1. This was like watching a mythbusters episode where Adam and Jamie do their own takes on a project – of course, with Rhett being like Jamie, and Link being like Adam ^_^

  2. One of the rare times when the after show is more interesting than the main episode.. Just my opinion AKA subjective

  3. An egg is soft when first laid. And becomes hard as it “drys” the Calcium in the shell reacts with the air to dry it.

  4. My brother, niece, and nephew got me the, “Book of Mythicality” for Xmas. Unfortunately, I already have and read it. I couldn’t bring myself to tell them I wanted the new book, “Bleak Creek”. So obviously, I just smiled big, said thank you, gave hugs, and kisses. Now what? Lol 🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. link: puts rubber bands around an egg the same way I've seen rubber bands used to break watermelons
    also link: eggs are strong right?

  6. Link, hens don't actually have vaginas , they have a cloaca which is an all in one hole used for almost everything

    I think

  7. I love how this channel is not as successful as good mythical morning its always the after shows that are not as famous. MAN………

  8. I like how the goal was to protect eggs, and Link immediately goes for a method lots of people use to make watermelons explode…

  9. if the tip of an egg hits the side of another egg the egg that was hit on the side is bound to break plus a hen only hes one egg in its body at all times i know this because we raise chickens and i also do a 4-H project on that topic every year

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