Chicken Rendang | Rendang Ayam [Nyonya Cooking]

Chicken Rendang | Rendang Ayam [Nyonya Cooking]

Hi, everyone! Welcome to another video of Nyonya Cooking! In this video, I’m going to show you how to prepare one of the most requested dish in the history of Nyonya Cooking In fact, this is the most requested recipe and It’s ‘rendang’ There’s beef ‘rendang’ or chicken ‘rendang’ and Today, I’m preparing chicken ‘rendang’ I’ve cooked this many times for my friends of different nationalities They all love it Therefore, it is a very good dish to start with to introduce your friends of different nationalities to malaysian cuisine If you suppose that this is just another chicken curry recipe, you are totally wrong It tastes nothing like curry, not at all It’s really delicious The combination of ingredients will tantalize your taste buds with the flavours ….aahh… It’s delicious I know you can’t wait to find out what the ingredients are Let’s check it out The recipe I’m sharing with you today needs about 450 grams of chicken The heart to ‘rendang’ is chillies It might looks scary Do not worry It won’t be that spicy The seeds of the chillies had been removed Do the same to lessen the spiciness The ingredients that need to be blended are lemongrass, galangal… it looks like ginger, ginger, shallots and some garlic To add to the fragrance of the ‘rendang’, some kaffir lime leaves, Very fragrant indeed some coconut milk and ‘kerisik’ ‘Kerisik’ is basically toasted shredded coconut Same method I’ve used in the ‘butter prawns’ video You may click here to find out how it’s done Smells really good too It will not taste like butter prawns even though I’m using the same ingredient It’s different Lastly, some salt to taste Start by blending the ingredients I’m doing it in batches due to the small blender Blend the chillies after cutting them into smaller pieces Add in the shallots and garlic Cut off the stem of the galangal before blending it Blend all the ingredients together until fine The blended ingredients are ready We are going to fry it Heat up 3 to 4 tablespoonful of oil in a pan Pour in the blended ingredients Cook until it ‘pecah minyak’, as known in the Malay language or turns into a darker shade of red then, it’s ready It had changed to a darker shade of red now and you can smell the fragrance Add the ‘kerisik’ into the pan When it is evenly mixed, add in the chicken followed by the coconut milk This had been cooking for about 30 minutes The gravy is drying up Taste it from time to time Adjust the taste according to your preference Allow it to simmer at low heat for another 10 minutes It should be ready then The ‘rendang’ is ready now The paste had thickened considerably Switched off the stove Then, cut the kaffir lime leaves into thin strips Add them to the ‘rendang’ This will add some fragrance to the ‘rendang’ Adding the kaffir lime leaves enhances the fragrance of the ‘rendang’ Use it if you can get hold of it If not, the ‘rendang’ would seem to be slightly lacking Dish it out This kitchen of mine smells heavenly Now, let’s put the rendang to the test So, let’s try One piece of ‘rendang’…. Just so good It is so difficult to taste good ‘rendang’ in Germany This plate of ‘rendang’ will wow all your visitors and your family You have to try this recipe Aahh…I cannot wait to eat all of this Of course, if you want more recipes like this, quickly subscribe to my channel, if you have not You may send me your comments through facebook, google+ or even in the comment section below Tell me what you would like to see in the next few videos if you like this recipe or if you had tried other recipes send me photos of them Till then, I hope to see you next time ‘Happy Cooking’


  1. I DID mine with beef πŸ™‚ My cryptonite is poultry πŸ˜‰ I could not find Galangal just before the holidays, so I took normal ginger…I think that makes a difference. And I think I have to get a better blender, mine had problems making it so so fine like yours.
    But for my first Rendang…well, not too bad πŸ˜‰ Result here:

    German: Kaffir = Kaffernlimette; Kerisik = roasted coconut; Galangal = Thai-Ingwer.
    It will be interesting to see, where to buy the exotic ingredients here…

  2. I was watching cosmology…i don't know how I got here. now I want rendang!! but no lemongrass in poland πŸ™

  3. Hey Grace,
    Wanted to know if fresh curry leaves works well for the rendang if the lime leaves are not obtainable?

  4. hey I m a new subscriber to your channel.. I have a qs..if I use beef instead of chicken then what can I do to the beef??should I cook the beef before adding into the spice??

  5. I like your style of cooking and your presentations are so well made. You make it simple and I like that very much. I love to try different cuisines and Malaysian cooking is one I want to try. So many flavors to taste and that is what makes a dish so interesting. Thank you!

  6. For Indonesian's who are claiming that rendang is your's..We Malaysian dont care..Malay rendang and Indon rendang are different..SO STOP SAYING MALAY RENDANG ARE OURS TOO..

