Canned Herring Recipes – 2 ways to eat kippers

Canned Herring Recipes – 2 ways to eat kippers

chef buck here and today
we’re going to have some herring anyone who watches our videos knows we’re can
fish freaks we’ve been experimenting with herring lately …usually we eat a lot of tuna…we eat a lot of a can mackerel …we eat a
ton of canned salmon …canned fish is a great value it’s so healthy there’s lots of
different ways you can use it camera girl is going to make a salad and I’m
going to make a crostini and I’ve already got some bread toasted up for
crostini look how thin I slice that look how healthy I’m being… I’m
going to use the smoked herring in canola oil but this here is wild cut so
you know these fish were out partying and next thing they know they’re in
a can let’s open this up got to be careful so
I’m not wearing all this oil all over my lovely duds… watch out camera girl when I pull this off it might splatter oil and this is basically a lethal razor blade of death now this one is packed in
oil and it just smells like smoked fish smells nice if you like smoked
fish …but I’m going to get this out of the oil so I’m not making such a big
mess so I don’t flip that can and be wearing all that oil… I’m
going to slice right through the center so I have a couple of bigger
pieces to put on my crostini and the first thing I’m going to do is
put a little cream cheese on there basically I’m making a little
fancy-pants lox and bagel with cream cheese and smoked
salmon but I’m going to do that with my smoked herring which is a little less
expensive a lot less expensive I’m going to get thinly sliced red onions for
a little bit of crunch adds a nice flavor … I’m going to put some
fancy-pants mustard on there look how fancy that is it’s like pickled mustard
seeds it’s going to have a nice strong flavor but it’s also going to add a nice
texture …a different texture than you would get from a creamy mustard a little
bit of fresh dill fresh dill because that’s how SuperDuper fancy-pants this
is going to be what about some capers oh yeah
look how about that …they’re imported ….they’re from a different part
of the world… I could go around the corner buy some capers from some guy off the street but instead I got these now I’m going to do the piece
de resistance put a little bit of this smoked herring on top boom and now it’s
the ultimate bourgeoisie fancy-pants crostini… I guess as fancy
a crostini as you can have with canned fish on top… you can put the dill on the
top for some garnish or something make it look prettier yeah I
like having the dill and the capers inside so they don’t escape … this is a terrific little snack mmmm
I caned herring has a great flavor it’s a nice strong flavor SuperDuper
healthy but it’s not like repellent like sardines …. like I can
go to a party and open this up and I’d be the life of the party
he whereas if you go and open canned sardines at a party you know …they’re
gonna ask you to leave… that may not be why they ask you to leave, buck now camera girl is going to make a healthier snacks …. I
realized when we were experimenting with these smoked herring…I had become bored with some salads you can try different dressings
different this and that so we realized one way you can fish up a salad is to add herring I gotta move back because when you
open that there’s the danger of death and oil splatter or water splatter this
is packed in water watch out for
these lids…in kindergarten somebody licked their pudding lid and cut their tongue you’re gonna make a salad what are you gonna put on it?… I just have a base salad here some
Green’s I’ve got some celery for crunch and then I’ve got some fresh dill a
little hard to see it … but if you’ve got fresh dill it makes a big
difference even if it comes in pieces just sort of get it out lay it on here
and my suggestion is I’m going to use some sort of cream cheese a little bit of fresh dill I would say the the red onion
really does add a little niceness to it but I am going to put some cream cheese
I do love it any smoked fish with cream cheese …
gonna spread on there …we have whipped cream cheese it might harder with regular cream cheese…so let it soften just going to add a little bit on top …
the other thing I like to add is mustard
…. I’m just going to put just a little bit of Dijon down the middle I’m using a good amount of
red onion we are going to add some fresh dill and then we’re going to add capers
this is the one thing I’d say since the fish is already salty this adds just a
little more salt if you want to add a little bit of juice do it sparingly
freshly cracked pepper I think makes a big difference so just
another simple quick way to use smoked herring and again it doesn’t taste as
strong as you might think it’s a little stronger than tuna but it’s got that
smoked flavor… how can you go wrong with that alright that’s a big mouthful can hear the crunch so you added quite a
bit onion in there but that hung in really helps but that’s also celery I’m
celery – that’s smart yeah cuz you really need something crunchy with a
canned fish especially these thin pieces of herring so it’s really great on a
crostini it’s fantastic but if you do put in a salad like this you know having
some nice crunchy fresh onion having some celery… or even some bell pepper some crunchy elements you definitely need unless
you’re one of those weirdos that your dessert you don’t like nuts… mmm like
brownies without nuts…oh yeah when she says ‘weirdo’… if you don’t
like nuts… she didn’t mean you would you want to eat herring
salad or a herring crostini what if we split it?…. you know I’m getting the shorter end of that stick oh well there
you have it… there’s a couple of super easy quick uses for a canned
herring …whatever you want to do but don’t be afraid of canned
fish …it sounds so scrumptious…canned fish! if you have ideas about what to
do with can herring besides sending it to your mother-in-law or slinging
out the window …let us know


  1. Came here looking for suggestions as to how I should eat this canned fish, immediately thought I'd clicked on some rich douche bags showing off how superior their diet is. Laughed through most of the video and got the ideas I was looking for, you guys are great. Thank you.

  2. Shut up..with respect. ……I am the only one in my fam that eats all this and have it in "my" pantry cabinet, but not like this. Thanks for your culinary contribution. I will do this. regularly now. Ive watched a few of your videos on youtube and eat a lot like you do but you kick it up. Cool beans.

