Cheese Tea Is China’s Latest Drink Sensation

Cheese Tea Is China’s Latest Drink Sensation

(dance rock music) (speaking foreign language) – [Narrator] Waiting over an hour for tea sounds ridiculous, shocking even, but this isn’t your every day tea. What they’re waiting for is cheese tea. (elegant string music) (speaking foreign language) – [Narrator] Cheese tea is
exactly what it sounds like: tea topped with cheese. (speaking foreign language) (upbeat jazz music) – [Narrator] And today,
cheese tea is more than just a novelty, it’s gone global. From Malaysia to Los Angeles, people are drinking it everywhere. (speaking foreign language) (note chiming)


  1. But like…….why?…..who would think "Hmm this cheese is yummy, maybe if I put it in tea?" This sounds disgusting I'm gonna stick to non cheese teas.

  2. Singaporean here, we've had this cheese tea for about a year now. And let me tell ya, it's pretty gross. I'd rather have regular boba any day.

  3. The first girl who starts talkin her name is ki ki im not the only one who is thinking of a song when looking at that name

  4. I tried this. it's disgusting. why do people not have the creativity to invent proper food anymore and instead create garbage such as this??

  5. I’ve actually tried Heytea in Guangzhou I ordered strawberry cheese tea there took me like 45 mins to get it when I got it, it tasted mostly like strawberry to me I didn’t taste cheese at all it could just been me but in my opinion not worth it to wait that long for essentially strawberry tea. I know some people can taste the cheese probably but I can’t so overall it is a tea that tastes good but not worth the wait. This is only my personal opinion, your opinion if you try it or tried may be different sorry this comment is pretty long. have a great day 😁👍

  6. The cheese froth is so delicious!! I always order cheese matcha, the froth has strong flavor while the tea tastes light. They are perfect match.😉

  7. I have tried cheese tea before. It seems strange at first but after tasting it, it sort of taste like sweet popcorn. But u shld beware to not leave all the cheese behind because when u slurp in chunks of cheese at the end, it feels like diabetes

  8. It's unexpectedly good. The cream cheese layer tastes very buttery, creamy and milky paired with the refreshing tea of choice. Don't feel weird, give it a try.

  9. Its quite a hit in the's pretty good,it's not just tea,its miljtea with a cheese topping…

  10. Cheese Tea has been in Taiwan’s night market for at least 10 years and should not have been invented by the Chinese.

  11. I've had it, it's incredible. It's this perfect balance of sweet, sour, and even salty. Sounds weird but it tastes great

  12. For me, heytea really stands out in their fruit tea rather than cheese tea, it’s true fruit and juice with tea in high quality which are so refreshing

  13. lactose intolerant is not as serious as you thought in China. My family, including myself, drink milk every day. We tried many different brands, including the raw, fresh milk in the milk farm(Also include brands in the States, since I am studying in college internationally; And my parents came and visited me). Nothing happened to us, no bad feeling to our stomach. My friend in middle school and high school also drink milk every day, some of them also studied abroad during college years, but in my class, I only remember around 3-5 out of 38 classmates were lactose intolerant. Compare to America or other Western countries. Yes, that is a larger percentage but it is not that intense as people outside of China will think.

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