Best Vegan Mozzarella Cheese Recipe • Melty, Stretchy & Gooey

Best Vegan Mozzarella Cheese Recipe • Melty, Stretchy & Gooey


  1. I make this all of the time. It’s my go to vegan mozzarella recipe! So good! If you haven’t tried it, you need to. Thanks

  2. I find everything about you annoying which I probably could have gotten past if you had been gracious enough to share the actual recipe. When successful chefs make a recipe video, they generously share the entire recipe in hopes that you will like it enough to buy the book to find more great recipes. I've never seen one act so tacky as to create a recipe video, then hold back on the whole recipe. Ridiculous! LOL

  3. Hi. could I replace cashews for another nut? Cashews are expensive in my country. Thanks! By the way, this recipe looks amazing

  4. I tried the cheese to the letter. It is far from being tasty on Pizza like Dutch Gouda or other good cheese.
    I think it needs more taste, like lemon-juice, eventually other ingredients to make it more resembling to the conventional taste of good cheese.
    I will try different variations next time and I will try to improve it.

  5. Thanks for the recipe! If I wanted to use it for lasagna, do I add extra water like in your chickpea pizza recipe to spread it out? Or do I just use it with less water as shown in this video?

  6. I can’t wait to try it! You make it look so good! And the secret ingredient is apple cider vinegar! It says it in her recipe page thing, it wasn’t hard to find

  7. Hey Sam I'm going top try your recipe. Your cheerie attitude was nice once and I would subscribe but if I have top listen to your annoying bubbliness another second I'll have to shot myself. Also it seems phony, inauthentic. Advice: Lose the bubbliness get more views and subscribers. Good luck. Craig

  8. What if you just use all purpose flour? I’m trying to make a cashew cheese that doesn’t have some fancy thing I’ve never heard of.

  9. Mozzarella is a specific type of cheese. You simply can not just make something else and call it Mozzarella. Thats like me taking a slab of Tofu and claiming "oh its steak". Like im sorry but food doesnt work like that.

  10. Is it really a cheese if it doesn't become solid when cold? Anyway I'll keep searching for something you can grate. It must be possible if the store bought vegan mozzarella is like that

  11. So I wanna make a pizza, so I ,looked up this recipe knowing I should have all the ingredients in my house, because I don't wanna go out, I have exactly 1/2 cup of cashews ! currently boiling them, because im also not someone that can be bothered to keep them in my fridge over night 😂
    also the secret ingredient looked like tahini? someone in the comments should confirm this 🤷🏼‍♀️ im doing the blog recipe.

    p.s I was right I have all the ingredients in my house, hope this goes well ❤️

  12. Im going to see if I can get tapioca starch and cashews. Been dying to make my own cheese. Thanks for the recipe and making an awesome cookbook <3

  13. it's a bit misleading to call this mozarella. i was expecting a solid cheese like texture but this seems more like melted mozarella

  14. She's super obnoxious and she doesn't say what the secret ingredient is she's just selling her recipe book not fair

  15. Just made your VeganMozzarella & have to say its so delicious!!! The only change I made I soaked the cashews for a day & the rest was so easy to make! Thank you very much, Sam! You made my day!

  16. Just watched Tasty Tuesday with Nikki Limo, and she linked you and used this recipe for her "Putting All My Favourite Italian Foods Into One Food. Will definitely be making this mozz, thank you!!

  17. Secret ingredient is self-indulgent bullshit.
    Thankfully for this bozo there's plenty of masoquist skeeter idiots stupid enough to put up with her bullshit.

    Pieces of shit like y'all make me cheer on all the bad shit humans are bringing on themselves.

  18. Your presentation style is annoying AF. Like a prelude to a complete nervous breakdown. Are you high on a cocktail of banned substances? And nice try withholding part of the recipe. Still not gonna buy your book. The "secret", "not so secret" ingredient is white miso paste. Found a better recipe elsewhere.

