Best Daily Vegetarian Food Around The World #TheGep

Best Daily Vegetarian Food Around The World #TheGep

Best Daily Vegetarian Food Around The World There are many reasons why someone chooses to be a vegetarian, ranging from not having the heart heart to consume processed meat or to wanting a slimmer body by eating a vegetable diet. From various menus of vegetarian food, there are several menus of daily vegetarian food that are commonly consumed throughout the world. Being a vegetarian is not really easy because there are many things that can be difficult. One of them is the difficulty of choosing food. Moreover, the daily vegetarian menu is synonymous with bland food. However, there are some countries that have vegetarian food with delicious flavors according to TheGep Tortillas from Spain Espanola tortilla is one of the most popular dishes in Spain. It is made from a mixture of vegetables like potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and peppers which are seasoned with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper. This vegetarian food is suitable for breakfast in the morning. Veggie Spring Rolls from China In China, spring rolls are served raw with a variety of filling vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, lettuce, cucumber, and bean sprouts. Then, it is wrapped with spring roll skin that has been steamed. Generally, spicy sauce or soy sauce will be added in this one snack. Kushari from Egypt Kushari is a national Egyptian dish that made from a mixture of rice, macaroni, and lentils and given tomato sauce on the top. Not infrequently, the dish with a savory spicy taste also includes spaghetti pieces, sprinkles of Arabic beans, fried onions, and also spicy sauce. Pampoenkoekies from South Africa At first glance, pampoenkoekies look like fried bananas. The difference is that these South African dish is using pumpkin which is sprinkled with topping of cinnamon powder, nutmeg or caramel syrup. Pampoenkoekies are usually enjoyed in the morning or evening as a friend to drink tea or coffee. Caldo Verde from Portugal In Portugal, there is a dish that is very suitable for vegetarians named caldo verde. This food is warm soup made from Portuguese cabbage, potatoes, onion, and olive oil that is cooked in a metal pan. To perfect the taste, Portuguese people will usually serve the soup in a clay bowl along with a piece of toast. Bourguignon Bánh Mì from France Bourguignon bánh mì is soy protein, carrots and spring onions cooked with red wine stew and stuffed in grilled baguette. Gado-gado from Indonesia Gado-gado is the form of vegetables that are boiled and mixed together with peanut spices sauces. In general, it is added with egg slices and boiled potatoes. For gado-gado sauce, boiled potatoes are cooked together with peanut sauce and then topped with fried onions and crackers. Vegetarian food is often considered unattractive. However, there are many health food lovers who process various ingredients become delicious with a beautiful appearance. With a wide selection of ingredients, making a daily vegetarian menu is now not difficult.

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