BwC S3E6 – Adam Gilchrist | Gilly, Gol Gappas, Pranks & Rambo

BwC S3E6 – Adam Gilchrist | Gilly, Gol Gappas, Pranks & Rambo

– Should I show you a trick shot?
– Yeah. Listen if you can impress
Adam Gilchrist with a trick shot… …then you know you’ve had a good day.
Pure luck baby… pure luck. How do you react to talk of people
saying that you’re the greatest… …keeper-batsman ever to
play the game? I would say there are a few people in
Ranchi that might disagree with that. You don’t sit and reflect on yourself
in that capacity or wonder… …whether you were or who was even really.
All of them in there own right… …you know there own timing. Baz (Brendon McCullum) was amazing because he came in so young and… …he was learning the
art of the batting and… Sanga (Kumar Sangakkara) is unbelievable. He got a hundred 100s the other
day in first class cricket. Then MS (Dhoni), remarkable
what he achieved. And totally in the most
unique, personalised way. On top of that too he’s carved out a
reasonable brand and business… …the business of MS Dhoni. Front up so many campaigns, sponsors… …and do all that. It’s massive. I remember, I used to
know that if I was doing a… …like a TV campaign came
out that I was in and… …advertising something or promoting
something during a series. I’d be a bit nervous about… …jeez I hope I perform well because I
don’t want to be getting out… …for a duck or dropping a catch
and then in the ad break… It’s me going, ‘Champions!
Yeah, hold on to that!’ So I can imagine the expectation
and pressure on him. Admirable. That Australian team had more
good days than bad days, right? How did you guys tackle the bad days? I think… it’s a good question. I think as a team we had
more good than bad but… …that didn’t mean that every individual
had more good than bad. Fair point. I love that line people probably use
about Sachin (Tendulkar) is that… …he got a hundred 100s, but that’s
conservatively from 400 innings. 600 games so thats 400 ODI’s, 200
Tests, you’re looking at 700 innings or so. 700 innings that means he’s not got a 100…
so if you want to deem that as a failure… …he failed 600 times and
passed the test a 100 times. So break it down like that, the
reality is you’re probably going to… …fail or be disappointed more
than you’re happy. So it’s how you handle those failures
as to whether you can unlock… …your capabilities to get the good times. So we as team just stripped
it to back to say the basics. What were our objectives, what was
our plan, did we tick those boxes and… …usually you couldn’t say yes to any
of that if you had a bad day. So what kept the team hungry particularly
if the team had a bad day was… …a desire to be the one to
make the difference. Do you remember the 2001
test match? That was… Do you remember your mindset after
that test match cause you guys… …was that the first loss after like some
16 wins, that was the first one after… …and you guys had that game. That was my first
Test match in India. …and we were very aware that it was at that
point of time I think 31 years or something that… …since Australia had achieved a
victory in test cricket in India. So we were aware of that and
we come over and we… …play Mumbai, win in 3 days. And I just thought,
what’s this all about… …what’s the issue boys, what’ve
been doing for 30 years but… Then we went up to
Calcutta, the next test. Morning of day 4… …effectively we still had a lead and as far as
we were concerned we had Sachin out. So we just needed to get a breakthrough.
Either VVS (Laxman) or Rahul (Dravid). I remember Slats, Michael Slater, sitting
in the changing room and out of his bag… …and he had this cigar out before
we went out on the field going… “Oh, tonight boys, tonight
here we go you beauty”. Of course we didn’t get a wicket. So in the Calcutta test I got a king pair. – That strategy didn’t work out too well.
– Out first ball, both innings… …first Australian to ever do it. Jeez I was plum in the second
innings. And I remember… …going out there just delirious and
Sachin bowling and the crowd… …Sachin! Sachin! And he set this trap tempting me to
sweep and it’s the old don’t sweep… …he floats up a leggy, try to
sweep, bang plum LBW. I wasn’t out first innings
I’ve got to say that. Hit it, pitched outside leg anyway…
well done Bhajji you got your hat trick. But Bhajji getting a hat
trick with your wicket… …pales in comparison to you getting his wicket… …- as the only wicket you have.
– Ooooh sweet, sweet revenge. An IPL match my last game, I was happy to… – Have some fun.
– I reckon I might’ve spun it… …no I didn’t spin it. I was going to
say I spun a bit more than him but… …I didn’t spin it. And of course you did every
celebration after that. A spell of yeah… it was the year of
Gangnam style and then… But is it an even bigger compliment
when Andrew Symonds said that… …you celebrate better than him. Listen, Symo telling you that, cause I’ve
seen him a few evenings after games. I reckon there’s been a… …committee meeting of some sort
of my team mates that now this… …desire to spread this accusation and
rumour which may or may not be true but… Mate, you gotta celebrate your successes. As
I said before there’s too many down days to… …not maximize the celebration of…
I remember… …2004 I think we had the TVS cup. We played the final at Eden Gardens
and we won against India and… …we celebrated and we were sort of flying
out the next day at about midday and… …myself, Symo and Jimmy Maher
who was in the team then… …were down at breakfast
we hadn’t been to bed… …we were still going all night still in our clothes and John Wright who was coach of India at the time… …came down and sat down and actually had a beer
with us for breakfast which was good of him… He looked around and said, “Aaah… …would’ve loved to be in the Aussie
cricket team for that one reason… …you blokes know how to
celebrate, don’t you”. I’ll never forget that. – Considering…
– Bring it. Here we go. Drinks break. – Thank you.
