Can Kids Guess Their Father’s Cooking?

Can Kids Guess Their Father’s Cooking?

– Oh, it’s spicy, ooh hoo! (both dads laughing) – (screams) It’s on my pants,
it’s on my pants! ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today you’ll be guessing
your parents’ cooking. – Good. – Mmm, okay.
– Good, ’cause I’m hungry. – And do we get ice cream
if we win? – (FBE) No. – Okay.
(Dominick laughs) – So there’s like
a certain amount of things that my dad knows how to make,
and he does it really well. Like salsa, like he knows
how to do that really well. – My dad is kind of
a creative cook though. – In a good way or a bad way? – Just a bit, eh it depends. Like he tried making chocolate cake
in a bread maker, and like…
– That sounds good. – It was not.
– It sounds good. – (FBE) Here’s how this is gonna work. We’ve got three dishes
for each of you to try. For each one of them, one is going to be made by your dad. One is going to be made
by the other person’s dad, and one is gonna be made
by us here at FBE as a decoy. You’ll get to try all three
before deciding which one is made by your father. And because we want this to be
as pure of a taste test as possible, we’ll need you to put on
some blindfolds. – Sick. – Great, love that,
love the blindfolds. – See what I’ve noticed,
what’s easy about this is that you guys aren’t
the best at cooking. (everyone laughs) – (FBE) Alright, so first up,
we’ve got tacos. Here is option A. – (laughs) It’s broken. – Oh, it’s spicy, ooh hoo! – It’s really good though. – Okay, yeah, I’ll admit. – It’s kinda spicy,
it’s definitely not my dad’s. – That does not taste like
my dad’s at all. ‘Cause that’s just so gross,
that’s so nasty. – Hey, be nice.
– It might be my dad. – That’s so spicy, oh my gosh. (screams) – If my dad’s gonna make tacos,
he’s gonna put his salsa in it. I know that for a fact. – By Lucas’s reaction,
I’m pretty sure it’s not his dad. – No, that’s not my dad’s at all. – (FBE) You guys ready
for the next taco? – No, yes.
– Yeah. – (FBE) This is your second taco,
this is option B. – Okay. These, hmm.
– Hmm, that’s pretty good. – Yeah. – Whoa that’s so good,
oh my God, whoa. – I think I know,
I think I know which one is… – I think this is my dad. Yeah, this doesn’t taste
like something my dad would make, but it tastes good. – We pretty much like
just eat black bean tacos, ’cause my mom’s a vegetarian,
and I’m a pescatarian, so we just kinda make it
easy on everybody and eat black bean tacos. So I really feel like this is my dad. – (FBE) What’s so much better
about this one than the last one? – It’s not spicy.
(dads laughing) – (FBE) Alright, here is your
third option for tacos. – You’re doing a good job
hitting the plate. – Oh they’re little baby tacos! – That is most definitely my dad’s. – Oh yeah this is bougie.
My dad cannot make this. (everyone laughing) – This is like, this is so,
ooh, okay. Ah, nope, mm-mm,
not even putting that in my mouth. – Yeah.
– That’s not good at all. – (FBE) What don’t you like about it?
– Everything. I don’t like beans,
so I’m not gonna eat that. – Yeah, I think it’s Jaxon’s dad. My dad could not make this, I’m sorry. – (laughs) Not would not,
just could not. – Could not. – I’m gonna say one thing,
that tastes like really burnt. – (FBE) Again, your insults
to the chef. (everyone laughs) Yeah, what do you guys
think about their evaluations of these three tacos? – A little critical,
a little harsh, but that’s okay. – (FBE) So, between options A,B and C, which do you think your father made? – Okay, option B! – Uh, I don’t know,
option C? – Oh, okay, I’m sorry. – (FBE) Interesting, why do you say C? You didn’t really like C. – Because my dad never makes tacos. – Mine is definitely C.
I think B is your dad. – Mm-hmm, B is mine.
– And then A is FBE’s. – (FBE) Alright Dads,
did they get it right? – Bad.
– Bad! – Really?
– Bad, horribly bad. – Wait, no way, that, wait, wait! – Mine was option B.
– Oh! – And mine was option C! – That is correct.
– That is absolutely right. – Yay, high five!
– What’d I tell you? – Oh.
– Oh! – Close enough. – (FBE) Next up,
we’ve got some pancakes. Here is option A. – So this is the plate,
where’s the eh! – Oh wait, oh it’s cold, wait.
(dads laughing) – (laughs) I’m gonna… – That’s not my dad’s pancakes. I just had his pancakes this morning,
I know what they taste like. – Could be cinnamon flavored. – (FBE) Marlhy seems
to be enjoying it. (dad laughing) – I got something. – Oh no. (laughs) – (FBE) You alright?
