Best & Worst Breakfast Sandwich Taste Test (Wheel Eat That)

– That is a hen. (screaming) Time out, I said the wrong thing. – That’s disgusting. (upbeat music) – [Group Of Various
Voices] Wheel Eat That. Welcome back to Wheel Eat That. Today it’s all about (victorious music) chicken nuggets, tenders,
giant pieces of chicken. – Yes, I love chicken and you should be nervous because I’m looking at these plates and they’re looking a little familiar. – I don’t like that. Okay you guys, here are the rules. Spin this wheel, it lands on a plate, we eat the plate and then we have to rate each plate out of one through five chicken emojis which is a little dark but it’s fine, we’re just gonna go with it. Then after we rate it, we have to guess where all of these are from. You guys get to play along too, you’ll get the options up on your screen but we don’t get to see those options. – I’m excited about it, sounds like fun. – You’re so confident. (laughs) – I’m just saying it sounds like fun, whether I win or I don’t
we get to eat food today so we’re the real winners
by just being able to eat this delicious food. – No, the real winner gets to take home the “I Ate That!” Trophy. That’s how this show works,
that’s what the point is and you seem so confident. – But I don’t wanna get ahead of myself because I’m talking a big game but then I’ll be really disappointed if I don’t know any of these. (upbeat music) All right. So I don’t know about you,
I know we have ketchup here but I have particular sauces
for every chicken that I eat at different places.
– So do I. – I’m just gonna go with no sauce. – I agree because I’ll tell you right now that ketchup is not one of my sauces. – Ever. – So, I’ve never seen this
chicken nugget in my life before. – I’m really confused about this one. This one’s gonna be a hard one. – Yep.
– All right. What? – You weren’t even gonna wait for me? – (muffled) Isn’t this how
you’re supposed to do it? – It’s fine.
– My bad. All right, this taste… The batter is very light. – Mm-hm. – The chicken is very tender. – Mm-hm. – The taste is very familiar to me. – I don’t taste as much
chicken as I want to. – But there’s this distinct flavor. Is it chicken? – It’s not chicken. – (laughing) We don’t know
if it’s chicken or not. – It’s not. Like, these are addictive in a way. – Yeah, you just wanna
keep taking another bite. – Yeah, it’s got drugs
in it, I’m sure of it. There’s something in it that you’re like, “Mm, I need some more of that.” So based on that alone, the
fact that I do enjoy it, I’ll give it a four. – Wow. Okay, a four. Again, I think I agree with you. The taste, there’s something about it where you just wanna keep eating more but if I ordered chicken
nuggets at a restaurant and this is what they brought me I’d be very upset about it,
like what the heck is this? So based off of that, I
give these chicken nuggets a three. (dramatic music) – All right, so now that we’ve rated it we can say our guess together
on the count of three, okay? – Yes. – One, two, three. McDonald’s.
– McDonald’s. (ding) And I’m actually really curious,
what do you dip these in? – I dip those in honey mustard. – I dip it in honey. – You need to try the honey mustard. – If anybody eats these
with ketchup, gross. (upbeat music) (light laughter) – Yeah, that’s on this one. – Okay. I’m excited about this because
from the looks of it already they’re well seasoned. They’ve got some pepper
and some salt on there. – If you were in a commercial
for a chicken nugget this is what you want the
chicken nugget to look like, you know?
– Yeah. – You take a bite and they
put the fake sound in, where it’s like (imitates crunch sound) – Let’s see if it can
make that sound, ready? – Whoa, that was actually not bad. – Oh yeah. This has a lot of flavor to it. – Oh, I know where this is from. – I can already tell the chicken
here is a lot more tender and the flavor from the
breading is so good. It just has that nice
seasoned flavor to it. And the crisp, you know? I know where this is from. I hate being so confident because then I’ll feel
really stupid if I don’t but I eat these quite often. – Now that I gave McDonald’s a four everything else is gonna
be like a five apparently. (laughter) – I definitely rate this at a four. It’s not… The best chicken nugget or
chicken strip I’ve ever had but it has really good
flavor so I give it a four. – I feel like I need to
retract my last vote, otherwise all the rest of
them are gonna be fives. Also I’m hungry, it’s lunchtime, that was my first bite of something, I haven’t had a McDonald’s
chicken nugget in years and also it’s got such a distinct, familiar, wonderful feeling. And then that lasted all
of like, five seconds until I took a bite of this one and I was like, oh yeah, that’s what a real chicken
nugget tastes like. So I’m gonna pretend
that my McDonald’s score wasn’t a real thing,
I just like, you know, had a momentary lapse of judgment. I’m gonna give this a
four ’cause this is more normal human behavior. (dramatic music) – I’m actually scared that
you’re gonna get it right. I’m so competitive and
I’m looking at this wheel and I know I don’t know two of them so I’m hoping you get this one wrong. – This is what’s really throwing me off. – I know. You are confused, that’s good. Ready? One, two, three. Carl’s Jr.