– Thank you. Cheers, cheers,
breakfast of champions. For all the kids watching
at home that’s fruit beer. That’s right, yeah. And
to John Wright… morning. You dropped my camera! Oh but… who was the… Who was the prankster
in the Aussie team? (Ricky) Ponting. – No!
– I knew you’d say that… – Come on!
– Early days… He was… he was just a rat bag. He was a boy from a place called Mowbray
in Launceston, Tasmania, small… …slightly little rough part of town. And he was a street fighter
literally… at one point. – He was mischievous. Still is a bit.
– No! But he had to tamper it down obviously with the responsibility and maturity of captaincy but… We played 1998 Commonwealth Games. – Oh yeah that happened.
– Yeah. And… We play a game and it’s fair to say we enjoyed
our experience at the Commonwealth Games… So we’d go out night, go and watch some
other events, maybe go out for a drink. The boys would probably get a little bit merry
a few times and be out a bit long or a bit late. Punter (Ponting) was pretty young at the time… …he’d come home early and he’d basically
set up a sequence of booby traps. The first one at the front door. Like literally the bucket of water. So blokes coming home late, late at night… …open the door, bucket of water falling… …and you’re hearing shouts. And they
walk a bit further and it’s all dark. And he’d have a trip wire set up, blokes
falling over, chairs crashing around. Man, just when you think you know a guy. Here you go Punt, cop that. He also you said is an astute reader of the
game. Ricky, just really in the play. Unbelievable. He analyses every aspect of the game. He used to come to me
when I was vice captain. He’d come up saying, “Gilly, what
do you think about this… …you know the ball is doing that. Just look at this
guys grip, he’s definitely going to go that way… …and I’m thinking about this.”
And I’ll just sort of go… I wasn’t thinking about that! I was thinking about we’re doing tonight. Switching off in between deliveries,
just trying to catch the ball. I don’t think Ricky was a great
communicator when he started. But learnt the art of
communication as he went on. I think he did that really well. Guys like Andrew Symonds he just found a way to drag the best out of him. Warnie (Shane Warne). I used to sit and watch Punter
try to get the ball out of Warnie’s hands… …saying, “You’re not bowling”. And I’m sitting
saying, “Oh no, this going to get ugly”. And Warnie, he’d be pretty dirty because he had that killer instinct that he just wanted to keep bowling. And Punter would… an over later come up… …and make a joke or say something and… …and Warnie and him would be laughing.
Whereas I’d be… If I was captain doing that to Warnie, I would be sitting there going, “Oh, he hates me. He wont talk to me now”. – Whether it was Warnie or anyone else.
– Oh there you go. – Okay, you gotta try one of these.
– Wow. – Which one is spicy?
– These 4 are… – You pour into it don’t you.
– Let me just lead the way and show you the first… No no come on, we’ll do it together…
hang on we got to do this together. – Does it need a stir or…
– Close up, close up. – Cheers. So let’s just do it like this.
– Yep. Alright doing it, get it in. Still very good. That was good. – That’s a good feast there.
– That woke me up. – That’s a good feast.
– That’s a good feast isn’t it. My wife is always telling me
to eat less spicy food. – You’re Delhi originally, are you?
– Yeah. So she’s Delhi as well. And we only got married
two and a half years ago. Unlike you boys, you also got what
(married), mid-20’s right? Yeah. We’ve been, Mel and I have been…
our first go at our relationship was… – …when we were 13-years-old in year 8.
– Oh that’s cute. And I took her to the movies, the
romantic comedy that is Rambo. Couldn’t work out why she
wouldn’t let me give her a cuddle… …it’s so romantic. This bloke is shooting
everyone, blood and heads flying off. Needless to say we had a
three year hiatus where… – …nah this ain’t working.
– Not this guy. Then when we were 17, we
got back together and… – …and now we got 4 kids.
– Nice. So the take away from that story is that… – …Rambo is not a good first date movie.
– No, no, I wouldn’t recommend it. If you guys had a WhatsApp group from the team
back then, who would be sending the worst jokes. Haydos (Matthew Hayden). And they’re jokes that don’t have a punch line. They just go on and on and on. Clearly it’s well documented that
he loves his culinary delights. I hate to say it but he’s actually
a pretty good cook. Particularly on tours to India,
he’d have the big kitbag of gear. 10 bats in there and so on. Kitbag of clothing… which were
minimal with Haydos. And then another equally big sized
kitbag full of food items… …and a little cooker and
steamer, pots, pans and… – Pizza oven.
