British Breakfast – Hash Browns, Baked Beans, Mushrooms, Sausages, Bacon & Eggs

Oh, hello there my lords, ladies and gentlemen
and welcome to Get Curried! And you are watching
Nick Saraf’s Foodlog! I am going to take you
on a culinary journey across the world! And we are going to start with the
most important meal of the day, the Breakfast. The first breakfast that I am going to show you.. the most famous breakfast in the whole world,.. ..that is, the British breakfast! Now the British people known for not exactly
you know… having a cuisine. I mean, Fish and chips, Taco and pie! It’s bar snacks what it is. I should be the one to talk!
I loved it when I lived there. But, the British breakfast
is the most.. ..famous breakfast and the most
hearty breakfast in the whole world. This breakfast consists of.. Bacon Sausages Mushrooms Eggs Toast Butter Baked beans Hash browns And many many more things
depending on where you go in Britain! And of course in the end
everyone’s favorite, Heart medication! So the first thing we are going to do is,
we are going to make Baked beans. Now generally when people cook Baked beans
around the world, they take it from a can. But since I am not the whole world,
I am going to be making mine from scratch. The perfect British Baked beans
are made from navy beans. But since in India you don’t get navy beans
we are going to use kidney beans. Now, to make in the perfect Baked beans.. need to soak these
hard kidney beans in water for 8 hours.. ..and just let them be so that they soften up. And I have already done that
so the beans have come up nice and soft. So now we make the tomato sauce
in which we bake the beans in the oven. For that, we take a medium sauce pan
and put it on a medium to low flame. And then, some oil. When the oil is nice and warm,
that’s when you add ginger and garlic paste. And then, you add finely chopped onions. And now we cook the onions
till they become translucent. You add in 3 cups of tomato puree. Now what I do when I add tomato puree is,
I use store bought puree.. ..because, fresh tomato puree
is not going to give you.. ..the desired result for this particular sauce. And we are ready to boil! Now these baked beans have very small
cheat code and that is… Ketchup! Now most of the world hates this. But… A little bit of ketchup for the Baked beans
really gives it a good flavor. So I am going to add about
1 tsp or more of ketchup.. ..well, I actually I added about 2 tbsps.
I am sorry, I really like it. A tbsp of malt vinegar. A tsp of Worcestershire sauce. Say it with me once again! “Worcestershire” “Worcestershire” That’s right! In it goes. A tbsp and a half of honey. Chilli flakes, your discretion. Aromatic chopped thyme. And, salt and pepper. Make sure there’s a light boiling. Now, off the flame. We pour this hot sauce.. ..over the soaked beans
in a heat proof glass case-roll dish. Tomato is acidic, so you don’t want.. ..your acids to react with the metal and
give it this metally textured flavor in the oven.. you know, glass is always a safest pet. There you go. So I am going to put them in an oven
at 180 degree celsius for about 30 minutes. The next thing we are going to do is
make Hash browns. Now when most people make Hash browns.. ..they generally buy frozen hash browns
and fry them up and serve them for breakfast. But since I am not most people,
I am going to be making mine from scratch. For this, I need potatoes. And I had immersed them in water
so that they don’t oxidize and turn black. Grate these using the bigger part of the grater.. that we have thin strips. Till then enjoy the cooling sounds
of baked potato. One potato, two potato, three potato dacne! Four potato, five potato, six potato dance! Seven potato, eight potato, nine potato dance! So once you grate them,
put the grated potatoes back into the water. So after you are done,.. drain all the water out.. ..and spread the potatoes on a dry,
clean tissue cloth. And make sure you absorb all the moisture,.. ..cover them up and leave them aside
for about 2 minutes. Take a big glass bowl
and break in 2 eggs for 4 potatoes. And whisk the eggs
until completely combined. Add the salt and crushed black pepper
and mix it well with the eggs. Take the potatoes and put the dry potatoes.. the egg, salt and pepper mixture. And then be prepared to wash
a mean, dirty, wet tissue cloth. Make sure the potatoes and the eggs
have combined thoroughly in the bowl. If your mixture seems too liquidy.. ..add like a table spoon of flour
or some more potato. And if it seems too dry
add half an egg or may be a whole egg. Right now it seems neither so… Well, I am perfect! Such a b*@*#%! A class b*@#%! So the reason why hash brown
have their name is because.. ..Hash has come from the french verb
‘Hache’ which means to chop. So, chopped potatoes
mixed with eggs, fried up, Hash browns! And now you fry up the potatoes. So again, medium flame,
frying pan and whole lot of oil. Die cholesterol, die! Take a spoon full of mixture. With your spatula, flatten it.. ..and try and form a shape. Now what I have gone for is
slightly squarish.. ..but traditionally they do triangle. So I could go for a triangle if I wanted to. But I will not,
because I am going for a square. Deal with it. Now many people wonder,.. ..why some of the menus
have bubble and squeak.. ..listed as one of the many ingredients
of a complete British breakfast? Now the thing is I am going to put this on
a low flame so that I can get to talk. Love the sound of my voice! Bubble and squeak is actually when you have
leftover vegetable from the night before.. ..mixed with potatoes
and fried off like Hash browns. And why the name bubble and squeak?
