Bull Testicle Breakfast Burrito Taste Test | FOOD FEARS

Bull Testicle Breakfast Burrito Taste Test | FOOD FEARS


  1. Ya have celebrities come that would be so funny to see and kudos for the wrapping it in cheese Josh I have never thought about it till now…annnnd now I wanna try it ok that's thanks 😂😂🤘

  2. Please, please dont let this end. We need him. I have never watched this channel as often as I have since I found this series, and I've been watching Rhett and Link since the T shirt video

  3. Don't stop with anything Josh related!! He's such a great member of the crew! I even bought his book xD Great recipes though btw

  4. Josh, you're fine and all, but I subscribed for R&L. Please don't clog my feed with this stuff. Every once in a while, OK. It's just too much now. Nothing personal.

  5. These guys remind me of those polite Gophers. Oh after you. No after you. Oh please you first thank you. Enough stop all the compliments.

  6. Bull testicles are best as "calf fries," emphasis on calf. They are way better harvested early in the animal's life when they are made steers rather than taken from an old bull about to be turned into hamburger. Way more tender from calves.

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