I’ve been at many leadership talks
leadership events but that was just truly inspirational and if I’m allowed
to quote one thing and I’m a former senior civil servant who retired last
year and was will I go back to work Will I not, and I think he summed it up
when he said we don’t stop playing because we grow old we grow old because we stop
playing I decided to come along today for a
bit of motivation and I thought the speaker was absolutely amazing and I feel really motivated and I learned so much from todays event it was really really
uplifting it’s an unusual speaker for an event like this but very motivating an enjoyable and informative session very worthwhile
time out of the business to learn I thought he was fabulous I could have listened to him for another hour and a half easy amazing picked up a lot of new skills
and tips from Marcus Child I’ll be bringing it forward to myself It was a very good Venue and it was run just perfect this afternoons event has been
superb yeah I was really impressed by that speaker yeah I did really did get
me excited got me thinking a bit more about my own leadership skills and what
way I should be going certainly I’m motivated now as a result of
coming out of this event very inspirational some of the stuff that he
said put into practice over the last 37 years but and some of the stuff was new
and we’ll incorporated in our own team strategy for the firm and really enjoyed
it So I’m glad I came thank you for the

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