Chocolate Pasta Recipe

Chocolate Pasta Recipe

– Hey everyone, it’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. Today, we are attempting
to make chocolate pasta. Hopefully you’ve just
seen it on the screen now. I wanna thank Elizabeth Rossiter for sending this request via Twitter. Elizabeth’s been a fan of the channel for a very long time. And, I see her, just
like I see lots of you. And, there’s also a little shoutout to Elizabeth, thanks mate. So, I saw this and I’m
like, I wanna try it. Chocolate pasta. And, it’s exactly what
you think it’s gonna be. It is pasta with chocolate in it. We’re gonna put cocoa powder in the pasta. And, (trumpeting) I actually
need my pasta machine. We’re gonna do it properly, all right? So, I’m gonna do my own
little spin on the recipe that I was sent, because
they used all purpose flour. I’m gonna go for the double zero flour, the real proper pasta flour. I might regret that, I might. But, we’re hopefully gonna finish it with some pistachios and raspberries. And, a peanut butter cream. So, maybe like a Snickers vibe going on. But, you guys have already seen a preview if this has worked, let’s get going. And, of course all the steps are on my website When I looked into it, you can actually buy
packs of chocolate pasta. But nope, we are doing it from scratch. I’m excited. It’s a bit of a dull day outside. So, it’s a perfect day
to experiment with this. Let’s go for it. All right, I have just
weighed out some icing sugar, a small amount of that, and a
small amount of cocoa powder, and then this is the 00 pasta flour. Really super fine stuff. So, we need to pass this
through a sieve into a bowl. Yup, just like this. Left with any big lumps? Sometimes you get that with cocoa powder. It’s quite delicate,
they look like big butch chocolate boulders, but if
you push them through, yeah. That looks really cool. Oh, in the last video, the vegan lasagna, I intentionally put a little
bit of flour on my ear. I haven’t seen the comments on it yet, but I’m sure that would’ve
annoyed some of you. It’s always good to have a
talking point in your videos. Don’t you think? All right, so just made a
little canyon, aka a well, in the middle of me floury bits. That’s the technical term, floury bits. Bit of salt apparently. Drop of vanilla apparently,
it’s about a teaspoon. Notice how I’m saying the
word apparently, apparently. Whoa. (laughing) That reminded me of a
talcum powder bottom. This is gonna be one
tablespoon of chocolate syrup. All right, and now into there, is my beaten eggs, this
is three beaten eggs. And then, we just start to
bring it together with the fork. Sort of lifting the flour in,
and mingling it all around. I actually do want to do
a homemade pasta series. I’ve got bread making, pasta, and actually English roast dinners. These are the next sort of bulk ones. We’re doing vegan at the moment, which I’m absolutely loving. One thing I’m mulling over, is actually doing them at the same time. So, you’ve got vegan one day, maybe like a freestyle
request day for you guys, and then a separate sort of playlist sort of thing, like this. I really get the idea of making pasta, I think it’s really cool. Homemade ravioli. There’s a recipe in my second cookbook for ravioli, which is absolutely insane. If anything it might need
a little bit more water. All right, so this is cold tap water. Here, that’s actually starting to come, it’s a little bit floury still. We’ll add a little bit more. This will do. Big old chocolate slab. Doesn’t look too smooth
right now, does it? But, we need to knead. I’ve gotta be honest, it’s a
little bit of a sticky lump. But, I’ve got a floured surface, a bit more of this 00 flour. And, I’m just gonna knead it. It feels, if I can describe it to you, ’cause obviously you’re
not feeling it right now. ♪ I feel it in my fingers ♪ Feeling a little bit rough, like sand. But, as I’m kneading it right now, I can feel that I’m driving
that smoothness into it. Kind of like when you’re making a pizza base or something like that. So, I am gonna do this for a good sort of five, maybe 10 minutes. Depends how cheeky I’m
feeling, doesn’t it? But, it’s not very sticky,
so I’m feeling confident to get both my hands on, which
I’m gonna regret in a minute ’cause I won’t be able
to turn the camera off. Flour it down so if it
does start to get sticky, add a bit more on. But, we’re really trying to
get that smoothness in there. This looks like quite a
big truffle, doesn’t it? And, now I have a sudden urge
to wanna make a giant truffle. In other news, look, it’s done. It’s nice and smooth. We wrap it. Our dough is now wrapped, looking
like a big old fat cookie. All right, so just a little floured area. All right, so, that is one quarter of it. And, you can see how much stronger that is after being in the fridge. It’s got a bit of tension in it. Ooh yeah. So, we’ll just get a rolling pin and make it into a sort
of rectangular shape. Nothing too crazy just now. But, your pasta machine’s got loads of different settings on it. So, number one is the widest,
right down to number 10. As we wind it through, we’ll lower the numbers
down to get it thin. And, the recipe suggests
to get it to only five, so it’s still got a little
bit of thickness on it. Right, so that is on the widest setting. I’ve not used this very often, so I don’t know if I’m gonna roll it and the pasta’s gonna go this way. But, I’ve got a board there to hopefully catch it or feed it through if I need to. Okay. Oh yeah. This is going well so far. And why am I taking my arm with it? There you go. Looks like a little
brown tongue, doesn’t it? It does feel a little
