Cheese Pictionary

Cheese Pictionary

( fire roaring ) Welcome back. Now, you wanna make sure full GMM experience
every day. Want you to start
at the beginning of each show by clicking on the thumbnail
with the green border. Yes, now,
as the old saying goes, “Everybody loves cheese, and everybody loves
Pictionary,” so why the heck
are we not playing Pictionary using blocks of cheese
right now! – We can.
– We can. And we are.
We’ve got Sarah. She’s our best friend,
professional cheese sculptor. She just did that– well, and then
we did that to it. – Yes.
– Previous segment. That and that. And now we’re gonna do
some cheese Pictionary. You wanna go first
since you’re the pro? Well, makes sense to me. So your clue is
in the string cheese. – In it? Oh.
– And you take the block of cheese over there and do your worst. – Sarah: Okay.
– Link : Mm-kay. Break it open or bite it open? – Link: I don’t know.
– Rhett: Oh– oh– But I don’t know
if it’s paper or– – You’re the cheese lady.
– Ah! Ahoy. Ahoy. – Rhett: That’s very– Sail?
– Mm, so I don’t tell you. Yeah, you tell us with cheese. – All right, ready?
– That’s pretty important. – Yeah. Are you ready?
– Set… – Link: Did you read it?
– Go. Cheese! ( Sarah humming ) Link: Cheese with music
playing from your mouth. – ( humming )
– Okay. Is the music part of the clue? Link:
‘Cause that’s illegal. It looks like a bottle
of Patron right now. – Link: Bottle of Patron.
– Rhett: Is that it? Is that a bottle of Patron? Y’all,
it’s a bottle of Parton. Wow, you’re good.
Whatever it is, I know it’s
supposed to be something. Yeah. ( laughs )
Supposed to be something. It looks like
a perfume bottle. – It’s really got
some character.
– Ooh, it’s got a hole– – Oh, it’s a guitar!
– ( bell dings ) – Tada! You got it.
– Me, me, point. – Me point.
– Me, me, points. Looks just like it. – Rhett: Wow, look at that.
– Who’s next? – I’ll go.
– All right. I’ll take my clue
and my cheese. And I have to leave the mess.
There you go. Yeah, you can take
your guitar with you. I’ll eat some of your cheese. – Okay.
– I want you to look at that. – Rhett: You’re a professional.
– That looks good. And listen, Sarah, I don’t wanna scare you,
but I spent a lot of time
with cheese, so I’m probably going to be
pretty good at this. Okay. You ready? Ready, man. Do it. ( groans ) What difference did that make? It’s a block. You flipped it over
for no reason. I don’t know, man!
This looked like the bottom. Is it a boat? Uh, a block of cheese with
a little cheese missing. – I gotta be really–
– Sarah: Is it a monkey bars? – How do you– you’re so–
– Is it a sloth? – You’re so fluid.
– I’m gonna let you do
all the guessing. It’ll take me a second to get– to get really going. Is it animal? Gol-lee, the cheese is harder
than I thought it would be. What do you do
when that happens? – Sarah: Eat it.
– Link: There you go. What else do you think
it is, Sarah? Sarah: Uh… – Rhett: Okay.
– It’s got a stripe on it. – Rhett: Well…
– Sarah: A robot. Caterpillar. Oh, yes. Is it the
striped caterpillar? Is it– is it a man… You suck. You’re slow, too. – Sarah: A zipper.
– You need to choose. You either need
to suck or be slow, but don’t do both. – Uh, snowman.
– Yes! – Yeah!
– What the crap? – Snowman.
– What the crap? – You’re so good.
– Snowman. See?
Cheese minds think alike. She know where I was going
with it. I was–
this was the bottom, the middle, and the top. Yay! And it’s
the right color. And I was gonna do–
What? And I was gonna do
a hat on top. Oh, it is. Yay. What’s up, Sarah?
You know the deal. Snowman! All right,
I’m gonna go for it. I got the last one. – Can’t really–
– This is pure art. Oh, you’re good. Okay, I’m ready.
I got my cheese block. And I got my thing here
with my clue in it. He’s going to cut
himself and bleed. Just so you know. Mm. Okay. – Mm. That’s some good cheese.
– It is good. Well, it’s, you know,
standard fare… Pasta filata. Oh, look what I found? ( laughs )
I ain’t gonna do that to myself. Yeah, you should
set that down. I cannot even get it
back in the– – J-J-J-Just–
– Ow! Just don’t handle it.
No! No! No! Okay. I’mma do this, y’all. Flip it over first. – Okay?
– There you go. Go three, two– – Rhett: That’s what
the pros do.
– One. Patron! Uh, what is… Oh, my good– – Is it–
– Tic tac toe. Is it the letter H? A snowflake. Is it the letter N? Is it a letter? Did you say snowflake? Snowflake. Yeah, that’s what
I started thinking. Link:
That’s what
you started thinking? ♪ I’m chopping my cheese ♪ ♪ Making it happen ♪ ♪ Just pullin’ it apart ♪ ♪ And leavin’ stuff behind ♪ Accordion. ♪ It’s not
an additive exercise ♪ – ♪ It’s kinda like sculptin’ ♪
– Christmas tree. ♪ You take a big block ♪ ♪ And then you remove stuff
you don’t need ♪ This is a really
un-catchy song. ♪ That’s what I’m doin’ ♪ And then you make
a party trick. ♪ Anyone can do it ♪ ♪ Some people are better ♪ – Tree. Palm tree!
– Is it like a– – Oh, you guessed it.
– ( bell dinging ) Listen, he can’t do
two things at once. He can’t carve and listen
for guesses. Sarah:
Let’s finish.
Let’s finish. I really want–
you didn’t even let me– I don’t know what type– – How did you get palm tree
out of this?
– It could be– Do you– hold on.
Is it the hat?
Is it the hat? ‘Cause you’ve got some special
connection to that cheese. It’s because I can draw.
I can’t do math
and I can’t spell, but I can do pictures. I wasn’t– I wasn’t even
listening to you ’cause I knew
you didn’t have a chance. – But the thing is–
– You said this was a snowman. – Is it–
– I mean, good gracious. I think we know
who the winner is today, and it’s Sarah,
the cheese professional. See what you win? – The only thing–
– How about that? You carved the only thing that actually looks
like the thing that you were trying to carve. Congratulations. Click through to see us debunk
urban legends. Or maybe bunk them.Get your GMM logo penand your Mythical logo penat mythical.storeso you can be #pinning.


  1. ok but this reminds me of that one really weird kids book where this boy can chew cheese into really accurate shapes and amazes everyone who hates him and he ends up winning some weird competition ???

  2. “I’m choppin’ my cheese, making it happen, just pulling it apart and leaving stuff behind. It’s not an additive exercise, it’s kinda like sculpting, you take a big block and then you remove stuff you don’t need.”

  3. Sarah is definitely eccentric (in the best way) .. incredibly artistic.. and outgoing. She really needs to do something in entertainment.. bringing her art and personality to the masses. Youtube, television whatever. Sort of a Cheese Bob Ross.. maybe a game show like this is her thing.. maybe teaching.. who knows.

  4. Sarah: And its the right colour!
    Rhett: What?
    Sarah: Ignores the fact that snowmen are white and high fives Rhett
    Rhett: Snowmen aren't yellow?

  5. I’ve met Sarah!! My mom used to work for the dairy council and we got to go to the Indiana state fair and see her!

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