Chicago’s Best Off the “L”: Avenue Ale House

Chicago’s Best Off the “L”: Avenue Ale House

[Upbeat Music] – Whether you’ve had
a good day, a bad day, or when captain self-awareness
keeps slapping you with his bag on the L… – Do you mind not breathing
directly into my mouth? – Sometimes you just
wanna jump straight off and dive into a cold
one with a bite to eat. Well thankfully, Sarah, Joc,
and Shaun have the answer. And it’s literally steps
away from the Blue Line in Oak Park. How many paces, would we say, if you’ve ever
mapped it out, are we from the Blue Line stop? – 500 feet. And I
have paced it out. – You’ve paced it out? – I think so, yeah, once. – Those are happy steps. – it’s right by the L, so
as soon as I get off work I can come have a drink. – They rotate the
beers a lot, which is keeps it interesting. – You hop off the L, you
come in here for a few beers, you hop back on
the L, you go home. – Great food, good people, great
bar. I just love the place. – What your pet hates or pet
peeves about riding the L? – Probably just standing
so close to people. – No thoughts on that? – A lot of not so good
smells, so, when I ride the- – That felt like a hint. [Laughing] – Well if you’re looking
for a good, family, sports environment
with good food, we’re in a really good
spot in the park to go to. – We did notice you have
a pretty fancy burger. – Yes, our turkey burger.
it’s really really fantastic, and it’s a fan favorite. – So the turkey burger,
what I like about it is it’s fresh, it’s different. – They mix it with the feta
and the spinach in the burger. it’s delicious. The
Tzatziki sauce on it’s just, the pretzel bun. – The Tzatziki sauce,
that’s the reason I ordered the turkey burger. – You can’t not eat the turkey
burger when you come here. – Who’s the man in kitchen? – Actually I’ll be cooking – Oh you are?
– Yes – I love that. We’re
gonna cook together. – I’m on. I’m hands on. -Okay well HR doesn’t
like very handsy people, just so you know. So we need to make some burgers. – Lets start with the onion
powder and garlic powder. – Sure, that makes sense.
– Alright. – Got some stickers. – That’s fine. That’s fine. – C’mon kids. – Gotta get on. – That’s that guy sleeping
in the corner in the car. On the Blue Line. – Wake up! – Dude wake up,
you’re in Oak Park. – Crushed red pepper,
dump it in there. We’ve got some dried oregano. – That’s some hearty flavors
going into this bad boy. – Turkey burgers
can be pretty bland, not this turkey burger. – There is no denying. – Got a lot of flavor in here. Go ahead and add that
feta cheese, spinach. – Mix ‘er in.
– Yup, mix ‘er in. – I just wanna say, at
the end of our mixing of the burger, no I’m fine
I don’t want an apron. No that’s cool. I thought
I’d leave it ’til the end. it’s uncooked turkey but it
smells damn fine already. – I know, it’s so good. We have our mold here.
– Yup. – So we’re gonna go
ahead and pack this in. So now we’ve got a burger
that we can transport over to the flat top
– The flat top? Y’know what? You’ve
been so friendly to me, so encouraging, I’m gonna
make one for you too. We’re gonna have two. Two bad [bleep] burgers, ready
for the flat top. Yes. Alright
– Alright Leave it on there for
about eight to ten minutes. – Just, so just, hanging out
here for eight to ten minutes. – Yeah so… yeah. Cool. You’re gonna give it
a little spank there. – Again, like the handsy
thing in the kitchen, we just won’t tell HR. – We’re gonna get
this pretzel bun, toasted a little bit. We’re go ahead and put
some jalapeno aioli. – Jalapeno? That smells great.
– Yeah. – This is the tzatziki
sauce. It’s done. – Ok. One small
problem, we only did one. I said I’d make you the burger, I didn’t say I’d
cook it for you. I’ll grab you a beer
dude, it’s fine. – Okay, please. – Should we dive right in?
– Let’s do it. – Clink me.
– There we go. – It is a crash of flavors.
Not just inside the patty, but on top of it as well,
all that jalapeno mayo, and the tzatziki. – Adds that real kick – And then you’ve got
the arugula as well. – We care. It’s an
elevated turkey burger. – I think you’ve hit the
nail on the head right there. it’s a burger that doesn’t say, we gotta have some
food on the menu. It’s a burger that
says, time and attention and care was taken in
putting it together. So you owe it to yourself
to stop in for a few beers, and have a burger, because
why wouldn’t you, right? – I can’t even talk
– He’s got his mouth full, he can’t even talk
about it right now, which is fine cause
mines full of beer. To the L.
– Cheers.


  1. The fact that Elliot knew a Friends episode reference is alarming.

    Only women and homosexuals watch Friends when it was on the air.

    Just saying.

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