Cheese Tea – The New Unicorn Frappe? – Hype Hunt: EP26

Cheese Tea – The New Unicorn Frappe? – Hype Hunt: EP26

What’s up, hype-hunters! Previously, social media was exploding with these posts about the Unicorn Frappe from Starbucks and now, a new drink craze is taking over Asia. Cheese Tea. It’s gotten so popular that people are touting it as the new Unicorn Frappe. Does cheese tea even taste good? I know, it sounds super weird to me so we’re here today at LiHo, the first place in Singapore to offer cheese tea and we’re gonna try it and see if it’s worth the hype! So because this is so new, they’re limiting the sale to 50 cups a day so yeah, you gotta get here early. Yeah so it’s about 12.15pm now It just opened and already there’s quite a few people in front of us. 7 people. So, we’re gonna go order ourselves some cheese tea. Jem: I am quite nervous…
Roz: I don’t know I like cheese, actually we both love cheese but… I don’t know how it’s gonna taste like in a drink. What is the cheese tea made of? Basically when we get it, the texture is supposed to be… It’s just… foam? It’s like cheese foam? Ah…okay! We got one already And that’s quite a generous amount of cheese. It was at least a good 4 to 5 scoops of cheese foam there. So we have gotten our drinks. Here we have Yup, I’m actually excited to try it. So am I. ‘Cause somehow the pastel colours just makes it look very pretty to drink. So this part you see here is a layer of cheese foam and this part’s the mango. So I’m just gonna try the foam part first. Yup, ready? Okay. Cheers! I’m confused. Yeah me too, I can’t decide if it’s good or not. It’s savoury… tastes like cheesecake! Oh my god, I was just gonna say it tastes like the cheese tart that we had during that cheese tart episode. The inside of the cheese tart. But I think if you drink too much of that, it’s very overwhelming. The first sip was pretty good. Let’s poke a straw in and just try the bottom. This is good. This is really yummy! It tastes like potong ice cream but melted, in a good way! You don’t like that, do you? No no no, it’s not that I don’t like it but the texture is kinda weird because this was so thick and viscous that I was expecting this to be the same. It’s really refreshing so… I guess it’s a good balance. Aww you look so upset, Roz! So underwhelming compared to the other 2 drinks. I wanna try. Oh. I would say drink this first then drink that one. This actually just tastes like very normal green tea I feel very suspicious of how it’s gonna taste when you mix it with the cheese. Now it just looks like milk. Like a milkshake. Tastes like a really bland smoothie. I do not like this at all. Roz: Can’t really taste the cheese foam anymore.
Jem: Yah, I was gonna say Jem: we totally neutralized it.
Roz: I can still taste a tinge of the green tea There’s a weird aftertaste too. There’s a very dry taste on my tongue like there’s a layer of something on it, right? Yah. This one is a… no. So here is the mango one. You wanna do the honours this time? Shake it like a polaroid picture~ I stirred it for like, I don’t know, a good 30 seconds and it’s still white and yellow. ‘Cause you’re weak sauce! Oh my gosh, this is so tiring! See what I did there? I went “Oh, it’s not stirring!” then made Jem do all the work. Oh… Jem: So smart.
Roz: Oh! I realised I shouldn’t raise my arm because I have a hold in my shirt… But it’s okay, it’s a good shirt so I still wear it anyway. Okay… The cheese now enhances the mango taste. The mango taste is like… Stronger, it’s like…more mango. Not bad. Don’t tell me yet! Oh. It became watery. The cheese, the creamer, whatever kinda like waters down the yam taste so it’s not as strong. I think my main gripe is this doesn’t taste special when it’s mixed but when it’s separate it’s so unique you can get it anywhere else… and that is where I think you’re putting your money down and why you’re queuing up. I think it would be a great drink to try for the very first time but I don’t think these are drinks that you can drink every day. I think you could say that about most hyped drinks though, like the Unicorn Frappe we definitely wouldn’t have more than once but people still went crazy about it. Eugh I don’t think I would even finish that one drink. Now people are queuing up because they’re only offering 50 cups a day but if they keep it on the menu, I don’t think people will line up for it anymore It’ll be like the kind of drink that you walk past, “Hey, cheese tea! Let me get one.” A drink like this is $4 The smoothies are $6.90. I think that’s quite reasonable actually. I guess it’s kinda reasonable, you might think, for a drink but if you go to a bubble tea shop this would be $3 something? I don’t think any of the other bubble tea shops offer smoothies and it’s a pretty big cup so I would say this is worth it Roz: but this, for green tea and a layer of foam…
Jem: Yah it’s a bit funky. Just slightly pricey. Let’s just say on 1, 2, 3, whether it’s worth the hype ok? So 1! 2! 3! Really!? I feel like it’s not worth the hype because when I drank it, Yah, mm, interesting, I didn’t mind it but it didn’t blow my mind So… It’s a no. Well I mean I think it’s good that we differ ’cause then you get to see both sides of the story. Hey guys! So I know I initially said it was worth the hype but I need to change my verdict ’cause it’s been a whole day I’m at home now and… the more time went by I just felt the drink got grosser and grosser There was this very clawing taste on my tongue and… even after I ate a few meals I could still kinda taste the residue and it was very… Now when I think of it I shudder a little bit. I think I got trauma. Maybe when I first tried it, I was like oh it’s so different from everything else so unique so I was like hmm, maybe I’ll like it, but the more time went by and now I’m just like…eugh cannot cannot cannot. So I gotta change my verdict, sorry it’s not worth the hype. Okay guys, we’ve come to the end of the episode. Hope you guys enjoyed this very cheesy episode. And don’t forget to download our Clicknetwork app so that you can watch our videos right when they come out. Roz: Okay bye!
Jem: Okay till next time, bye!


