Chikkalane Chikkulu – Bommarillu Spoof || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

Chikkalane Chikkulu – Bommarillu Spoof || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

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from me. Yours truly, Mahatalli. This story began 3 months ago
at my work place. Where is your work place?
– In Hyderabad. There are tonnes of work places
in Hyderabad. Where exactly? Is the location
of my work place that important to you? You seem like a cabbie to me. Like any other girl,
I too like only two things. One is to sleep.
And the second is to buy new clothes. In order to look good in my clothes,
I decided to cut down my weight. But because, I like food
more than anything else I instead started to buy clothes
which suit my body type. But, the cinematographer
had a problem with it. Let me know
when the shot is ready. Stop gorging on food, will you? I’m working my arse off
to make you look good on camera while you keep munching.
Let’s go hit the gym. We are the only gym in the city
which’ll help you cut down 10kgs in 10 days. So, what are you looking for?
– This girl must shed her extra kilos. That’s no problem at all. I said I hated going to gym,
but Jones paid no heed. And to top it, he got carried away
with the membership offers offered by the gym. They charge Rs. 5,000 for 1 month
but charge only Rs. 8,000 for 3 months. See what Jones did. But we charge only Rs. 8,000 for 3 months.
– Enough said. 3 months it is. When can she start gyming?
– Right away, if you pay now. Sure. Bless me Goddess Lakshmi! Don’t worship it. It’s afterall a card.
– A card which yields money, right? It’s an ordeal for foodies
like me to hit the gym. After gyming for 2 straight hours we get a feeling
like we lost 20kgs of weight. And because of that,
we end up eating more. After paying the fees for 3 months,
I hit the gym some 5 times. And those 5 times too,
I dragged myself. But I ensured that Jones didn’t know
I was skipping gym. In the meanwhile, I kept on munching
everything edible. But, one day,
Jones got to know I was skipping gym. Jahnu, why do you look so gloomy? The trainers from the gym
are bombarding me with calls. What do I tell them? Don’t keep such a sorry face.
I hate it. Why don’t you knock
some sense into her? What’s the matter
with you guys? Trainers are complaining
about she being so irregular. No cinematographer pays from his pockets
and enrolls an actor in a gym. But I did. Because I wanted
to frame you beautifully. But you couldn’t even manage to go
to the gym for more than 5 days. You’ve no idea
what you should be eating. Do you?
– What? Do you have any idea
what she should be eating? How would I become a cinematographer
without knowing such basic stuff. You only think you know.
I’ll slap you now. Do you know that Jahnu
never eats home cooked food? She eats fish, chicken,
mutton and even prawns. She also goes to pubs.
You know what she eats in pubs? What?
– Don’t you know how people eat in pubs? I’m not speaking
on behalf of your future I’m speaking on behalf
of my fans. You paid for the gym.
Why blame her? So you say I should take the blame?
– Actually, I take the blame. I’ll start gyming from tomorrow
and I’ll follow a strict diet. What? Wait.
Don’t just walk away. You say it’s all my fault.
She says it’s her fault. Is it wrong if a cinematographer
like me wishes to frame his actors beautifully? If I am wrong,
tell me why I am wrong. Yes, it’s all your fault, Jones. It’s all your fault.
– What? I’ve cut down enough weight already.
So, stop bothering me. As a matter of fact,
you’ve put on more weight. Don’t you understand
my plight yet? You know what I miss the most
since I started gyming? It’s junk food
and oily food. You’d never understand
what I want. You only think about
framing me well for the screen. But you never think
about what food I crave for. Every time I order food online,
I only keep you in mind. You only keep my diet chart
in mind, not me. You never think if I’d even
relish the food you order. I sometimes crave to eat
a Rs. 10 Dosa. But you get me an Appam
from a restaurant instead. And Appams are so bland.
I hate those. All I want is a dosa
filled with butter and ghee. You’ll be happy
to have made me eat an Appam but you’ve no idea how much
I miss dosas. And whenever we talk about food,
you enquire from the dietician. Why don’t you enquire from me?
Why don’t you treat me like a friend? Jahnu, I keep saying
that to you, don’t I? Yes, you do.
But you never mean it. You force me to go to gym.
I too try to drag myself to the gym. But you end up calling the gym trainers
and ask them to make me gym harder. The trainers
are making me gym for 4 straight hours. People in the gym
are laughing at my plight. And to top it,
I get all sorts of body aches. After such intense workouts,
I gorge on more food and now I’ve put on
more weight than before. My old jeans don’t fit any more.
Do you how much my new jeans cost? Rs. 5,000.
I borrowed that money from Gauthami. I didn’t repay her yet.
And that’s why Gauthami isn’t talking to me anymore. You place an order for sandwiches.
They end up being bland sandwiches. You place order for subs
without any sauces. You know how insipid
sauceless subs taste? Now that you are even monitoring my food,
I don’t even feel like eating. You know how painful
this strict diet regime of yours is? I know that you don’t. You know why I ended up gaining weight
despite your monitoring? Because of all these people here. They take me for MRP Monday on Mondays,
Tequila Tuesday on Tuesdays Ladies Night on Wednesdays,
Retro on Thursdays Happy Hours on Fridays,
Bollywood Night on Saturdays and Sundowns on Sundays. After eating out so much,
how do you expect me to cut down weight? One day, I planned to keep a fast
for the entire day. But that very day,
Natasha brought me Biryani. You know what an awkward
situation that was? I search on Instagram
to find some motivation to gym but Gauthami ends up tagging me
on all food related posts. And those posts
disturb me a lot. Boon is no less evil.
I asked him to get me a fruit salad but he ended up
getting me Fruit Exotica from Cream Stone. How do you expect me to lose weight
despite all this? But I did all I could,
to make you happy. I even used to wear tummy tucker. I also used to wear XXL shirts
in an attempt to look slimmer in those. But none of those helped. You think you were doing a good job
as a cinematographer. But it is me who went out of the way
to make you think you’ve done a good job. If me slimming down is all you want,
I’ll follow your strict diet regime. But keep in mind that
I’d never be happy following that. Only you both have come. Where is Natasha?
– She left. I thought you’d be happy
if I make you look good on camera but never did I think that
I’m actually taking away your happiness. I didn’t know..
– It’s alright, Jones. I didn’t know all this.
You should’ve told me this earlier. I didn’t because I knew
that’d make you sad. Even now, as we speak, you’re stopping me
from using the online food app. Order the food
that you want to gorge on. Chicken, prawns, sea food,
I’ll order them all. I’m sure you’ll slim down someday.
I’m sure. Why did he get all emotional?
What an idiot. So, I emotionally blackmailed Jones
to have my way. Since then, he’s been buying me
all sorts of junk food. So, my point is.. Being fit is nice and all,
but you needn’t starve yourself. Eat what you like.
But eat healthy. Not that this is healthy,
but few cheat meals are fine, right? Since, Jones already paid the fees
for 3 months of gym I’ll resume gyming from tomorrow. We tried to do something different.
So, we came up with this spoof.


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