1. I just watched two grown men eat dog food, I should have been super grossed out and switched off. But I didn't… I hate how much I didn't hate this… who even am I??

  2. When I was a kid, I had a neighbor who would steal our dogs food to eat. My parents had to ask him numerous times to stop eating our dogs food. Thanks for reminding me haha 😅

  3. Link: "am i getting chocolate undertones??"🤔

    Me: no Link…that would be VERY bad if there were chocolate undertones🙂

  4. Pedigree is such a bad dog food full of rubbish how is it rated so good just because they donate it to shelter dogs we use to feed our elderly dog it the vet told us not to even though it was one of the only things she liked

  5. Rhet: oh gosh oh gosh that piece of meat it’s real oh it’s like c-

    Rhet with horror: it’s liver!

  6. Wtf Link? 😂 So are you like a dog now or what because you've got some issues buddy 😂 Love y'all weirdos anyway tho ❤️

  7. They will be looking for if the food meets AAFCO standards and the quality of the ingredients. Cheaper food for example will often have multiple meats listed which means that the recipe isn't always the same which could cause upset stomachs.

  8. Taste of the wild and Cote was really the only good food they had.. hills.. Iams.. all bs. Science hill has been recalled many times and they received many law suits for dead or dying dogs due to vitamin D poisoning..

  9. The absolute BEST dry/kibble dog/cat food you can get for your dogs/cats is Hills Science Diet! I’ve seen the proof, the difference of before and after and their long and healthy lives on this food. Animals are my absolute passion and love in life. Please take my advice (and your veterinarian, in case they need a special kind, for eg. kidney care, sensitive stomachs, liver/skin/fur care, etc.) your pets will benefit from it ☺️❤️ Love to you all! Xo

  10. The grain free pet food is garbage and has a strong correlation to dilated cardiomyopathy. I feed pro plan and love the results. Dogfoodadviser is crap and should not be trusted, it is run by a dentist.

  11. Link is releasing his inner dog? Was a dog in his past life? I am not sure about this. All I know.. Is I just watched them eat dog food for 14 minutes XD

  12. Haha – Link is usually so picky, but now he is the one that likes everything.. Maybe he is eating the wrong species's food?

  13. As a general rule, any time the label says "venison", it's usually donated roadkill. Most all gog foods contain roadkill. So, Bon-Appa-opposum.

  14. Never thought I'd say this, but thank you for eating dog food 😂 been having trouble getting dog to eat her food instead of the cat food. Tried a bunch. Inspired by this, tried Iams. Now not only does the dog eat her own food, but the cat eats her food, too 😂 Win!

  15. omg this was awesome! I got so jelly just watching you guys >_< they looked so good LOL i tried dog biscuit before and it wasn't bad 😛

  16. Rhett said I don't remember you getting any ladies but they have talked about their girlfriends and they even dated the same girl before 🤔

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