Cheese Sauce

Cheese Sauce

Hello and welcome to the Vegan Corner! Today’s recipe is for a luscious and
super velvety cheese sauce! I don’t think I have to tell you how hard it is to make a vegan sauce that tastes like cheese, as you’ve probably already
attempted that yourself. However we are fortunate to have so
many ingredients on our side, so that by combining a few of them properly we were able to obtain a very
interesting cheesy flavour, which I’m sure you’ll love. The ingredient list is in the description
down below the video. The first thing to do it to boil
the carrots for 20 minutes. I like to use carrots to add
consistency and colour because once you’ve boiled them for 20 minutes, all their flavour is gone and they don’t add any note to the sauce. Once that’s done, strain the carrots and place a pan over a medium heat. Next step is to place all the
ingredients into the pan, so tip in the carrots, the tofu,
the potatoes, the onions, the peppers, the almonds, the jalapeño,
the miso paste, the garlic, the cumin, the paprika,
the black pepper, the salt (if desired), the vinegar
and lastly, the non-dairy milk. Give the ingredients a good stir
and bring the liquid to the boil. Once the milk reaches the boiling point, you can cover the pan with a lid, turn the heat to the minimum and cook
the ingredients over the lowest heat for exactly 20 minutes, If you want to know how to roast
bell peppers to perfection, you will find the link to our video
in the description below or in the card sidebar. Now you might be surprised to hear
that the recipe is complete. In fact, once the time has elapsed, you simply have to transfer the ingredients
into the jar of a blender, and blend at high speed for roughly 1 minute or until you obtain a smooth sauce. If your blender is picky and
doesn’t stand hot foods, simply let the ingredients cool down a bit before tipping them into the jar. You can obtain similar results
by using a stick blender, but make sure to stain the final
sauce through a sieve to remove any unwanted solid parts. To obtain a sauce with an orange hue,
use roasted red peppers, and to obtain a sauce with a yellow final colour, use yellow peppers instead. This sauce has an even better
flavour when it is cold or at room temperature, so remember to cool it down
completely before using it. And here is the final sauce; incredibly
smooth and creamy. This delicacy is perfectly
suited to accompany a wide variety of dishes such
as tortilla chips, fries, burgers and wraps of any kind. Don’t forget to let us know what you think about this recipe in the comment section, and If you enjoyed watching this video,
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  1. Only came across cheese sauce when I went to the states… I'd rather stick to Vegemite, but this recipe makes "cheese sauce " sound almost edible lol

  2. how if i not using the peppers and miso… is that change the flavor(sory my bad english).. and how can i get the "cheesy flavor"…

  3. I don't like the vegetal flavor of carrots which is still there so I use either Frozen pureed butternut squash or frozen chunks of butternut squash. I think it's also nicer than carrots.

  4. I love the accent and your sense of humor.  Excellent videos in every regard, quality of production is excellent, easy to follow and the taste, oh, well, I will find out this evening when I made the burger and bun recipe.

  5. Is it possible to replace tofu with something else if I'm trying to avoid soy?

    And thank you so much! This channel is a God send!

  6. Nikez vous les Vegan… j’ai crue c’était une vrai sauce cheddar. On veut du fromage de lait de vaches violé… pas des graines de FDP

  7. this is so great! Seriously, I was doubtful at first because there are so many vegan cheese sauce videos but this really works! Esp in a pasta too! I didn't have some of the things like miso/red chillies and just didn't put those in, and used some other spices, like coriander powder too. I also put some cashews instead of almonds. If you're contemplating a healthy cheezy dish, you have to give this a fair chance!!

  8. great channel but I was wondering have you ever made a truly extra firm vegan cheese? I've tried other recipes that use agar powder but they all came out about as firm as silken tofu or jelly. Yeah, they were sliceable but they just didn't have the texture I am looking for.

  9. I love cheese, but I truly hate all the fat that comes along with it. I was a vegetarian for 8 years, so veggies are a staple in my life, but right now I'm not even close to being Vegan. I will, however, use your channel to my advantage and make as many recipes as possible. Thanks for making my life more colorful and alot more healthier!😊

  10. Omg I made this last night and it was soooooo good. Even my friend who is a REALLY picky eater and a non-vegan enjoyed it. It was delicious

  11. Hey there ! This is one of the first ever video I saw when I went vegan 3 years ago. I had no clue what was possible to do and your channel opened my eyes to all the delicious possibilities. Actually I remember watching this and thinking "I think I'm gonna be fine" 🙂 And today I cook vegan meals all the time like I've been doing that my whole life. So thank you SO MUCH for what you've done for me and for so many other people. Greetings from Belgium <3

  12. I will definitely try this! I'm a new vegan making the transition from vegetarianism. I'm so excited to try all of these recipes. And I'm also happy to see that most of these cheese alternatives are made mostly with healthy ingredients.

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