Beth’s Bacon Mac & Cheese Bites | ENTERTAINING WITH BETH

Beth’s Bacon Mac & Cheese Bites | ENTERTAINING WITH BETH

Hey guys, happy New Year. I hope everybody had a fantastic Christmas and all of your recipes
turned out as planned. Well, today I am gonna
show you how to make a fantastic appetizer idea
for your New Year’s Eve party. It’s my mac and cheese bacon bites. They are so delicious, you don’t want to miss this one. Let me show you how to make them. So, the first thing we’re
gonna do is boil our pasta. So for this recipe I
like to use those tiny, mini macaroni. I feel like they really
work best because we are going to be putting
these into mini muffin tins. So you do want a pasta that
is small enough to fit inside. Go ahead and boil the pasta according to the package instructions, and then we can get on with greasing our muffin tin. You don’t want to overdo
it with the butter, cuz these can tend to
be a little bit greasy if you overdo it, so
a little dab’ll do ya. Then we can start working on the sauce for our mac and cheese bites. So in a large saute pan
you’re going to melt three tablespoons of butter. Once it starts to become
foamy, you can add in two tablespoons of flour. Give it a whisk and cook
it for about a minute. And then you’re slowly gonna add a cup of whole milk, whisking all the while. You will start to have a very nice thick, creamy sauce on your hands. At this point we’re going
to add some seasoning to our sauce, so I like
to add a quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper, just to
give the mac and cheese bites a little bit of a kick. I think there’s something really
great about mac and cheese that has a little bit of
spice to it, but if you don’t like spicy things, you could
definitely leave it out. We’re also gonna add a teaspoon of salt. One minced garlic clove. And some freshly cracked pepper to taste. Go ahead and just stir
that up until everything is nice and combined,
and now comes the cheese. We’re gonna add one cup
of grated cheddar cheese. Now when you’re in the
store, look for the cheese that’s already grated,
it’s a real time saver. And you also want to look
for the cheddar that says Sharp Cheddar, because
you’ll get the most flavor that way. At this point your pasta
is most likely done. You can go ahead and
drain it, and transfer it to a large mixing bowl. Then we are going to
add in the cheese sauce, half a cup of finely chopped cooked bacon, now you can cook it in the microwave, you can cook it in the
skillet, whatever you prefer. And then to bind our
little mac and cheese bites together, we’re going to add one egg and two egg yolks. Now the additonal egg
yolks is what is going to make these mac and cheese
bites so rich and delicious. It’s still the holidays, after all. And the final thing is 1/3 cup of flour. Now the flour’s important
because it’s going to help the mac and cheese
bites again, bind together and not fall apart on
you after they’re baked. Go ahead and just mix that up, and now we’re ready to transfer
to our mini muffin tins. So to make this process a
little bit easier, I really like to use one of those mini ice cream scoops. I find that it works perfectly for the mini muffin tin. So we’re just gonna fill each well with a little bit of the
mac and cheese mixture. Then the final step is to top each well with a little bit of
grated mozzarella cheese. I do like to use the
mozzarella cheese because I find that it’ll melt a
little bit better than the cheddar, it also looks
a little bit prettier when the mac and cheese bites are done. But it’s up to you, if you want to just continue to use the cheddar,
you can do that too. Now pop them in the oven and bake for about 15 minutes. You’ll know that they’re done when you start to see them set up and get nice and crispy and bubbly on the top. Once they’re done, you can remove them from the oven, let them
cool down slightly, just because it’ll be
easier for them to be transferred out of the
tin if they set up a bit, then I like to place them
on a platter and garnish with some finely minced fresh chives. And we’ll see, you will
have one decadent little hors d’oeuvre on your hands. I love this appetizer
because it is so comforting and soul-satisfying, especially
on a cold winter’s night. And it’s the perfect thing to
go with a glass of champagne. You’ll see, you’ll get
that creamy and sort of bite of the mac and cheese,
because of the cayenne pepper, and the bubbles of a glass of champagne, it is the perfect flavor combination. I hope you guys give this
one a try and let me know what you think. And I wish all you a very happy and safe New Year’s eve. This completes our holiday
recipes, two times a week. I hope you enjoyed it, but next week we are going to get our diets back on track. And I’m gonna be giving you a full month of healthy and easy weeknight meals. All right, you guys, I’ll see you then in the new year. Okay, bye. (cheery music)


  1. Thanks so much for all the hard work that you do for us subbies. Your recipes are amazing. ..HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family

  2. Is there a way you can make these ahead of time? Can you make the Mac and cheese before hand and leave it in the fridge and then bake then when guest arrive? Or does this recipe need to be baked right away? I would love to make these for New Year's Day but I don't want to be cooking while my guest are there.

  3. Beth, could you show us how to make a prime rib! I can always trust your recipes and I know you'll share with us the best techniques and methods (since there are surprisingly a few ways to make it). Like should I sear it, or should I got sear it? I want the flavor to go down through the entire meat and not just the crust! 


  4. Okay one more request Beth: could you also show us a meal prep idea ( I don't eat bacon/pork) I would love to make a handful of dishes on Sunday that could last me until Thursday and not taste bad when I reheat them (and stuff i can look forward to reheating). 

