Can Consumption Of Fermented Milk Products Help With Mild Digestive Symptoms?

Can Consumption Of Fermented Milk Products Help With Mild Digestive Symptoms?

… Eric Bakker New Zealand Naturopath, thank
you for coming back, it’s always good to see a familiar face. We’re going to talk about fermented and non-fermented
dairy products, and whether they have an impact on your gut health. I often get comments from people on YouTube,
and sometimes I get comments from people saying that fermented dairy products are actually
bad for your health, they’re a cow product that people shouldn’t be eating. Dairy products at all, they’re no good. It’s incredible how people get brainwashed
by the media. I just read a statistic now that up to 50%
of Americans now believe at least in one major conspiracy theory. I mean, so many people want to believe stuff
that’s not true. All right? So, a study was conducted in April this year
in France that involved 539 women. All right? Now these are actually documented studies. So this is science people, this is not some
type of conspiracy theory, or some hearsay or some kind of stuff they’re trying to fudge
people off with, right. Fermented dairy products actually really do
work, and they help to restore the gut. So what they did is they got a group of about
540 women, and they split the group up like they often do. One group got a non-fermented dairy product,
which was basically the control. And the other group received 125 grams, which
is what, I think about five or six ounces or something, of a fermented dairy product,
which contained probiotic strains. So they received that twice per day, for I
think between two to four week period. And what they found is that women who had
the fermented, versus the non-fermented, noticed a significant improvement in the comfort of
their digestive system. We’re talking mild symptoms like bloating
or gas or things like that. So, switching to a yogurt, for example, a
properly made yogurt, a good organic one, can have a significant effect and positive
impact on your gut. Hey, be sure to get my free candida shopping
list guys. I mean, I put this together years ago for
patients. Click on the link in the subscription box
below if you want it, it’s a pretty cool thing to have in your pantry, or hanging on the
fridge or take with you shopping, because it’s going to show you stuff that’s going
to really help you, including different types of fermented foods like the yogurt, which
I’m a big believer in. So there you have it. It’s good to eat a little bit of fermented
foods regularly here and there. Now you’re saying, “Hang on Eric, I can’t
eat that crap. I get bloating, and gas and things when I
eat things like [inaudible] or yogurt.” So you may have to get your gut into a little
bit better shape before you can really tolerate the yogurt. So make sure you look at my other videos,
I do talk about fermented and cultured foods quite a bit. Thanks for tuning in.


  1. Yo Eric wassup man? I have a defense date for my Ph.D. defense!!! Just a quick question. I noticed my stool shape and texture changes within a day and between days. For example, in one day I had from motion for 4 times, gradually from pellets to sausage and smooth like. No big changes in diet. Could it be stress?

  2. But isn’t acidity bad for the body? And doesn’t yogurt have acidophilus bacteria which love acidity? So confusing.

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