– Yeah. (dads laughing) – It’s just how the bread tastes. Like it doesn’t, I’m not ready. – It doesn’t taste
like something he’d make. – It feels weird, this feels weird.
Why does it feel like a pie? – Wait, are you like
picking it up with your hand? – Yeah, I’m touching it with my hands. – Oh, I thought.
– Yeah, you know what I’m saying? – Is it, it’s like a pizza. – I haven’t had
pancake in a long time. – Wow, that’s sad,
pancakes are the best. – (FBE) And when you do have pancakes,
how does your dad make ’em? Does it seem like this is something
that he would do? Is it this style? – No, he usually makes like
protein pancakes or whatever they’re called.
(Lucas coughs) (everyone laughs) – I, you know what,
I don’t think my dad made this. – I don’t think my dad
made this either. – I, mmm, yeah, I’m gonna, mmm. Well, would they do the same order
twice in a row? – I don’t think.
– Or would they do that, just to make us think?
– I’m pretty sure FBE would make like traditional pancakes. – I’m ready for the next one.
– I’m not though. – I honestly feel like…
– What the heck? – The decoy is gonna be
the one that tastes like really off. – (FBE) Now we’re gonna have you try
option B. – Yay!
– Ah. (laughs) I’m kinda scared.
– Why are you scared of pancakes? What is going on right now? – I’m trying to find the plate! – I don’t like this one.
It’s way too sweet. – I like this one. – Do I have it?
– You do, you do. – Is there anything on my fork now? – (FBE) You’ve got something.
– Don’t poke yourself. – There might be something
on your fork, Jax. (both laughing) (Jaxon yells) – It’s on my pants,
it’s on my pants! – What did you do? – (FBE) Please feel free to tweet us
any viewers out there with hashtag pantscake.
(everyone laughs) – Uh huh, wait, where is it? – (FBE) You got the whole
pancake on the fork. Do either of you suspect
that your father made this? – I have no clue. – It’s just like, it’s fluffy. The thing that my dad likes
when it comes to pancakes is that it’s fluffy,
so this could be his, but then again it could be yours, because you guys go for like
the generic name brand kinda thing. So I mean, I don’t know,
that could be you guys. – Y’all are basic.
– Ooh. – (FBE) You suspect this could be
made by your father? – Possibly, but I don’t know yet. – Me neither, it could be
the decoy though. – (FBE) Finally, we’re gonna
have you try option C. – Wow, if you could see this. – Can you not taunt us, please? – (spits) That was so bad.
Oh my gosh! – What did I just touch? (dads laughing) What did I just touch? – I…
– Wow! It’s like mumbley-peg with food! – Oh, this is chocolate. – Ah, it’s on my pants again!
(everyone laughs) – Honestly, I think this
one’s my dad’s, is that bad? – Last time he burnt the food. This one tastes burnt too! – (FBE) You guys ready
to make a guess, or do you wanna hurl any more
insults at this particular pancake? (everyone laughs) – I’m going out on a limb.
– Dad, do we have… – To think that my dad would be
the first one, just because he knows, I didn’t taste any syrup, and I feel like if he’s gonna make
pancakes, he’d like cater it to me, where he wouldn’t put syrup on it,
’cause he knows I hate it. – (FBE) Between A, B and C, which do you think
your fathers made? – Option B. – Um, option A? – My dad made C.
– I think his dad made A. I’m so sorry. – ‘Cause I’m pretty sure
that you guys would go for the generic
kind of pancake that would you expect.
– Yeah. – Like the ground zero of pancakes. My dad might have
made the pizza, first one. – (FBE) Alright dads,
did they get it right? – Dom, you got mine right. (bell rings) – And of course,
I’m never making pancakes for you ever again,
because it was option three. (buzzer rings) – No, I knew it!
I knew it! – Absolutely correct.
– They did get it right! – Holy crap, I am godly at this! – I just wanna say,
it wasn’t a pizza. It was a German pancake.
– Oh no! – That you would get
at a restaurant that we love in Palm Springs. – Did you put syrup on them? – I, they put syrup on them. I didn’t put syrup on them. – That’s probably why,
it’s not the same syrup he uses! – (FBE) So finally, we’ve got
three different dishes. We asked your dad
to prepare the dish that he considers his favorite. So we’re also going to have you
guess what it is. Do you have an idea
of what your dad brought in? – I’m thinking meatloaf. I’m thinking my dad brought in
his fake meatloaf, because he has a secret ingredient
and that ingredient is ketchup. It’s not that secret.
(Jaxon laughs) – You just gave it away! – (FBE) You guys
could put on your blindfolds. – Bye bye! – (FBE) Alright,
here is your first food. – I feel like, you have to.
