Like and Subscribe for more food fun! hey baby you like it raw? I do. Look at all this deliciousness But you are the one fish in the sea for me better than all this salmon sashimi these spicy tuna rolls these pork and vegetable gyoza fried dumplings low key my favorite is usually eel or uni but you are better you are more special than any of these things remember my friends that you are unique and you are special your own personal flavor has value too often people ask me how to make asmr or mukbang videos successfully they want an easy answer. A quick trick to be successful I tell them what they don’t want to hear do something you are passionate about and be yourself if you are true to your individuality and committed to your passion you will find success eventually EVENTUALLY Sure you can copy everybody else and maybe that will get you briefly noticed in a field but without any original ideas or passion for your own creation driving you… your success will fade or your drive will fade Do you really want to be a carbon copy of everyone else? Do you really want to deprive the world of whatever unique gifts you could bring it? Your style, your flavor could be the next big thing! I am not a religious man but I do believe in having faith in one thing YOURSELF If you have faith in yourself you can achieve all things faith means even in failure you keep working if failure cannot stop you and you have time you have no boundaries It took me 5 years to have a small amount of success I questioned myself so many times I was and am constantly full of self doubt I forced myself to believe in myself and I kept learning, growing, fighting to be better Remember being yourself doesn’t mean locking your mind against growth and change I once walked from New York City to St. Louis I failed to walk across America as planned I got hurt but in all the lonely painful miles across lonely states full of decay I knew I had to keep going because I had no other good option I had to have faith because I couldn’t quit It taught me if I treat something as if I have no way out no other options I can achieve so much You are stronger than you know We all are I must remind you this is not in support of being cocky! Confidence and drive should not make you arrogant QUESTION YOURSELF BE HARD ON YOURSELF listen to the critique and input of others use input and experience to guide your every decision wisely you can forge ahead making wise decisions changing your route bit by bit You will probably end up at a different destination that where you originally aimed but by the time you get there you will realize it was the right place all along Fill yourself with love for each others differences and for your own differences from the norm accept yourself and never accept hate from others or from yourself you will go far. Cheezus loves you


  1. You are a very creative guy, you can tell you’re passionate about food. Other Mukbangers, they only eat the food and get fatter. You mix things up, make your own shit. Not to mention it’s not always shit that’ll give you diabetes. Even if it’s not the healthiest stuff, you make it stand out, make it look appetizing. You don’t just go buy some fuckin ramen noodles and say “MmMmmmMmMmMmMm”. Props to you.

  2. I am going to be honest. I really never used to like Sammie. In my opinion I though he was weird and had no manners, but I really do like it now. Its addictive! But then I actually started watching him and realized he is just being himself and no one else on youtube is like that. They always put on this performance and fake show, but he is just true to himself. And honestly, who cares if you eat like that, because you're just being yourself, so thank you Sammie for just being yourself and telling us that it's okay to be ourselves to. Ps, you're actually my favorite person to watch now. ❤

  3. Can I just tell you that this video stopped me from literally killing myself just now? I’ve been horridly bullied the last few months at my new school, which I had to move schools because my dad passed away and my mom can no longer afford where we used to live. No idea why but this video stopped me long enough to really think about things in the long run, thank you.

  4. Also…at least for me..not everyone that attempts ASMR/MUKBANG has what it takes in their technique to give tingles..maybe it's just me..but you keep up the good work! Ty for all ya do to help relax us. Love from Kentucky 💙🌼

  5. Head 1: Master has been kind yes? Many cheese drink vids! But master pours many things in our cheeses… many things… please master please!!! Gives us the cheese drink raw… and SHARP!!! We will be good little ones, yes master?!?

    Head 2: Excellent combination of flavor Sammy! You are blessing our kitchens one video at a time my brother!!!

    Head 1: He ruins it!!! He ruins it to hurt us!!! He hates us!!! Master hates us!!!

  6. I just wanna say, I just got here, got only a couple minutes in, and I’m already in love with your videos. There has been TOO MUCH drama with many asmr and mukbang channels and it’s been seriously killing my vibes and desire to watch anything. But then I found your channel thanks to Instagram and I knew I just had to find you! I looked for what felt like FOREVER! And then I ended by finding you right as I was giving up. I’m so happy I found someone as unique, funny, goofy, and kind as you. Definitely gonna spend all day watching you videos! Love you sm, keep making amazing videos! ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Interesting choice with the cheese sauce. U make it look yum but I’m not sure. I love the flavour of sushi just with wasabi and soy.

  8. Sammie mixing all the sauces together in the beginning……

    Me when I was little mixing all the soaps and conditioners in a small cap pretending to make potions 😳

  9. Me gustan sus videos por que su estilo hace que parezca que está comiendo de noche y me identifica JAJAJA PR en la casa veivi

  10. You’re wonderful and I love the artful videos you do as well! Keep up the great work! You’re very talented and you put out quality videos! I would love to see you do a short film or maybe a volgging/review channel where you take us around new York! ❤️❤️💜🧡💕 your wife is pretty awesome too! Look forward to more of her videos as well.

  11. You have such a way with words and how you go about life…it’s amazing and I applaud you for being yourself and being able to stay so positive even when things are tough. This really inspired me and I’ve written down some of the things you said in this video to keep me going 💕 thank you!

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