– Mate, he would’ve if he could’ve. When you and Haydos were batting,
it was like good cop – bad cop. It was like the boy next door
and the bulldog, right? He is just the opposite in real life,
he was playing a character. Yeah, he loved it. You’re spot on. It was a theatrical performance. He’d walk out to bat and all in his time. The whole world stopped
while Matty got ready. You’d hear the comments, “Come on,
mate! Hurry up, you alright mate?” Haydos was just in the zone. Doing the squat
up and down and all that strutting around and… …start looking up and praying
and all of his things. And then when he was ready,
you know he’d just get down and… He loved going looking for a fight. You know Shoaib (Akhtar). First over, “Is that the
quickest you’re going to bowl today, Shoaib?” They had some ding-dong battles those two. But I’m just sitting there, “No, don’t fire
him up Haydos. 140 is fine, not 150. We don’t need that”. 2003 World Cup Final. Zak (Zaheer Khan). Charged in, 1st ball was a big wide.
But what I remember is… Fielders come running and
they were so pumped up. Came in chirping, screaming, yelling. Zak
came down, even if that was a wide… …he was sort of right in… Haydos just went… In fact he might have been doing it from the non-
strikers end prior to him getting on strike but… …he just absolutely got it going.
And I think the first over went for 15 (runs). Was that the squash ball final?
It was 2003 the… – 2007.
– 2007 World Cup. What’s the story with that half squash ball? It was a technical training device
if you like, I used to… Basically if I gripped my bottom
hand, my left hand too hard and… …too tightly on the bat handle. I’d
lose all the shape of my shot. So my batting coach, Bob, in Perth
suggested putting this squash ball… …in the bottom hand of my glove. Basically to take those fingers
off the bat handle… – …so only those… they would work as a guide.
– Release the pressure. Guess the best way to describe it is,
it’s like having a pebble in your shoe… …you can function, you can even run,
certainly walk. But it’s annoying, that’s what it felt a bit like. And I knew in my mind… probably helped
my mindset more than anything… …I knew there was a reason for it.
It was functioning okay. But it was a bigger leap of faith
to use it in a match. And then… I used it in the final. And it was only when I was in the 90s,
where I remembered Bob saying, “Right… …when you get a 100 in the World Cup Final,
prove to me that you got it in there.” I’m in the 90s, bang, hit a
4 to bring up the 100… I shouted. None of my team mates knew, they are all
going, “What, what are you talking about?” There it is on the TV camera. – So he was your Miyagi-San.
– Yeah, that’s right. – Wipe on, wipe off.
– And the squash ball was the headband. – There you go Miyagi-San.
– Mission accomplished. I’m sure the other blokes didn’t like it
when you were just walking… …it’s not something that’s in the
game anymore it’s very old school… …you’re an old school kinda guy.
You’re ‘Max Walker’. I haven’t heard that one
referred to it as that before. I don’t remember many occasions… …where I needed to make that conscious
decision whether I was going to walk or not. …and I understand it’s one of those
intricacies of the game that… …you don’t have to walk off, you just got
to accept the umpire’s decision that… I do remember when I was
about 19 playing a game… …and this leggy, old wily leggy, ran in and bowled
and I went for the cut shot and smashed it. Caught behind, given not out. And I stood there and… …kept batting. And I got a hundred and I
remember feeling guilty. And in the changing room, the old boy
came over said, “Well played mate, well played”. And I went, “Oh… so sorry about it”.
He said, “Don’t worry about it. It clearly means more to
you than it does to me”. Pretty hollow comment, not on
his behalf, on me. You know, how desperate are you to
do well to the point of… …going against the rules or whatever. A lot of what you do on the cricket field is
reflective of personality and your make up… …and a lot of your make up comes
from your family and your parents. And that grounding and that foundation so… My dad was a very decent cricketer,
played a lot of cricket. And he was a walker and he lived and
played by those sort of values so… – I guess that rubs off but…
– Value system, you’ve got to have a value system. And it’s your own, you don’t
need to justify to anybody. Exactly. And just because I walk
or someone else walks… …doesn’t mean we are questioning
other people’s values. I think that’s a really… a point that
I would really like to make… …cause I don’t want anyone thinking
I’m judging others who don’t walk. It’s each to their own,
it’s just the way it is and… …that’s cricket. It’s one of those
unique things about cricket. Let’s go play just one quick game
of pool before I drop you back. Oh, well done. – Solids, is that what you call it?
– Yeah, solids and strips, what do you call them? – Bigs and smalls.
– Bigs and smalls? All right. The good thing about losing
without getting a shot is… …nobody will know how rubbish I am. Might as well just give him my money. Mr. Gilchrist has been disqualified from
the game and I’ve been declared the winner… …by walkover. – What??
– Yeah, that’s why I got the umpires on my side, bro. I’ll walk, I’ll happily walk. Excellent… – Oh should I show you a trick shot?
– Yeah. Listen if you can impress Adam Gilchrist with
a trick shot then you know you’ve had a good day. Pure luck baby, pure luck. All right. Do it again.


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