Colitis Symptoms – Six Natural Remedies To Alleviate Symptoms Of Colitis

Colitis Symptoms – Six Natural Remedies To Alleviate Symptoms Of Colitis

Six natural remedies to alleviate symptoms
of colitis. Do you know that carrot is the most effective
natural remedy for colitis? Ginseng, rich in dietary fiber and anti-inflammatory substances,
relieves pain, and it is effective in improving frail constitution and restoring fatigue.
Let’s take a closer look at this video! Colitis is a disease in which inflammation
occurs from the large intestine to the rectum. In the lower part of the intestine, inflammation
occurs in the mucous membranes of the large intestine, peeling of the mucosa and ulceration
can cause intestinal pain and diarrhea. Colitis is an inducible disease whose symptoms
can not be caught, but because it is easy to chronize and recur, many patients are seeking
medical care for complete recovery. At least 60% of patients with colitis are
females, most of them in their 40s. Although the obvious cause is not clarified,
experts speculate that eating habits, genetics, side effects of medicines, etc. Here’s a good news for people who suffer from
colitis! There are several natural remedies that alleviate
the symptoms of colitis, so you can prevent complications by relieving symptoms by taking
advantage of these natural remedies. In this video we will introduce six natural
remedies to ease symptoms of colitis. Natural Yogurt: Yogurt is the best natural remedy for colitis. Lactic acid bacteria contained in yogurt prepares
the intestinal environment and normalizes the pH value. Yoghurt also produces lactic
acid in the intestines, which is the substance that exerts the greatest effect in releasing
harmful substances inhabiting the intestine . It also has the effect of strengthening the
immune system, so it prevents infectious diseases and so on. How to use: Please eat 1 cup of natural yogurt daily .
Please go smoothies with fruits and vegetables. 2. Potatoe’s juice:
Potato is an alkaline food, it exerts its effect on ulcerative colitis and diarrhea
. Potatoes containing starch and natural dietary
fiber improve the intestinal function and control pain in the large intestine. It relieves pain in the abdomen, alleviating
gas and stomach acid etc. How to use: If you lose the raw potato, put it in a monkey
for draining. Let’s drink this raw juice 2-3 times a day. 3. Rice water: Rice water is a probiotic therapy that has
the effect of normalizing the pH value in the intestine . Rice water starch reduces colon inflammation
. Increase healthy bacteria in the intestines and alleviate symptoms such as dyspepsia and
gas. 4. Flux Seed Water: Flux seed contains natural dietary fiber,
a nutrient that eliminates various problems in the intestines. In addition, because it contains abundant
fatty acids and antioxidants in the body , it reduces inflammation and exerts its maximum
effect on the emission of harmful substances in the body. Material: 1 tablespoon flux seed,
1 cup of water, How to use: Place 1 tbsp of flux seed in a glass of water
and leave it overnight. When it gets gelatinous the next day, drink
it as it is or with a strainer. Please drink every day until symptoms improve.
. 5. Carrot: Ginseng is a food rich in dietary fiber and
anti- inflammatory substances, which alleviates symptoms such as pain in the intestines. It also contains probiotics effective for
fungus protecting the colon . It also has a role to prevent diarrhea and vomiting from
becoming chronic. How to use: I will make a carrot juice with a juicer.
It is also recommended to boil and soften carrots and make it puree (do not add salt).
When taken once a day, it relieves symptoms of colitis. 6. Banana:
Banana contains dietary fiber called pectin. When pectin is absorbed in the intestine,
it keeps the balance of pH value to alleviate constipation and diarrhea. It is said that it is one of the most effective
naturopathy for colitis because it contains abundant magnesium and potassium that keep
the pH value in the body normal . Material: One ripe banana,
1 teaspoon honey, How to use: Please crush the banana and mix with honey
and eat it. Smoothie or a small amount of bananas to eat
all day little by little. Are you suffering from colitis? Please find something that fits yourself from
among the natural remedies we introduced this time, and ease the symptoms of colitis.


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