1. JUST made this! But I had it for a snack. And used blended strawberry yogurt instead of plain and toasted almonds instead of pecans. It was still VERY tasty and VERY filling. Thanks Chef John 👌🏾

  2. Apples are nature's candy… do with that as you will. Delicious but loaded with sugar.

    Edit: Ok, sugar content is addressed in the video. Good call Chef John.

  3. Is this really a 5 minute video that was edited and commented over with a 4 paragraph blog post over chopped apples, yogurt, and granola?

  4. I have this for lunch often, but use cottage cheese instead of yogurt and top with whole almonds. I also use a drizzle of honey and a shake of cinnamon.

  5. I made this this morning! So so yummy!!! I used greek joghurt, left out the cranola and toasted the nuts (hazelnut, almonds, walnuts and cashews) before sprinkling them on though. Also, I used some cinnamon and drizzled a little bit of honey over the joghurt for sweetness. So delicious!!!

  6. The thing I've been adding to apple and yoghurt lately is fresh rosemary. Cinnamon and cashews often go in as well but it's the apple and rosemary that makes it. Pear plays that game beautifully as well.

  7. I can't eat raw apples since I'm allergic to the pollen… wonder if this works just as well with slightly cooked apples? Sort of ruins the speediness of it as a breakfast choice either way.

  8. Chef John, I really love your rhyming puns! My ears look out for them and I chuckle every time! May I pretend you’re my very charming and talented grandfather? Thank you, good sir 😇

  9. Just flat-out love you, Chef John. You remind me of my beloved Master Chef in Culinary School. Always look forward to your videos! Yum.

  10. Chef John love these videos. My food wish is a recipe for using the typical Chicken giblets (liver, heart, gizzard, neck). What should be done with it?

  11. I tried it this morning and it was so delicious, I added some avocado, shia seeds and pollen yum yum thanks for the recipe

  12. That is actually pretty close to Bircher muesli, where you would grate the apple and soak oats in them over night, adding yoghurt on top to prevent the apple from going brown. Even less work in the morning :D. Keep up the great work!

  13. Hello Chef John,
    As someone who loves to cook and bake (Mom insisted we boys learn!!), and having grown up watching Julia Child, I drew one conclusion: most people who say they can't cook never had someone explain things to them in a simple way! You do that for us, and it is wonderful!
    I love plain nonfat yogurt, and I use it especially in foods I make to be eaten the same day, since yogurt can run after a day or two. I use it in place of mayonnaise in egg salad and Waldorf salad. I love apples too!!Greek Yogurt is good, only the ordinary kind has more tanginess, which I like better.
    Thank you again: you really enjoy cooking and teaching, and it is evident! All the best😊

  14. I do this too BUT in honor of Ben Franklin I tie a kite and key to my bowl and wait for the lightining to microwave it hot!

  15. Okay, listen. Ever since watching this video two weeks ago, my boyfriend and I have been having this for breakfast at least every other day. IT IS SO DELICIOUS and filling! Guys… it almost tastes like candy. Even with plain yogurt!!

    Thank you Chef John!! <3

  16. This would be delicious using a caramel apple,,,
    And capn’ crunch ..
    And some freshly crisped Smokey bacon …
    (I’m just kidding Chef John!)

  17. I enjoy listening to your voice and watching your videos. You’re educational and very entertaining

  18. Hey Chef, have you ever tried making dishes with fiddlehead? I know its a seasonal and shows its face for like 2 weeks in the whole year, I was curious about what you could do with this vegetable (fern).

  19. Hear me out before objecting: to improve this breakfast what if we substitute the granola for a pinch of cinnamon and everything else for a glass of apple schnapps?

  20. Mmmm… Simple and delicious looking recipe. That's a winner! For those of us who don't use grains, we could use an assortment of finely chopped nuts and seeds. And, yes, there IS something wrong with the occasional fast food breakfast!

  21. I love this guy's voice and speech quality. Wish he could read me bedtime stories and cook all my meals while i listen to him talk endlessly. 🙂

  22. Eating ramen noodles and chasing with beer saying to myself "I ought to try that" and then sees cookies.

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