– Burger King. – [Female Voice Offscreen] No. It’s Wendy’s. (yelling) – Honestly, dead serious,
that was what was in my head. Time out, I said the wrong thing. Listen, no, listen. I go to Wendy’s all the time. – You know what? I was thinking it was Wendy’s and then when you said
I went here all the time I was like, oh yeah, that is Wendy’s, but then for some reason
I got into my head– – Can I have a moment? – Why did you say Carl’s Jr? – I don’t know. (upbeat music) I spin this time. I need something right
now to make me happy. That makes me happy. – I’m so sorry. I genuinely… – Appreciate you feeling bad for me because it is a competition
and you’re being really nice. No! (laughs) Not these! – You thought you were gonna get one that was gonna be in the bag, right? – (laughing) Yes. – Let me just tell you, this is one sad looking
chicken nugget. (laughs) It looks like the ones
that you get in the bag– What? – There’s so many grease spots there, you know they fried it
and then fried it again and then maybe fried it again. – Yeah, is that why this is like– – These are from the day
before and they were like, “Okay, let’s just refry them today because we need to use them
before throwing them away.” – Ew! (tense music) – I don’t know how I feel about this yet. There’s not a lot of flavor. – It kinda tastes like when
my mom used to make these from the freezer bag and I think it might be just
because it’s like softer. – It tastes also very rubbery. – Because it’s darker and it’s been fried a lot, so it’s gonna be crispy or something. It’s not.
– It’s not. – It’s really, really soft but the batter I don’t have
as much as a problem with as the actual texture of the chicken. The texture of the chicken
is a little bit off. – It just tastes like this
random mush, I don’t know. I give this chicken nugget a one ’cause there’s no flavor,
the texture is chewy, I’m not a fan of that one. – I’ll give it a two because I don’t feel as strongly about it but I agree, I don’t really
know what I’m eating. (dramatic music) – All right, ready for this? Yeah, I don’t know.
– I’m just gonna guess. – All right. – One, two, three. Burger King.
– Carl’s Jr. – [Female Voice Offscreen] Burger King. – No! (upbeat music) Okay, it’s fine. – All’s fair in nuggets and war. – It’s fine.
– Are you sure? (upbeat music) – (laughing) I hate you. Okay! Obviously it’s been battered well. You’ve got this crispy layer
on top of it, it’s big, it smells nice. Oh yeah, this is gonna be a good one. – It smells so good.
– It smells good. – I know this smell very well. – I know this texture. If you bite into it it’s gonna crunch, go ahead and make it crunch. – Okay. – Yeah, there’s still a
good crunch there, oh yeah. (tense music) – It’s unbelievable. – There’s that spicy kick to it. – I think this is delicious. I need to eat at this place more often because I used to eat there a lot and I abused so much I had to stop. – On the inside it looks
like there’s a little bit of a mild sauce there? – Yeah, it’s like juicy chicken, and to have juicy chicken that’s fast food is very surprising. I don’t know what they’re doing to it, I don’t know if I want to
know what they’re doing to it. – I give this chicken strip a five because the texture’s
nice, the flavor is nice, the chicken’s nice, everything’s good. – This is definitely a five. It just doesn’t compare,
it’s kind of amazing. I’m just really happy right now, my stomach’s happy right now. – Me too. I forgot that we were actually
in a competition for a second and that’s saying a lot because
you know how angry I’ve been this past couple minutes, you know? And now I’m happy again. (dramatic music) – The only thing that’s throwing me off is that the other choice
on this board looks similar and I really hope I know what this is ’cause if I’m wrong about
this I’ll be shocked, because I feel like I know what this is. – Well I hope you get it wrong. – Thanks.
– You’re welcome. – Should we guess? Three, two, one. Popeye’s.
