Chicago’s Best Macaroni and Cheese: Calzone & Macaroni Co.

Chicago’s Best Macaroni and Cheese: Calzone & Macaroni Co.

elissa honor app Kevin and Joe on
Facebook all told us if we wanted to get comfortable we had to get cheesy which
is why we’re here in Vernon Hills at calzone and macaroni Co this return of
the map then is silhouette macaroni oh let’s so my mac and cheese mac and
cheese mac and cheese who doesn’t want mac and cheese you guys
are experts at this mm-hmm there’s nothing better than eating the
holiest thing you can eat and having it be bacon fresh comfort food exactly to
the Mac definition of comfortably Thank You Shannon go so how many different
varieties can people can people get when they come in now oh I get new stuff
every time bacon apple buffalo chicken pepperoni jalapeno sausage of our meat
lover let’s play a little game let me throw a few different color balls and
see if you have it on the menu okay Italian beef that’s a no-brainer we’re
living in Chicago all right lobster lobster that’s like the number one thing
you can eat it’s as fancy as you get you don’t have a restaurant gyro meat of
course nice thing it’s tzatziki on the side to dip it in my friend I’m gonna go
cook ah choices choices I’m feeling something a little savory and a little
sweet bring on the bacon apple mac now we got the secret sauce six different
cheeses this is what makes it creamy yummy oh yeah that’s the unmistakable
mac cheese oh yeah get about two good ladles
with this stuff I don’t know there’s such a thing as too bad ladles it’s all
good perfect 111 more now it’s good no you do it
I work here now okay finish with salt and pepper and yet more cheese this is
taking all my strength to just not give my hand in it just munch away right as a
point we look for that look when everybody picks up their food when
they’re like a little kid that’s what comfort food is yummy and
we’re off to the other I heard that you guys do and mean decadent lobster mac
and cheese as well yes we do let’s write one of those papers up to when it’s done
you come on join me in coming to you yeah what it’s about mac and cheese
that’s a comfort food it’s a warm and you know sticks to your ribs it just
feels good maybe there’s some special ingredient in it I have no idea on a
cold winter day in Chicago it’s the best like any good partnership we find cosine
different I’ve got the bacon and apple mac and cheese and you’ve got People’s
Choice lobster ready sometimes this job is pretty tough today’s one of those
days that’s sixties combination the so deenis
of the bacon and then the apple on top I have to stop myself because I’m
desperate to try something is loves to walk make I gotta ask you why you guys
shot at best comfort when you walk in you smell the food what comes out is a
work of art mega cheese touches everybody this is Comfort on a spoon
that’s a fork is any fork if you’re an idiot
alright that’s enough talking we open your ring to do so you guys play it up


  1. At 3:21 someone dubs in "you're an idiot." Someone is hacking into these vids, especially this host … weird. Unless the dubber is calling me an idiot?

  2. I have never been so grateful not to live someplace. If I lived near this restaurant I would weigh three hundred pounds.

  3. The palette can only differentiate 3 different cheeses at the most, after that you're just wasting your other types of cheese.

  4. “Where you from?”
    “Oh where at?”
    “Vernon Hills” fuck outta here with best in Chicago actually go in the city

  5. I've never enjoyed those gourmet noodles with those ridges on it. Kraft has always been my favorite mac and cheese.

    Does that mean I'm trash?

  6. In my opinion, Chicago’s Best has some of the worst hosts; loud, douchy and overly they tend to takeover the kitchen and do the cooking process themselves!

  7. i went to Calzone & Macaroni Co for my birthday last year and got the large lobster mac n cheese 100% worth the 2 hour car ride :p

  8. Food eaten straight out of a foil tray and beer drunk straight out of a bottle. Nice that standards of behaviour are so high in Chicago.

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