  5. Yum! I love both of those foods! 🙂

    I feel like I have a video recommendation every time I comment, but could you do a video on what kind of kitchen things to put on a wedding registry? Not that I'm getting married anytime soon, I'm 16, but someday I hope that I will find it useful! 🙂

  6. Hi Beth! I have been on the lookout for good road trip food to pack that would be outside of the average chips and candy I think these would be perfect since they are bite-size and could please everyone from the children to the adult what I can't figure out is a good way to pack them do you have any ideas? Thanks!

  7. Hi Beth, Love this recipe.  I just need to know 2 things:
    1.  My sister is muslim and I would love to share this with here, what can I replace the bacon with … some ham perhaps?
    2.  I have family members that cannot handle yellow cheeses i.e gouda and cheddar so well, is there perhaps an alternative white cheese that I can use in its place?

  8. Hey Beth! I love this recipe! So fun and easy. Btw, do you think I could make them and freeze them, so I would have something homemade and tasty to snack or eat during the week? Will these be good for freezing and reheating? Thanks!

  9. Just found some of those mini noodles in the pantry so I'm gonna try to make this for breakfast 😀
    Also Beth, did you get a tan (even though it's the winter so that'd be weird to get a tan) or is it just the lighting? You look much darker in this video

  10. If you are allergic to eggs what could you replace it with in the recipe so it still stays together because even though I can eat, both my brothers are highly allergic and I really want them to enjoy it to.

  11. Thanks for another great recipe! 🙂 I replaced bacon with 1 thinly sliced and cubed lamb sausage just to give that kick and it tasted heavenly. I made a veg batch as well and added 1 small grated courgette instead of bacon 🙂 Have a great, happy and safe new year! Happy New Year Beth! Xx

  12. Made this for my daughter to bring to a New Years Eve party. Everyone loved it. Easy to make and very delicious. I cut down the cheddar to 3/4 cup and added 1/4 cup of asiago cheese. Substituted the chives with green onions since that is what I had on hand.

  13. HI Beth, love your channel, but are your recipes written anywhere?  I have searched and cannot find them.  Please help? thanks

  14. Oh Beth, this must be delicious…. bite-size Mac & Cheese hors d'oeuvres… hmmmm.
    Congratulations for a great recipe and lovely (again) video.
    Oh, and Happy New Year…

  15. Hey Beth! I made these for New Year's and they were a hit! Everyone loved them! Question – I have a work tailgate party coming up and everyone brings in something, so I wanted to bring these, but wasn't sure if that would work out. Is this something you can heat up? Any suggestions?  Thanks!!

  16. hey beth!….i just wanna ask you at what temperature you cook this Bacon Mac & Cheese Bites ….please reply…need this today…thanks

  17. This is so GOOD! i just tried this and all my friends cant stop eating, and its really easy to prepare!! thank you for this amazing recipe!!

  18. This is one of the best youtube channels! 😀 I love your energy, the way you speak, and everything about you! hehe. Thank you for this and all your videos 🙂 Kind regards from Spain!

  19. Hi Beth! I made these for my New Year's Eve dinner and everyone just loved them!! Great recipe, thank you very much for the video!

  20. I just made this gonna bring it to my relative's house. But when it came out of the oven I had to try it! So I had one and it was really good. Except it wasn't enough salt for me when I put half a teaspoon. So for the next Batch I added more salt. And BOOM! They were delicious! And I added ham instead of bacon, no Kayan pepper and added some bread crumbs on top b4 baking

  21. Hey Beth, thanks for this fabulous recipe! I made them yesterday for a get together and they were a hit! I skipped the bacon but added mushrooms, green chillies and a bit of onions instead. Also used almond milk instead of normal milk hoping it wouldn't taste weird haha and it didn't! Yay! They were yum! Again, thanks for this! 🙂 x

  22. I'm making this again tonight for some friends!!! Don't know if I'm doing 4 generation pasta or chicken with it. All my cooking is from your channel! Xoxo

  23. Beth, I hope you know that I'm watching your videos at 5:30 in the morning instead of sleeping!!! These looks so yummy!!!! Gonna have to give them a try!

  24. I like the quality of your videos. 🙂 the food looks yummier, with the music and stuff. Haha, definitely gonna try this. Thanks.

  25. I made a double batch of these bites on 2/12/16 for a girls group meeting and they were enjoyed and a few of my friends said Mary you always make something nice for our events.  I told them check our Entertaining with Beth on Youtube you will love her and her recipes!

  26. this is an awesome idea for alzheimers patients! finger food that tastes great. cant wait to make this for my Mom.
    thank you so much!

  27. can you freeze these? if so, how would you defrost and/or warm up again? my 1 and 3 year old would love these for lunch that is why I am asking

  28. Hello, I really want to try this recipe for my party on saturday. Could I omit the eggs ? The guests I am making this for do not eat eggs, they are ok with cheese though. Please let me know. Thank you.

  29. Hi Beth- I've watched this video several times and you don't mention how much pasta to use. It looks like maybe half a pound/box? I give cooking lessons to my friends and they will love this one! Thanks!

  30. Hi Beth, thanks for sharing such a great recipe. I just want to ask if I can make everything the night before then bake in the morning before serving. Will that still be tasty? Thanks

  31. Tried this recipe, so good! Your recipes are so easy to follow, and most of your ingredients are easy to find even for us who live in the Philippines. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent. I always enjoy watching you and listening to your tips which are very, very helpful.

  32. 👍👍👍hi 👋Dear We learn From you and We All 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦👫👪Family tried you receipe is So Delicious, Thank you So muccchhh❤️💐🌺

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