– Popeye’s. (ding) I mean, it’s a given, you know? Popeye’s, everyone knows Popeye’s chicken. – It’s so good. And their sauce, that spicy sauce? Makes me a little emotional
just to think about it. (upbeat music) Oops. That one’s tough. Honestly, I have no clue what this is so let’s just– – This really, really crispy. I feel like this one’s more
crispy than the Popeye’s. – Super crispy. – They all actually are
starting to smell the same. – I don’t think this one smells that good. (tense music) – That one’s real crunchy. The flavor’s not that bad… – That’s disgusting. What is that? It tastes like fish! That is not good. It hits you afterwards. (laughter) Slap in the face, it’s
just like (mild yell) But to me it tastes fishy and I don’t… – Sorry. I give it a one. – Yeah, that’s definitely a one, it’s definitely the worst one. This is not good. This does not taste good. (dramatic music) Whatever, let’s just guess. – Okay. – [Both] Three, two, one, Jack in The Box. – Carl’s Jr. – [Female Voice Offscreen] KFC. – KFC? – That is not from KFC. – Also who’s going to
KFC and ordering anything other than a crispy bucket? What is wrong with you? (laughter) Also, chicken strips,
maybe not your thing. The bucket’s amazing. I cannot believe that’s from KFC, I was sure that that was Jack in The Box, I think it’s funny that
we both said it was, thinking about the way it looked. – I’m just glad you got
it wrong too. (laughs) (upbeat music) Well, we know what this means, Sinead. – There’s only option left. – There’s one option left. Can you just guess it wrong? – If you would have
said the right one first you would have been fine, it’s not that you didn’t
know it, you know? – So we’re technically even. (laughter) – How obnoxious was that? – I’m really excited about this one because this one’s like the– (Sinead gasps) What? What are you talking about? (laughs) Wait a minute, that looks like a hen. This way. That is a hen. (screaming) This looks delicious. I don’t know how you
feel about it honestly. You just started screaming
the moment you picked it up. – Well, because they put a
miniature head in the box and it’s weird. This smells great, this looks great, I know this tastes great,
I know where this is from, I think everybody in this room would know where this is from. – Yes. – They’re so different just by looks that if you’ve ever
had this even just once you would know. Shall we? – We shall. (tense music) Why am I so messy? Like, what the hell? The chicken is tender, it’s
juicy, it has so much flavor. There’s nothing out there that compares to this particular fast food chain. – Tastes like chicken, tastes
like really good chicken. I’m going to be honest with you, you could give me a
slice of pizza right now and I would tell you
it tastes like chicken. – Now that we just have all
this chicken in front of us, isn’t this the strangest shape? – I almost feel like it’s
the most natural shape and I think that’s why they do it. – How is that natural? – Because they’re just cutting them up. – Frying them and battering them. – This is like, they have
a stencil or something. – This one gets a five.
– Yeah. – Delicious, beautiful,
tasty, juicy, so good, it’s what they specialize in.
– Yeah. – Hands down a five. – I’m giving this a five as well. I’m really sad that I
don’t get to enjoy this with a particular sauce that
is intended to be enjoyed with most of their menu items. – True that.
– But both know where this is from, should we just say it? (dramatic music) I’m about to win this game. I’m about to win it. – Is there a special item
on the side somewhere? Another chicken item? – I cannot believe you
cannot accept defeat. Three, two, one. Chick-fil-A.
– Chick-fil-A. – Chick-fil-A! (ding) ♪ You my Chick-fil-A ♪ (laughter) Oh God. (upbeat music) We actually have to crown
the winner of the best chicken nuggets/strip because we had a tie and it was between Chick-fil-A nugs and Popeye’s strips. – That’s right.
(cheering) Both of them get fives. I mean really, Popeye’s,
Chick-fil-A, they’re so good, you can’t really compare the
two, they are stand-alones. That was delicious. – Yeah, but can you get
to the most important part of the episode? – I thought we were done, we’re done, thank you so much for
watching Wheel Eat That. – Nah! Ah! – See you guys later, bye. – I won! (victory music) Nice try, try to take this moment from me? Try take this moment from me? – You didn’t even want the trophy, Sinead. – It’s true. – I really hate losing. – I can’t believe you said Carl’s Jr. – I don’t know what I was thinking. – You’re better than that. – (slowed down) Carl’s Jr. Ah! I am better than that, I’m sorry. – All right you guys, another
episode of Wheel Eat That, it’s fine, I could fight
you for this later, to add to our collection, so make sure you check
out the previous episodes. We’ve done tacos, we’ve
done burgers, donuts. And then we need some more ideas, so share in the comments what
you think we should try next. – Bring me back so I can
redeem myself. (laughs) – It’s a chicken nugget,
Jackie, it’s fine. – Okay. (laughs) – You are alive and well,
it’s a chicken nugget. Thanks guys, love you, see you next time. – Bye. – Remember I won, bye. (whoosh)

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