Cheese Lovers Take The Ultimate Cheese Road Trip

Cheese Lovers Take The Ultimate Cheese Road Trip

– So we’re going up the
California coast right now to try the best, coolest
cheese in California. The amount that I actually know about this is almost zero percent. And I just said yes without
knowing what it meant. We’re driving up the coast, we’re about to eat crazy
quantities of cheese in three days. Woo, I just walked outside the gas station and this is what Liz
is doing. Why? (laughs) – Cause when you sit for so long you have to work your legs. [Ashley] Can you do a
handstand right now? Do it. So, we’re about to pull up to
Stepladder Ranch what’s the deal with this place?
– [Liz] First one! So this is a small goat farm. It’s one of the last remaining ones. And, they make this cheese with beer that I really want to try. – Ready to eat some cheese, cheese! – Let’s eat some cheese! – Wow, this is crazy! – It’s stinky, in a good way though. – It’s like when you open up
a container of mozzarella. – It’s like a little bit like a fart. We’re a little excited. Wow, could have been a cheese
maiden in my other life. You look like you were
meant to be a cheese maiden. What’s that for? – This is a cheese trier so we’re going to take it into the aging
room and try it out. – It looks like something
– Looks like an eye gouge – you use to dissect a human body – This is both my dreams and my nightmares – [Liz] This is crazy. – [Worker] Basically this
guy’s about a year old so this is one of our wheels
of cloth-bound cheddar. – [Liz] Oh my god. – If I were drunk I would
do this all the time. – [Worker] Drinking and
cheese is dangerous. (wows) – Cheers.
– Here we go. – Oh my god, cheese is
so fucking good, dude. Like you look at that and
you’re like that’s disgusting and then you eat this
you’re like that’s amazing. – [Worker] One thing
better than beer and cheese is beer and cheese.
– [Ashley] Yeah together. – This is our Riley Run, we’ll wash it, and the Libertines stays on Once you add the beer to it,
it really brings the funk out. A little stinky a little fruity. All kinds of stuff like that
– [Ashley] Just like Liz. – Thank you. – Ooh.
– Ooh, did you get the rind? There’s so much of that
beer taste at the end. – I can totally see it like
mixed into a grilled cheese or on some mac and cheese, like mmmm. – [Ashley] On the
ultimate cheese road trip. – [Liz] This is literally the
ultimate cheese road trip. – When you first said
ultimate cheese road trip I didn’t think about how many farms and how much cow poop it would involve. – Yeah. – I was thinking we would stop at nice cheese shops, a couple whole foods, we’re like out in the boondocks. – We’re doing it real. We are going to a cheese-making class. – [Ashley] There’s like literally
a cow outside your window. – [Liz] I know. – This is a cheese that
we’re making today. This is Broncha. Broncha, again, is a blend
of both goat and cow’s milk. – [Ashley] It smells great in here. It smells stinky and amazing.
– [Liz] Super stinky, but it’s delicious. – We’re about to dip in this lemon kefir, Liz is chomping at the bit. – Whoa. – Yeah, wait, that is amazing. – We have a blend of
both goat and cow’s milk. – Have you ever just like
taken a bath in this? – I dream of doing this. (laughing) He’ll add the rennet, stir it in, within 20 minutes it’ll be completely
gelled up like a jello. – You can smell the creaminess of it. – Yeah. – We’re gonna leave it completely undisturbed for at least 20 minutes. (folk music) – Pull it straight. – Oh, it’s thick. – [Ashley] Wow, it is. Oh, I see. – We’re gonna touch it. – It looks like tofu, to me. Oh, it’s warm. – You’re gonna scoop up some curds. Elizabeth, come on. – Oh, I’m scared. – It’s like gold-digging. – Got it.
– So, this is just water, – Whey.
– Like, extra water. – Yep, it’s whey. – So, this is, from start to finish, we’ve made cheese, now. – We made cheese. – Yay. – Cheers! – [Whole Group] Cheese! (laughing) – [Liz] Love it. We are heading up to Point Reyes Creamery. So, I know how much you love bleu cheese. – I do love bleu cheese. – I hate bleu cheese. – (laughing) Are they
known for bleu cheese? – They have great bleu cheese, yes. – Oh my god. I’m pretty sure bleu cheese
is made with penicillin, like actual medicine. – That doesn’t surprise me, because that’s what it tastes like. – My name is (mumbles). We are in Point Reyes
Farmstead Cheese Company and we’ll be tasting our cheeses today. – Great, so what is this one called? – This one is Toma. – Oh, it’s very soft. – You know, basically
when you taste cheese, you want to smell it. – Mmmm. – You can see that the
texture is very elastic. So you will have a texture of kind of a very creamy havarti. And Bay Blue, actually is, I like to call it a gateway blue cheese. – If I try this, then in theory, I’ll be able to like blue cheese. Just put a lot of honey on it. – Cheers. – Cheers. – I like bleu cheese. – I think I could actually
finish this bite but, that’s probably only the first
bleu cheese I’ve ever eaten that I’ve ever liked, so. – [Ashley] This is first
favorite bleu cheese. This is the Marin French Cheese company, and they have a beautiful little lake by their creamery.
– It’s lovely. – Have we had enough
cheese yet today, Ashley? – (laughs) Oh my God,
we’ve had so much cheese. People keep asking me where we’ve been, and I have no idea. Cheese. – Cheese. – Stop eating it! – It’s good. – I’m sharing a hotel
room with Liz tonight– – I’m gonna burp cheese on you all night.
– And oh my God. – Liz literally just said to me–
– While we shit. – I need a vegetable. I haven’t even been pooping. – We just got back in
the car after dinner, and we immediately rolled down the windows because it smells like a thousand farts. – It smells like an asshole. – So, we are driving up to the farm, and we just saw a bunch
of freaking buffalo. Those are not cows. – Just thought we’d switch
it up a little bit today. – Cheese adventure. – [Worker] We’re gonna move
them over to the street pasture, so they can have breakfast. – Great, how do we get down there? – ATV. – Hold on Liz! – What’s happening? (screaming) – [Ashley] Oh my God, look at all of them. – So, there basically just
gonna come across here, and go over there for lunch. Let’s go get lunch! – They look like I do when I want lunch. – This is so much like
lunch at our office. – Here we go. – We’re gonna milk water buffalo. (laughing) – These are water buffalo,
they are from Southeast Asia. – [Worker] So pinch. – I can’t do it. – [Ashley] You can do it. – [Liz] It’s like scratching your head and rubbing your belly. – [Liz] I did it! – There you go, you got it out. – [Liz] You did it! – [Worker] There you go. – That’s how you milk
the buffalo. (laughs) – Oh, she just snorted. (buffalo crying) – [Ashley] Cheers.
– Cheese. – This is a lady made cheese, I love it. (laughing) – Oh my goodness. The other cheeses we’ve been eating, we’ve kinda want them
paired with something, but I feel like mozzarella’s
one that it’s better fresher with just a little bit on it. – I can really taste the
freshness in it, too. It feels like it was just made recently. – It was just made. What I’ve gotten from this is that buffalo make incredible cheese, but they’re amazing animals. – It was amazing. I thought it was really cool
to see how the cheese was made, and we tasted a lot of great
cheese, but I think like all great things–
– Our car smells lie farts – Everything in moderation. You just fucked up my last line. – Cheese road trip! – Yeah! – Oh my God. No more dairy on our
next road trip, please.


