Black People Try Soul Food For The First Time

Black People Try Soul Food For The First Time

– You ever see somebody
eat something so good that they turn into a shaman? – I’m just curious is it, is it gonna taste salty? – I guess I’m completing the authenticity of my blackness today. – Not bad, but it’s not like super flavorful, either. – Flavor’s good, though. I mean, not too much seasoning going on. Not bland. It’s like, right in the middle. – It tastes soulful. – I’m sorry, I miss ham so much. I don’t eat ham a lot, but when I get it, I’m like, “Oh, ham! “I missed you, friend.” – This is really good. You got some more I can take home? – This smells great. It looks great. – It like, melted, right when it hit my tongue, so that’s a good sign, something really good. – You know, collards take
so damn long to like, rinse. Oh. You gotta clean collards right. – Did you say coloreds? – Collards. – Even when given the scraps, like, Black people know
how to make a dollar out of 15 cents. – Oh, like hip hop? – Oh, yeah. – Uh, it’s a foot. It’s a legit foot.
– [Woman] It’s so fatty, ugh! – Suck on the feet, you know? – Yeah, suck it. That’s the way you eat soul food. – This is so gummy. – Mm-mm. – I’m not feeling this at all. – I like it. – This looks so f-(bleep) good. – This is like the Black
person’s, like, cup of noodles, when you in college. It’s grits.
– [Man in Red] Yeah. – I don’t know. They’re all right. – Mm-mm. – Sugar on grits, by itself. – I do salt and butter, not sugar. That’s disgusting. Eat Cream of Wheat, you crazy people. – Oh. – It’s warm! – Wow. – It’s so good. – It reminds me of a toaster strudel. I mean, this is 10 times
better than that, but like– – Hell, yeah. – This is the only dish that you put out that I feel compelled to finish. – I’m sweating. – My god, she’s sweating. – My boobs are
– [Man] She’s getting, like, sweating.
– [Man] hot flashes. – Whoever’s momma made this– – This pleases the lip. – Does she got a daughter? – Definitely important. This reminds me of, like, my family, and like, community.
– [Woman] Yeah. – [Man] Like, I might make
a phone call after this. – When you’re able to eat somebody’s food, that you know they’ve put love into, it’s kind of like, what, communication. – Soul food is good sh-(bleep), man. It’s amazing. This is definitely like the, how Big Mama died in Soul Food, got her foot cut off? – It’s too soon. – Might as well, you lost your foot. Almost burned down the house. – I can’t eat this.


  1. This soul food ain’t right those collard greens looked trash and they had no fried chicken no Mac and cheese no corn like wtf

  2. Wtf where is pecan pie, pound cakes, corn bread, chicken that’s crispy and seasoned perfectly, green beans, fat back, neck bones. In South Carolina we eat real soul food that’s not the right way to eat collard greens. You gotta have them cooked with a lil sugar and the neck bones ain’t even cooked all the way.

  3. Black ppl who never tried soul food. 😒🧐 thats weird asf.. they must not have ever been to a black family event. Or they just really whitefied like the dark dude in the blue sweater

  4. Where’s the baked turkey wings, the dressing, the peach cobbler, the neck bones, the fried chicken, the baked Mac and cheese, the yams, like come on now 🤦🏾‍♀️

  5. Macaroni beans burgers cornbread stuffing hotdogs honey ham ribs green beans rolls and much much much much mooorrre!

  6. So sorry but they have no clue…. they completely censored n dnt kno.
    Greens too bright, black ass peas had no mudddd sauce. Come on! NOT SOUL FOOD.

  7. Where's the okra, yams, fried chicken, macncheese, smothered pork, mashed potatoes and salad, black eyed beans and so on

  8. That woman with the blonde frosted tips, such a woman crush…
    As well as the guy in the simpsons hoodie.

  9. Haitians , Jamaicans , Nigerians , what is going with you ‘r , you’re don’t know soul food , soul food is so good……..

  10. I know damn well them been to someone thanksgiving or Easter or funeral and had some damn soul food😂😂😂 click bait much 😭😭and what black person east BLACKBERRY COBBLER💀

  11. Can't watch video after green ass collard green hell no they not even black soul fool this is white people trying to imitate it

  12. Idk if I’ve ever had soul food. From NW & love in SW. Had a couple dark green brothers bragging about it, but I’ve never had the opportunity..

  13. This is an insult to soul food. Like seriously, is this a joke? I feel in my heart a non Black person cooked this food.

  14. These ain’t black people because black moms will give you fried chicken and Mac and cheese and greens at two months old if you got teeth 😂😂 ain’t no way they this grown and never tried soul food

  15. WHAT?! Where's the mac and cheese? where's the fried chicken?where's the cornbread?! Those greens looked too green!

  16. I actually really wanna know what soul food tastes like cuz my family is nigerian so all we eat is like nigerian food so when i ask my momma can we get soul food she says go and pray and let the holy spirit feed your soul

  17. You’re missing:
    – mac n cheese
    peach cobbler
    – any kind of pie
    – ham in general
    – mashed potatoes
    – fried chicken
    – collard greens that look edible

  18. These black mfs are lying like a mf….they have had Soul Food before period they just wanted a feee meal lol 😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣

  19. Eat cream of wheat you crazy people lmao🙊❤💞 Ty I did not know but it make since to pit sugar in cream of wheat and butter, black pepper and salt in grits.👍😊

  20. The thing is most black people can't cook. Like seriously. Not only one black person in my life could cook properly. They only add an overdose of spices to processed food and think thats cooking…

  21. People keep saying where is the fried chicken where is the Mac and cheese! This is they first time eating soul food! Highly doubt they’ve never had Mac and cheese or fried chicken before

  22. Pig feet is soul food that's nasty some of this food I havent even ate befor, like where the baked chicken and cornbread

  23. Lol blackberry cobler? My mom is from the south…she is african american…Bertha aint never made me this lol ive had sweet potatoe pie… Apple pie….or banana pudding….im about to call my momma and ask questions

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