BBQ황금올리브양념닭다리치킨 먹방ASMR Sweet chicken Cheese sauce mukbang スイートチキン ไก่หวาน Gà ngọt eating sounds

BBQ황금올리브양념닭다리치킨 먹방ASMR Sweet chicken Cheese sauce mukbang スイートチキン  ไก่หวาน Gà ngọt eating sounds

Hello, I am Kyo Kwang Today’s menu Golden Olive Seasoned Chicken Leg Chicken Nacho Cheese Sauce Today I prepared 2 sets only with seasoned chicken (I will enjoy this food) (I thought it would be delicious) (it’s delicious) (I have to eat this at once) (Does everyone like the bones?) (I’ll eat it with cheese sauce) (Removing debris) (Also delicious) (You have to eat the bone with the sauce too) The cheese sauce is so good I’m looking at where to eat. (I have to eat it at once) (I’ll eat it while watching the front !!) (I’ll eat this at once) (success) (It’s good to eat full of mouth ^^) (One flesh cleanly !!) (It’s so delicious.) (I feel better) (There are so many cheeses) (delicious..) (Usually successful) Sometimes I think eating at once is also delicious (We should eat together) (…?) (It was an unexpected fight) I still feel a lot left. (Sweet and delicious) (When it’s ambiguous to eat) (It’s okay to eat this at once) (clean) (I’ll rearrange and eat) (I fell into the sauce today .. ^^) (I’ll eat neatly !!) (Are you eating just one chicken radish?) (Cola Time ~) Today is Christmas Eve. I’m eating chicken alone. Road to christmas Alone… I only need subscribers🥰 It looks delicious .. ^^ (I have to apply a lot) The cheese sauce is so good (More once again) (I’ll eat slowly) (It’s better because it’s exercise and eating) (I’ll eat chicken radish too) (Is it the last now?) (Chicken leg ice cream) (Last bite with cheese) (Eye firing) I had a good meal today !!


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  2. 저 다이어트 하는ㄷㅔ 교광님 먹방 맨날 봐여,,,, 진짜 대리만족 오졋다구여ㅠㅠㅠㅠ넘 마싯게 드심👅👅

  3. It is nonsense to me that here are so many people from all over the world.???

    It's a Korean guy's 먹방.

    How come do so many foreigners come here and do chatting ?

  4. 뭔가 203님과 엄청 비슷한 느낌이 드네요…우연이겠죠? 맛있게 드시는 모습 좋았어요 영상 잘보고갑니다

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