bit wet still, so anyhow. Next number down. So, there we go. I’m just gonna repeat that
down to number five on there. And then, we’ll see what we’re left with. It’s gonna get bigger. I’ve got the pressure
of Al Dante watching me. What I am actually
doing, is once I do one, I fold it over, and
then turn it 90 degrees, and put it through again. You could just go old school
and do it with a rolling pin if you want as well, if you
haven’t got a pasta machine. Whoa. Yes, look at that. I probably could’ve done this step with a like a pizza wheel or something. They look like little
rows of chocolate bacon. But, what I’m doing, is
once I’ve rolled them out, I’m just, I’ve lightly
dusted it underneath. They’ve got a bit of flour on anyway. And, obviously, the Silpat, or
baking parchment is nonstick. This is perfect for it. So, I’m just gonna make some more pasta. Right guys? This is a pound of water that I’m just bringing
up to a steady simmer. Once it’s there, the pasta will go in, and actually cook in
three or four minutes. This pan, we’re gonna make our sauce. So, it’s not on the heat just yet ’cause it will warm up very quickly. This is a pop of double
cream, about 200 mils. I’ve gone for some smooth peanut butter. Obviously, if you go for crunchy that might give it a hidden texture. But, we’re gonna finish
it with pistachios, so. (laughing) How do you
get this off the spoon? There we go, nice. So, about half a tub. So, 200 mils of cream, and about
200 grammes of peanut butter. Now you’re wondering, why didn’t
you get another spoon out. That’s because you, where
the tripod is right now, is in the way of the drawer. So, I should’ve thought about that before I pressed record, shouldn’t I? So, all I’ve done with that peanut butter, this has actually been
about four minutes later on the heat, it has broken down. The heat from the cream has turned it into this sort of nutty,
sort of speckled cream. And it’s gonna be gorgeous. I was gonna get some Reece’s
peanut butter spread, ’cause that’s obviously
very similar tasting, but the colour of it was chocolate. I wanted something that would just pop that contrast between
the pasta and the sauce. So, hopefully this will do that. I think we’re there. That is smooth. Scraping the bottoms and it’s clear. I’ll take it off the heat, and we’ll just leave that
to stay warm in the pan. Okay, we’re getting close
to adding the pasta. We’re just gonna hit that boil, and keep it on a steady simmer. And we’ll chuck it in. All right, here we go. (clicking) Okay. I was worried it might bunch together. And, I’ve been delicately
just trying to separate it. But, it’s actually fine. And, it has floated to the top, which generally means it’s done. It has been three minutes. But, I’m gonna give it just
a couple minutes longer. Okay, that has been five minutes. I’ve just turned the heat down ’cause it’s starting to get
a bit of a strong simmer on. And, look, it just looks strong. See this? I think it’s done folks. I’m gonna test this one off camera. And it should be good. Just cut it in half. Oh my gosh, yup that is done. It’s just al dente. So, with the other ones in the pan, we better move quick. Al dente pun. (splashing) Ooh yes. I might regret this. But, I’m gonna add the sauce, oh my gosh. I’m adding the pasta, and I’m delicately just gonna stir that
cream sauce around it. Okay. All right, that’s cool. I don’t wanna stir it anymore,
I don’t wanna break it. Let’s serve it up. (laughing) This is so strange. There’s still a few pieces in there, but that will do. Gonna grate some white chocolate on it. (scraping) Is it me, or is it suddenly looking really, really appetising? Gonna grate some milk chocolate on it. I totally wanna experiment
with this so much more. Oh my gosh. If I ever had a restaurant,
this would be in it. Actually, would really
like to have a restaurant. My restaurant where I
film it there as well. Get a nice dollop of creme fresh on there. A couple of raspberries. Oh, this is so weird. And, just a few pistachios. Yeah, pistachios. This looks blooming amazing. Elizabeth, you’re one of my best mates in an internet sense, all right? Nice one. I love how the heat of it has actually made the chocolate gratings
sort of melt into the pasta. Oh. (laughing) I don’t know how to eat this. I’m just gonna go like this. It’s all about that isn’t it, surely. Oh my gosh. I was in the zone, like trying
to summarise how it tastes. It’s just such a fusion, and
confused medley of flavours. The pasta itself is actually quite bland. You get a bit of a chocolate kick, but it’s the sauce that really does it. And, I think next time, I’d probably do something like salted caramel with it. I think it needs a little salty kick. You’re getting the peanut butter vibes. If you like Snickers that’s good. Then you’ve got the
contrast of raspberries, the grated chocolate, the pistachios. It’s all good? I wanna experiment with
this idea some more. Maybe as part of the pasta playlist. I’m thinking like a
chocolate orange ravioli. But, the actual pasta is orange. Obviously, that’s just my own idea. But, you guys have probably
got loads yourselves. So, do let me know, and I’ll probably try and bring it to life. Follow me on social
media @myvirginkitchen, for behind the scenes bits and bobs. Subscribe, and press the bell button to be notified of new uploads. There are at three a week. And, most importantly, if
you try any of these recipes, do send me a picture (clicking), ’cause I love to see your attempts. And, they’re normally better than mine. Nice one.


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