  19. The secret is ingredient is 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar. Please make sure to give this comment a big thumbs up if it was of any help to you guys 😇

  20. I’m pissed at myself for not having actually made this yet but I dream about it all the time it just never happens. I’m gonna make it happen.

  21. This recipe is very good but I struggled to use it like mozzarella on pizza so after several adjustments and trials I figured out that if you stur in a little vegetable oil during the cooking in the pot phase-(like 2 tsps), when it holds together like a soft sticky dough, pour it out of the pot into a oiled bowl or pan and squeeze in about 2-4 tsps of refined coconut oil. The texture will become more like a mozzarella. It then will become easy to pinch off in pieces and pressed/flattened in your palms and then put on your pizza! This is my go to replacement cheese it is very tasty and versatile and my family loves it. Thanks so much Sam!

  22. Secret ingredient = Miso paste. As this is mozz I'm 99% sure its a "Mellow" or "mild" White Miso paste.

    What do I win for guessing right?

  23. Well, it was my second attempt in making a mozzarella cheese using this kind of a recipe and it's awful. It doesn't taste like mozzarella. Not one bit. However, the real issue is that the taste is terrible. I toss it in the trash. I'm stunned with the positive comments in the comment section. Some time ago I ate a burger with mozzarella in a good vegan restaurant and the cheese was superb. This one is a turd. I don't want to offend anyone, just sharing. Fortunately I've just found another, completely different recipe for a mozzarella cheese so hopefully, I'll be able to do it soon.

  24. Are there any substitutes for the nutritional yeast, cashews, and tapioca flour?

    I'm trying to use what I already have; I'm also not vegan. I just like making different kinds of maybe healthy food?

  25. Can someone tell me what’s her secret ingredient because I looked on her blog and she just says blend this with the rest of the ingredients. So… if someone can save everyone one time please tell me what is her secret Ingredient

  26. Anyone who is complaining about the secret ingredient, did you not see the link to the full recipe? Geez. It is in the full recipe. Thanks for this recipe, it is really soooo yummilicious!!!

  27. Hi Sam,I congratulate to myself for having this chance to find your amazing recipe!!
    so many thanks, and wish you best.

  28. It might be pertinent for some to note the tip on preparing the cashews: SOAKING them, rehydrates them. If you prefer to soften them by boiling, you're COOKING them.
    These two methods affect the intrinsic dietary and nutritional qualities of the cashews. If you're concerned about the nutrition, soak, don't boil. If you soften the nuts by boiling, given that you then need to heat the mixture, you'd be effectively cooking them twice, reducing their nutritive value again. It may seem picky, but to some it might be an important matter. Just saying. Me? I don't mind, but I prefer to soak. I like to take the time. We're always so much in a rush, hurrying everything up and doubling the speed. Soaking them means planning ahead, and enjoying the process at a leisurely pace.

  29. Tabioca flour or tabioca starch are not vegan !!! Especially if you buy them from an indian store … So many people don't know about it but I'm not joking I'm serious !!! Please be careful and please make a video to replace tabioca flour !!! And tell us what we can put instead of tabioca flour !!!

  30. Hi Sam, I just made this, it "looked promising" but failed miserably, it tasted like plain gooey dough, yuck. I thought you were joking when you said that it had a secret ingredient, I'm assuming it is miso or soy sauce, tried both and it was still awful 🙁 yuck

  31. This looks AMAZING!!! I have Casava flour can I use this instead of tapioca flour please?( I understand they have slighty different properties)? Thanks!

  32. Very good video. Nevertheless, this IS NOT a recipe. This is a trailer video about a recipe. When I open a recipe video, I intend to have all the ingredients to DO the recipe in the video. I don't want to have to quit in the middle of the recipe to check the blog and then come back to the video. Unless it's a way for you to make some ad money? Or it is just an error of communication, you thought it would be fun to make a mystery about the ingredients… But that's just frustrating.
    You have quality content, please keep it that way, don't use the '' secret ingredient '' trick again…

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