome healthy ideas!

  6. You mention military and hear I am in my PPV laughing because it's TRUE. All I have for a "kitchen" is a microwave, and two hot plates. You're a lifesaver!!!

  7. Man I hope this video isn't too old for a reply but any chance if you know using a dairy-free yogurt alternative works for mac n cheese recipes, microwaved or stove top? I don't mind cheese but throw in yogurt and I'll be hunched over for two hours.

  8. I’m here because I’m looking for videos for my husband who is military stationed in Spain. Thanks for the ideas! I’ll send him this link.

  9. college is about being broke.you dont have coconut oil,almond milk,blueberries,almond butter,cheddar,mozarella,raw meat,definitely not flour,coconut sugar and so on
    if you have been a regular student in your entire life,then i am president trump

  10. I have watched a couple of your videos now, and I must say that looking at how you presented the food at the end, you would not even think that this came from a microwave, the food looked like it had been done by a pro chef.

  11. OMG! Living alone, working full-time and going to school had taken majority of my time out of the kitchen. I'm so glad I came across this channel. Thx for sharing. I'm a new follower.

  12. Will definitely be trying out that peanut sauce & cooking the chicken in my toaster oven or microwave. Tried frying chicken breast with minimal fat on my stove and dried it out. Your idea is better.

  13. Hey man what’s up? I just wanna say your a god damn genius. I’m in high school right now and I’m looking for easy low sugar, carb, and calorie easy recipes and these are great. Probably gonna make the stuffed bell peppers now 🤤

  14. Yummy. Tried the stuffed bell pepper for lunch and it was delicious. I threw in some chopped spinach, spring onion, fresh spanish chilies and topped with yoghurt and salsa sauce

  15. Although you can pick up radiation measurements from the microwave, the radiation of wich you are getting does not cause cancer, since its wave lenght is categorized as "microwave" and not "alpha, beta, gamma, x-ray…". MICROWAVED FOOD IS NOT UNHEALTHY. The only thing this device does is heat up water molecules.

  16. Great Video! My Son is going to College and I want to show him your video in hopes that he doesn't starve LOL

  17. Great video. Just a bit taken back that raw meat can cook in 2-3 minutes (i.e. turkey burger, ground beef and chicken)… I'm a truck driver so these recipes will come in handy. Im gonna try them.

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