  1. should have went to Wisconsin every Friday and Monday we celevrate farms and there are $1 bags of different cheeses.

  2. What the f* happened to those goats ears?!? Just why?!? And don't say some nonsense like they need to be cut off, so the others don't chew them off! My family was raising sheep for decades and that never happened!

  3. "so this is a small goat farms, it's one of the last remaining ones." Ones what? In the state? country? world? Cause no, there are actually small goat farms in many places. Not as many in the us as cow dairy's but still lots.

  4. Going to California for cheese is like going to Napa Valley for wine. The Disneyland versions of cheese and wine. Might as well just go full American and ask for low calorie wine and gluten free cheese.

  5. I don't like cheese… like any cheese…

    Just looking through the comments for anyone else who also doesn't like cheese…

  6. Come to Wisconsin we've got too much cheese my house has turned to cheese my family has turned to cheese I'm drowning in cheese help

  7. As someone living in the Sacramento area, the fact that our sad, forgotten part of California was even recognized in the map is enough to make me happy 😂 we're the capitol, but nobody likes us.

  8. "I'm pretty sure blue cheese is made with penicillin, like actual medicine."

    Mold. Blue cheese is made with mold.

  9. If someone invited me on the ultimate cheese road trip I wouldn't ask many questions either. Just "will I need my passport" and "should I go ahead and empty out my savings now?"

  10. I would love to do this in Europe because I bet the cheese is really different and really good.🧀😋

  11. Cheese is on my top five list of favorite foods. But, I'm lactose intolerant and it can literally ruin a whole day if I get carried away.

  12. Where the heck is Wisconsin?! THEY'RE KNOWN FOR LOVING CHEESE AND MAKING IT!!!! Too bad it was a road trip too, they could've gone to places like France and Switzerland they're also know for amazing cheese…

  13. 1. They didn't come to Wisconsin, which is known for Cheese.
    2. Wisconsin won the 2016 World Championship for Cheese Making.
    3. Buzzfeed are a bunch of cheap asses that they can't even send them to Wisconsin.
    4. CA just wants to think they are ahead in the dairy industry, but they aren't
    5. Wisconsinites wear Cheesehead hats. Would we wear something so silly unless we were the Cheese Masters of the U.S.?
    6. This should be in the number 1 spot. I can't even take this video seriously

  14. This video just possible saved me a trip to the ER thank you!!!! I am highly allergic to penicillin! I had no clue what blue cheese was made of! Looked it up and turns out I'm most likely also allergic to blue cheese now I know to say away from it

  15. They say "Ultimate" Cheese Road Trip without going to Wisconsin, the nation's dairy state. Wisconsin is the only state where you have to be a certified cheese maker.

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