– What, what, ew. What is my finger in?
What am I putting my finger in? – This is…
– Oh. – This is not so bad, honestly. – I think it is, probably like
ground beef or something. – This feels like a chip. This feels… (everyone laughs) – I’m like, I’m putting
so much concentration on this one. – Okay. That feels like a chip. – That’s bomb. – (FBE) It’s good, you like it?
– Mm-hmm, yeah. – I feel something like slippery. – It’s grainy, why is it grainy,
what is it? Oh my God,
it’s in my lap! I have a chip in my lap. – It’s the same salsa!
– Is there a salsa? – I know this for a fact,
it’s my dad’s. It’s the salsa that gave it away. – (FBE) You guys ready
to try the next dish? – No.
– (FBE) No? – Sure.
– Okay, fine. – (FBE) Alright, now we’re
gonna have you try option B. – Oh wait a minute.
– What the hell, ugh! – Wait a minute, wait a minute. (dads laughing) – It got better, okay.
– It got better! – Oh, I know what this is. It’s my dad, it’s colcannon. It’s like mashed potatoes
and this is like veggie sausage, so like vegetarian sausage, and then like carrots
and cabbage and stuff? – I don’t like this.
– Oh, that’s good. That had like a, what is that called? I don’t know.
– I know who did. I know, I know this one.
– (FBE) What is it? – I think this one’s Dominick’s dad. – Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s steak. – (FBE) So you both feel good
going into the third food? – Yep.
– I do. – Yep.
– (FBE) So here’s your final food. Marlhy, do not be alarmed. Once again,
this is the type of this food that you can definitely eat. – That’s gonna go right on his pants. – You are not funny,
I’m gonna scoot! (everyone laughs) – (gags) That’s like a sloppy joe. – Where did you start? – I taste green beans. It’s not green beans,
it’s snap peas, that’s what I taste. – What the heck is this,
wait, is there cheese in here? Is this a cheese burger? This cannot be. (gags) – (FBE) Alright, so do either of you
think your father made this? – No.
– (laughs) Nope. My dad would add like
something to it. I don’t know, it doesn’t taste
like something my dad would make. – Yeah, I don’t know. We never really make
veggie burgers at our house. – Can I just have a napkin?
I kinda made a mess. – (FBE) Alright,
so of those three options, which do you think
was made by your father? – Uh, first one, yours.
– Yes. – And then second one my dad. And then third one, you guys. – B?
– A. ‘Cause that tastes just like
how my dad makes that, and it tastes really, really, good. – I just picked between B or C. That’s, ’cause those both
tasted like somewhat my dad’s cooking. – (FBE) Alright dads,
how’d they do? – Nailed it again.
– Real good, but I just wanna say, there was two
completely different salsas. The first one was a mango salsa. – Oh.
– On the seared ahi tuna tacos. – Ooh.
– Ooh, hello, okay. (dads laughing) – They did good that time. I cooked B, which was the steak. – And he can now get a ride home,
he’s no longer walking. He did pick the right one, it was A. – Yay! – But I do think they earned
extra chores when they get home. – (FBE) Alright with
a final score of 3-3, you guys both tied. Dads, how do you feel about
their performance in this challenge? – I think blindfolds
are the most hilarious thing we can absolutely put on my son. – I’ve never seen you
so crippled. (everyone laughs) – You don’t really think about it,
but there’s like certain things and like certain products
that your family uses, and just kind of a certain style
that your parents make things that you don’t really think about. – Yeah, for sure.
My dad usually, always makes salsa. I knew it was my dad’s,
I knew it tasted like my dad’s. – (FBE) Dads, how do you feel
about your kids’ not only performance
in this challenge, but the insult comedy
they decided to throw at everyone’s cooking? – Well it’s funny because
he just had pancakes this morning and he ate it,
and he loved it. – So you got, you should have
brought the syrup, dad. – Next time, I know. – It’s technically his fault,
’cause he didn’t bring the syrup. – I had to throw him off a little bit. ‘Cause if I would’ve made
the way I usually make ’em, he would’ve gotten it, so I was just trying
to throw him off a little bit. – So basically, I won. – Your dad sabotaged your win.
(laughs) – Thanks for watching
Guess Your Father’s Cooking… – On the REACT Channel. – Subscribe! – We’ve got new shows
for you every day. – What’s your parent’s
favorite dish to make? – Let us know in the comments. – Bye!
– Bye! – (both) Bye! – Hey guys, Ethan here
from the REACT Channel. If you liked this episode,
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what types of foods we’ll be guessing next.
Bye guys!


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  2. There was a mistake in the pancake on because it said that option A is Jaxon’s and then again in option C even tho it was Marley dad

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