1. Even just the food clips would have been amazing. I love how some jokes are added!
    I will remember to chew my food. Thank your for the reminder

  2. Usually I don’t mind sponsor slots very much. But here I do. It kind of ruins this piece of art opening. It does hurt to see. I think if the opening would be left without the ad, it would make for such a brilliant video.. I see your reason for doing it, but had to say this

  3. Videos about food being made in animations will never get old, and I hope there will be another grand food super cut in the video.

  4. Watching this at school during break when all they have in the vending machines are bland granola bars XP

  5. I'm watching this after eating dinner, and I'm like damn I'm so happy food is a thing. Food is good. I know that sounds stupid as hell but it makes sense if you think about it

  6. Food is usually one of the most important cultural contributions for many Asian, European, and Latin countries (hence many of these gorgeous clips of food in films). Except America, which eats garbage like burgers, hotdogs and pizza.

  7. Do content creators receive any revenue from videos on 8hours? Are videos properly embedded, are they licensed by the site, are built in ads/promotions by the original creators kept in? The "About Us" page on the site is not clear (and ToS legalese for someone not in the industry is confusing.) I don't want you and your colleagues to not be rewarded for your time-consuming work.

  8. Still lacking in Jan Svankmajer's works.
    Whoever reads this, Google "Food" (1992). It's on YouTube.

  9. Half the appeal of this video is the sounds of people clinking glasses and cutting scallions, but I had to mute it because of that shitty amore remix. It's just the opening line, pitched up and repeated over and over, and god dammit I tried to keep it unmuted but I really couldn't stand it.

  10. Bloody stunning editing – especially regarding your sound mixing. This video packed such an aural punch – world class, my man.

  11. I'd like to see a video of behind the scenes of anime sound effects. The folly is spot on. Very beautiful in every anime.

  12. (3:00)

    I remember this classic TV holiday special.

    My family and I watch it every year around November, either a week before or a few days after Thanksgiving Day.

    Recently a week before Thanksgiving Day.

  13. If this included food wars or sweetness and lightning it likely would have taken up the whole video

    Good thing these are just movies and short films

    Loved it! We need a third one!

  14. I also feel like these videos are one big list of movies I want to watch before I die now.

    Except for Troll in Central Park…

  15. My culinary nutrition class and I are gonna be learning how to make grilled chicken teriyaki, dumplings, riceballs, and strawberry shortcake on Monday. Wish me luck.

  16. If I could learn to make a video as awesome as yours, I would be obliged to include food scenes from Garfield, Two Stupid Dogs, Ranma 1/2, Digimon Adventure 01, Digimon Tamers, (maybe) Pokémon, Dexter's Lab, Sailor Moon, Tom & Jerry, Sponge Bob, Hunter X Hunter, among others.

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