Collateral Beauty Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Will Smith Movie

Collateral Beauty Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Will Smith Movie

We’re here to connect. Love. Time. Death. Now, these three things connect every… …single… …human being on Earth. We long for love. We wish we had more time. And we fear death. Did you lose a child, Howard? Howard is a brilliant, creative, charismatic guy who used to love life. Right now, he hates it. I try to talk to him. I try to reach him. And… He’s not there. I miss him. He writes letters. Who are they to? Howard doesn’t write letters to people. He writes… To things. Time. Love. Death. Kids write letters to Santa Claus, that doesn’t mean they’re crazy. No, this is… Therapeutic. Who did you write the letter to? I wrote the letter to Death. Nice to meet you. Charmed, I’m sure. Nope. People write letters to the universe all the time. Most don’t get a personal response. But you are. I don’t want this. I’m Time. I’m a gift. And you’re wasting it. You gonna think I’m crazy, but I’m having… Conversations. I am Love. Don’t try and live without me, Howard. I saw you in her eyes when she called me Daddy! And you betrayed me! I’m the reason for everything! If you can accept that, then maybe you get to live again. He’s reaching out to the cosmos for answers. There’s so much more at stake here than you even understand. You’ve been given a gift. This profound… …connection… …to everything. Just look for it. And I promise you… It’s there. The collateral beauty.


  1. Everyone is saying the trailer is a lie, and while it is a bit misleading to the plot, that does not take away the fact that this is a beautiful complex movie. when you watch the beginning it makes you think you will know how it ends but then are all these surprising twist and turns that leave you in an emotional wreck, ❤️ I highly recommend this movie to everyone. And to those who say it's complicated it's supposed to be like that, it wants you to see the collateral beauty

  2. Personally, I loved this movie…though, I could've done without the twist ending. (Without wanting to give away and spoilers) I am referring to who the hired actors, ended up being. It seemed like a cop-out, and/or a cheap way of catching people off guard. Despite the fact the movie would've been better, without that twist (in my opinion) I still felt this was a well done movie – with great actors – that had me tearing up through it, in its entirety.

    That all being said… short of that one cheap twist – I can't understand why this movie received such negative reviews…


  3. I was truly shocked when I saw the terrible reviews and comments the movie received. I loved it; it was an amazing concept done so beautifully. And man, is Will Smith an amazing actor. The terrible reception this movie received made me realize that as a creator, you can create something beautiful and the world may just not like it…a lot of how well a movie does is actually based on luck…I'm an author so I know the feeling when you put your heart and soul in something and not everyone appreciates it or gets it…oh well, at least some people liked it and got it…

  4. I literally cried throughout the entire movie… weird that so many people here missed the point and all they do is complain about the trailer. It was beautiful and complex and Will Smith was brilliant ❤✌

  5. Srsly dont u people get the actual plot of the movie or does everyone considers this as a clickbait

    dont u get that the actors were actually time , love , death that came as humans and sorted his , his friends and his wife's life

    to me it was really wonderful and amazing.

  6. This film is a nwe take on the christmas carol.very good but didn't get how he did know his wife.the actirs were angels sent to help will smiths character,like Scroge.

  7. Wasn't a bad movie, quality acting from Will Smith. Alot of the movie fails because poor marketing, poor writing and a script that tries to do too much 6/10

  8. I love this movie, it was well-written and well-acted. For people who said that this trailer is nothing like the actual plot, I suggest to watch the movie once more.

  9. The end of the movie is really good!!! Really really good! With some really good twists!! I really wasn't expected any of it! (Thank you HBO!) I would never watch this movie because I thought It would be boring XD, turns out, this movie has all genres that I love!

  10. The end of the movie is really good!!! Really really good! With some really good twists!! I really wasn't expected any of it! (Thank you HBO!) I would never watch this movie because I thought It would be boring XD, turns out, this movie has all genres that I love!

  11. I guess im the only one who actually loves this movie, especially because of what the movie about. I am concerned if you hate this movie.

  12. Great job 👍👍

    Can you have a quick response to our video and also let me know what you would think as I do think you could have an eye for it

  13. That is a very beautiful movie! I want to watch it. I knew Lily Hevesh, Nathan Heck and Shane O' Brien were there!

  14. I was kinda looking forward to this movie when I saw the trailer. I mean, how cool would it be to actually talk to the embodiments of Death, Time, and Love, to get a better understanding of each concept? But then when I saw the end result, I was pissed.

  15. Can we take a moment to realise how dumb people can actually be in the comment sections? DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM.THIS IS A GREAT MOVIE! WATCH FOR YOURSELF.

  16. Those actors are so good, they make me belive that they were not acting. Good to see norton again no need of gun, racing noisey cars, To make a good movie, sorry for my english.

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  18. Sometimes trailers are so amazing. Like, there are mere spark, the rest happens in our heads. This is one of them.

  19. Imagine a group of friends watching this movie expecting nothing but ended up with drenched clothes,sobbing…

    That was us by the way…deym -_-

    P.s Real men cry…

  20. This is a very heartful movie. Love, death and time are around us everyday. Collateral islam they called it hikmah..qada' and qadr.. one of the six pillars of faith in islam.

  21. Hi guys…. you probably recognize me… I;m the one who leaves a lot of negative comments in a lot of the movie trailer comments section… I'm not easily pleased! Well sorry to disappoint but I have absolutely NOTHING negative to say about this movie. It is everything a good film (A brilliant film) should be. What an absolute joy!

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