  1. This cheese tea is already popular a long time ago… and not all of the flavour of milk/bubble tea going to work with the cheese… so u need to choose carefully
    i tried once in Indonesia that come from Chatime. the one that i tried called Avocado sea salt and cheese or something like that and it taste REALLY GOOD. it's not overpoweringly sweet like how bubble/milk tea ussually taste like…. soo… maybe u guys got the flavour that is unfortunately did not work 😯😯

  2. The cheese taste the same exactly the same as gongcha milk just renaming it yet they double the price zzz 🙄

  3. youre not supposed to mix it lol. and this kind of drinks are everywhere in china, like in every milk tea shop, and its cheap only around 8-15RMB like 2-3sgd.

  4. you should also try the one at nex milkissimo U Cha it sells cheese tea too it is somewhere near the prata stall and next to bali thai

  5. Jemma and Roz Please Go Sogurt at Jem Jurong East Please! Is like Cheaper than Lao Lao! Is basically a ice cream store that u get to choose any flavoured ice cream you want and Also Choose Any Topping u want! U should check it Out!!! 💖💖

  6. Hello girls, $6 is not reasonable when you can get cheaper bubble tea elsewhere!!! Too expensive!!! If they don't reduce the prices, they might shut down soon. I would rather go and eat at Jollybee or but some Koi bubble tea for $3 plus with the golden bubble.

  7. Maybe don't add cheese, add something else, like fruits, or maybe have a menu with the tea and a side dish cheese cake or something. Just a regular menu.

  8. Yay jem likes mango from the bingsu vid she tried it and didn't like it I was literally laughing liking crazy when I heard her say I don't like the colour 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. I actually just tried the cheese green tea and honestly the taste of the cheese (after mixing) was not very strong and not really present in fact it tasted more like the milk foam which is what i used to buy from gongcha which explains why i do like it but wont go back again mainly cus of the price

  10. its so pricey, i can get the normal size cup for $2.80 at koi express and sharetea, plus the milk tea there is so pricey when it taste the same as other bubble tea shops, i just wan gong cha back

  11. i saw you guys the other day at orchard but i didnt have the guts to ask you guys for a picture 😭😭😭

  12. cheese tea? hasnt this been around for a long time now? I've been ordering one from a place called ShareTea? :v

  13. yah omg the price is one of the reasons why I was so annoyed because it's so much more expensive than what gongcha used to be!! gongcha was slowly increasing its prices too and a cup of normal milk tea without toppings was like $3 but now there's items in Liho that are $7??? might as well get llao llao

  14. to those asking for gong cha to come back, rejoice! because it will be coming back soon. under different owners tho..

  15. it's not cheese tea it's just the exact same gongcha milk tea. the only difference is they added the word "cheese" and everyone who hasn't tried gongcha milk tea thinks it's some genius new concoction what the hell.

  16. It's more worth it if u buy the milk tea cause the large cup would be just 3.80 which is cheaper than other brands so guys stop saying that it's expensive unless ur only talking abt the smoothies because comparing smoothie prices with other milk tea stores milk tea prices is not the sam

  17. You guys should try the wintermelon tea creama. for me personally that's the only drink with creama I think it's BOMB.

  18. " maybe some small bits of cheese " don't lie bruh it doesn't even taste like cheese and there's not even small bits of cheese

  19. I still love my hazelnut bubble milk tea which only cost $1.90 for the large size and the taste is amazing not too sweet yet very nice and fragrantful the bubbles also very soft and chewy not to mention that it is not overcooked like the other bubble milk tea place that i have tried before

  20. are you supposed to actually mix the cheese foam and the drink together? bc i dont usually do that & it tastes good

  21. FINALLY. AN HONEST REVIEW. I've tried LiHo's classic milk tea, cheese tea, lychee tea, EVEN HONEY LEMON GREEN TEA ALSO CAN SCREW UP. Please no just no.

  22. I tried it (i tried jasmine tea with cheese) and it was $5.80 i actually not rlly a big fan of cheese (but i lovveeeee it on pizza) and it wasnt rlly that good

  23. for me i love to order cheese green tea w pearls, finish the green tea then drink the cheese alone but to be fare, i’m only 11 this year

  24. The yam was good but if you drink too much of the cheese, you will feel like vomiting. If you mix it, it taste thicker and nicer.

  25. i liked this video becoz i like ur verdict, it's totally NOT worth d hype be it cheese whatever or frappicorn~

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