Because it is just so cute! So when they are done,.. ..make sure that you lay them up
on some absorbent paper.. that the excess oil is absorbed. The next thing we do is
we make the Mushrooms. Medium flame.. Pan! Little bit of oil. Because mushrooms are best cooked in one
of the greatest inventions of the nature… Butter! So we add butter to the oil.. ..and let it melt. I am going to add some fresh thyme
that I have chopped finely. Now, we add the mushrooms. Mushrooms are going to take
a long time to cook.. ..because, they are fungus. With mushrooms you are going to need
good amount of salt.. ..and some crushed black pepper,
of course to give it that good peppery kick. So when the mushrooms have shrunk
slightly in their size, they are cooked. In the end what I like to do is,.. ..just deglaze the pan a little bit.. ..with about tsp or so vinegar so that the mushrooms
get a nice juice going though it. And mushrooms cooked
stewing in their own juice is heavenly! So now that we are done with the mushrooms,.. ..we are going to move on to
‘Bacon and sausages’. This is my favorite part of whole breakfast. Basically, medium flame and
a whole lot of good mix of oil.. ..and then, we add sausages. You can always substitute
the pork sausages for chicken sausages.. ..and may be just bake them in the oven
instead of frying them in the pan. But then again if you wish to try
a healthy option, don’t try a British breakfast. Now what I would have really liked to use here,.. ..a British recipe sausages.
Traditional British recipe pork sausages. But of course,.. can’t them very easily in India. So I just am just using a pork frankfurters. I somehow feel the queen judging me. What we are going to cook next
is called the food of the Gods. Bacon! Bacon, Bacon, Bacon… I can keep on saying it. But I am going to cook it now. Also it is to the people who ask the question.. ..why does British bacon look like
this instead of American rasher? This is what bacon looks like. This is bacon,
this what you can chew is bacon! Bacon, Bacon, Bacon… So when the bacon is
nice and pink on both sides,.. ..when it seems to have shrunk,
that’s when the bacon is done. So what we do next is we grill a tomato. This is probably the most mysterious part
of the breakfast. Why? Because people have asked for aeons.. ..why is there a grilled tomato on a
full English breakfast plate? Well the answer for that, we don’t know! Because this the healthiest thing
on the English breakfast plate.. ..and that’s definitely a mistake
someone made ages ago. But let’s go with it anyway. So, to grill the tomato,
first take the eye of the tomato out. Then, we cut it in half. And then, on a pan with same oil
from the sausages and the bacon.. ..on a medium flame, we grill it. So now we make the last thing for
the British breakfast and that is, the Eggs. Add some oil, drizzle it around.. ..and then we break the eggs
directly on the pan.. ..for a nice sunny side up. Now the flame should be medium to low. We don’t want the eggs to dry out completely. Here we go! Omelets on the plate. And of course.. British breakfast is complete
without a drink, hot or cold. And in the case of
the most of the British people,..’s a nice hot cup of tea. Umm, it’s quite good I must say! So there you have it. Four British breakfast at your finger tips. And for your information.. ..the British breakfast will kick
the American breakfast in the behind. That’s right! I said it. In the behind. So until we meet again,
with a breakfast from a different country! Stay tuned to Nick Saraf’s Foodlog
only on Get Curried.

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