  7. I love you more then your cooking & recipes… i came here & subscribed to see U. especially your blushy face… attracted me a lot ! πŸ™‚

  8. AKAK, congratulations for verified, raya going to start on wednesday, nanti nak try cari chicken breast lepas tu ikut resepi ni.

  9. Kepada : Comment darii IndonesiaKalau kamu datang sini hanya untuk resepi . Itulp adalah bagus . Tapi tak baiklah kamu komen pasal ini makanan dr indon la apa la . Kesian pemilik video ini , dapat komen begitu . Jadi kita komen yang bagus saja , tak perlu cakap lebih . Thank u .

  10. i absolutely love this recipe and am going to try to cook it at my next cooking demonstration. thanks for being so clear and easy to follow tx

  11. So the raw chicken got added to the paste / sauce in the pan without any prior browning or sealing? Given the time It was in the pan prior and post the coconut milk being added, how on earth would that chicken be fully cooked through? I'm not an expert on Malaysian cooking, but I would be extremely worried about just how cooked through the chicken would be when cooked in this manner. I would suggest its much safer if the chicken is first sealed and browned in the pan prior to adding the paste.

  12. Why is it that every time there is a rendang recipe in youtube, there's always butt hurt Indonesians claiming that rendang is theirs. Rendang is originated from the people of Minang that are scattered around modern day Sumatra and Malay Peninsula. LOOOOONG before Indonesia ever existed. If you say that it's indonesian because of the Minang people, then there are also Minang people in Malaysia. The Minang people existed before there is ever an Indonesia or Malaysia. In other words it is authentic in both countries. Same goes with Javanese culture coz Malaysia also has Javanese community long before there is Indonesia. We also have Thai community and culture but you don't see Thai people go butt hurt about it.

  13. i followed this only 2 hours ago, just incredible flavors, only it should be made clear that the blended part when added to the pan to cook.. takes a long time to become darker, dark enough for the rich flavors to come out. i think i had mine going for around 45 minutes, adding water and stirring, then adding the chicken. after that, for another 15 minutes or so.

  14. hi, i was wondering if what you had used was a "dry mill" to blend the ingredients? i also usually only cook for 2, and i find trouble trying to blend ginger/garlic/chili paste with the blender (too little ingredients in too big a jar for the blades to reach the ingredients). if i can substitute that with the dry mill, which i thought was meant to grind spices, it would be perfect!

  15. thanks for the recipe. I always explained it to my friends as "cook it until its ugly". so cool to know that there is an actual term for this. "pecah minyak", totally makes sense that Malaysian's have a word for when the chili paste goes aromatic

  16. Thanks Nyonya cooking you really opened my eyes to good Malaysian cooking ! You are such a great cook and I enjoy watching you πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ³

  17. Hi Hi, i seen your rendang ayam video.Was wondering could u show us how to make nice nasi kunyit which definately be great to go with the rendang! thanks!

  18. If you are here to find "crispy rendang", I have news. Rendang isn't crispy and they guys at Masterchef got it wrong πŸ˜‰ Get the full recipe to Chicken Rendang here: Join the whole discussion on Facebook to hear what others from the region (i.e. Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, etc) think:

  19. Karna lagi masalah juri uK tentang rendang crispy. I go here… So juri uK harus tau never i seen before rendang chicken is crispy. If crispy please eat KFC.
    Have, cooking. Rendang Nusantara.

  20. Ur recipes r direct, easy 2 understand, visually xclnt. If u cook w/4 someone, they r SO lucky! Ur site will continue with me kapan kembali ke Maui, Hawaii dari Ubud, Bali. Terimakasih, Mahalo, thank u.

  21. I just discovered your channel and girl you just earned a subscriber. I'm obsessed with Malay food these days! More power to your channel.

  22. Many important ingredients are missing : turmeric, turmeric leaves and lemon grass! How can it smell heavenly, i doubt it!

  23. The rendanf looks good. But it lacks something. You know. I like my rendang to be a little crunchy. Theres no crunch on the skin. If youre a in a competition you will surely be disqualified by this dish. Try again okay?

  24. Thank you for showing how much ingredients are needed for this dish.Most recipes shown is never as detailed as you.

  25. Thanks for all the recipe! You made cooking so simple ! I am similar age as you and you have motivated me to cook ! I always find cooking a hsssle πŸ™

  26. For THE beef rendang recipe, check out Comes with an ULTIMATE guide if you are planning to make it from scratch.

  27. Hi Grace, the list of ingredients in the video mentioned 3cm of ginger, but in the steps (procedure) no ginger is mentioned. Should ginger be added? And, if added, should it be added to the blended ingredients? Thank you.

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