  3. Sorry to bother you with this – what type of bread were you using. It looked great. Oh sorry, I just saw your note about crostini. Thanks.

  4. What I like the most about this video is your support and love ❤️ I see u offer your wife. I can see how patient u are with her. Good job Chef Buck

  5. Camera girl is having a good hair day in this episode! 😀
    Don’t know if I’ll be able to get my husband to eat canned herring though. . . .

  6. I'm so glad I found your channel again. I subbed on my old account which is closed, but I'm back! Thanks for all the eats, Chef Buck!!

  7. Wow!!!! My blood pressure was at 200/125 last week… checked 8 times at the Doctors.. so..BP meds…. walking and Herring… and OMG.. my BP is back to normal…. I'm defin. gonna make this…..

  8. I love canned fish, smoked herring is one of my fav. In oil only, of course, no tomato suace!

    One tip i know is to wash the outside of the can thoroughly before opening (even the ones wrapped in plastic). Sometimes bacteria is on the outside of the can and when u open it can contact the oil and contaminate the can.

  9. This is a totally inappropriate use of canned fish without adding the caviar 😜😃 but I love it! I was going to feed it to a stray cat, but you’d never get rid of them and risk harm with them opening the cans themselves. 😁

    I’m a little broke and you two should have high blood pressure with the consumption of all that salt, but I’m inspired to make them taste fancy great by watching your video! 💪🏽🖤🖤✅

  10. Just a tip to remember: When you are opening a can of sardines or herring etc, when you get to the very end with little of the lid still connected to the can just bend it back and fourth and it won't pop off and shoot juice everywhere. Try it! 😉

  11. I grew up on this stuff, with mayo on bread (very glad that my tastes have become more sophisticated). Love your recipes here, I've done similar. One major thing both of you are missing on is Avocado—it is sublime paired against kippers. I commonly eat them together in salads, on crackers, etc. (Corn chip base, avocado, onion, kippers and pickled jalapeno is amazing.)

  12. These ideas all look good. I never pull the lids all the way off. after rinsing, I just tuck them back down in there and recycle.

  13. Have you ever tried saving the oil from smoked herring cans and using it to cook other items such as fresh fish? Wonder how that would go? I eat a bunch of this stuff and I keep saying I'm going to try it. Maybe a bad idea.

  14. You guys are a lot fancier with it than I am, I just eat it with hot sauce. Definitely going to try the crustini, though I might just do it as toast overall.

  15. I like it. I was just looking for new stuff to do with kipper snacks and I found your channel; you guys are fun, I'll be subscribing!

  16. Can't tell if there are bones in these or if you'r just eating through them.
    trying to find a brand of stuff like that that doesn't.

  17. While you are at it, substitute goat cheese for the highly processed cream cheese with vegetable thickener. Read the label. I do my lox and bagel just like your recipe, but without the mustard.

  18. Watch out when buying kippers!!! Chicken of the sea and the Brunswick one are FAKE!!! They are not smoked but are artificially flavored. Read ingredients. There is no comparison between the FAKE ones and a real smoked herring. Suprisingly I have been very disappointed in bar harbor's product this year. The quality has gone way down. Roland is excellent very similar to the trader Joe's. Probably the same producer just different graphics on the can. Yep watch out for that oil and kipper oil flinging lid!!!

  19. I'm in my camper wondering if I'm gonna be grossed out if I open this can of smoked herring….watch this vid and  PRESTO!  Flavored triscuit, sliced smoked medium cheddar, and tabasco.   YUM!

  20. Been eating canned kippered sardines AND herring my whole life. They taste literally the same, so to say that some people would have a different reaction to them both is, in my opinion, a completely asinine statement.

  21. Nice banter between the two people. They were fun to watch. I liked their, "fancy pants" saying. I haven't heard that saying, for a long time.

  22. Instead of adding cream try a blue cheese dressing or sprinkle some fetta cheese or som gorgonzola with a generous dollop of sour cream with the cheeses

  23. More and more information all the time that the seed oils (canola, corn, etc. including soybean oil a legume) are ecceptionally bad for the brain. Stick with olive, walnut, or avocado oil…great for the brain.
    Other than that, love your enthusiasm for the small, low on the food chain fish that you can eat a lot of.

  24. So why did you put bar harbor kippers in the thumbnail??? It wasn’t in your video and that was the one I wanted to see.

  25. Recently I discovered Bar Harbor All Natural Smoked Wild Kippers in my local Stop and Shop. First of all, they tasted GREAT, but there was a problem. They were being sold in a section of the store where, let's say, the low end crappier food is sold. This is the problem…every can that I bought didn't open properly. I'm guessing that Stop and Shop received many complaints. I have seen this before. You get a great product with extremely poor packaging. In this case the handle breaks off. I 've seen moderate price Champagne bottles with unopenable corks and Vitamin or pill jars that will not open without crushing the top with a hammer… It's a shame because other Kipper products open fine. Why would someone buy Bar Habor when another product is hassle free?

  26. These "Capers"
    Are they sour pickled?

    I THINK I had some in japan! 🤔
    And I'm not sure if they are like little pickles!
    Can someone please answer my question. Thank you.

  27. Dump the canola oil poison, like soybean oil or vegetable oil. There are so many oils they can use but they elect to use cheap GMO toxin.

  28. I still love sardines. The cheaper cans are hit or miss tho cause if you get a fish they didn’t clean out good enough and still has guts I have to sit and pick it out and it’s nasty fishy flavor

  29. Canned fish KIPPERS and fresh salmon are the ONLY meats I eat. I love kippers like this. I put avocado on mine instead of the cheese. Great vid!

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