We are in Australia at the moment and that
means lots of new snacks to try. Today we went to the supermarket and stocked
up on some nice little treats. We’re going to be sampling these today and telling you
what they taste like. It appears most of these items are heavily
skewed towards sweets and junk food, but that is not a problem for me. So first up we are going to be trying Shapes
(Arnott’s). These look like some savory crackers and they come in the shape of Australia. Here we have Australia in cracker form and
we are actually here on the east coast in Queensland. It tastes like a pizza cracker. It is nice
and salty. I could munch on these while watching a movie. Well, first up for me is Freckles. Because
I don’t have enough on my arm as it is. This is choc buds with hundreds and thousands
of freckles. Let’s give it a go. It is chocolate-y and crunchy. It is kind
of strange. It is like these things are exploding in my mouth but it does taste good. It has
a very chocolate-y taste. Yeah, thumbs up from me. Next up is a classic. This is Tim Tam original
and the package says the most irresistible chocolate biscuit. Here is my first chocolate Tim Tam. I already
like the smell of it. Okay. It is like a chocolate cookie with a
nice creamy chocolate filling in the middle and it is covered in chocolate. I can’t complain.
That is a lot of chocolate-y goodness. We’ve got Bowen Mango Macadamias. These are
chocolate covered macadamias with mango flavor. We actually went to Bowen and it is the home
of the biggest artificial mango I have ever seen. It was just this massive mango structure.
Bowen is known for its mangoes, so let’s give this a try. It looks pretty big. I’m going
to eat the whole thing. Wow. I’ll tell you what. I love mangoes. I
love chocolate and I love macadamia. This is really good. I’m not sure how this is pronounced. I think
it is Fantales maybe. Honestly, I’m not so sure I’m going to like it just based on the
look of the package but we’ll see. It looks like chocolate. Oh my. Okay, it is
very chewy. Very very chewy. It is getting stuck on my teeth. This actually reminds me
of the kind of candy that your Grandmother would have in her purse. So I don’t like it.
Hahaha. Okay, next up we’ve got some weird looking
candy here: Chicos. I don’t really know what is going on but it’ll be interesting to try
these. These are pretty bizarre. They look like naked
little babies. I’m going to be gobbling up one of these. It is really chewy. That’s not good at all.
I think it is trying to be chocolate-y but it is just so artificially flavored. No thanks. Next up is Lamington. This is a soft sponge
cake that is coated in rich chocolate. Coconut-y. Okay. This is a pleasant surprise.
Honestly, in the supermarket we could only find the Weight Watchers variety so I thought
it was going to be a little bit bland and not very sweet. But it is actually a nice
cake. It is very soft and very spongy. It has a thin layer of chocolate, so it is not
overwhelming and I really like the shredded coconut over top. This would be nice with a cup of tea. Chokito. Chokito. Fifty five grams of chewy
caramel, fudge, crunchy balls and loads of chocolate. I think I’m going to like this
one. Ooh, it is kind of shaped like an O’Henry
bar. Oh, I can taste all of that caramel and fudge.
This is a really really good chocolate bar. This would do well in Canada and US. Next up I’m having a bar called Violet Crumble.
I really like the tagline on this. I says, “It’s the way it shatters that matters.” I
think it is going to be really crunchy. I’m not sure what the filling is. It looks
dry. Like a dry sponge. That is crunchy. It is like coffee meringue. This is surprising.
Or maybe really crunchy caramel mixed in with meringue. I’m kind of confused about this one but it
is super sugary and sweet so I do like it. Next up is Cherry Ripe – the big cherry taste.
I just had a friend on twitter tell me that I’m going to get addicted to this, so I better
watch out. Alright, I think I’m ready for the big cherry
flavor. It taste coconut-y too but you can really
taste the cherries. I think my friend is right. I better not have too many of these or I may
get addicted. Okay, so here we have a Mint Pattie and again
it looks like we accidentally picked out the diet variety. It says 50% less fat. We’ll
see what it is like. I hope it tastes like the After Eight chocolate
squares because I really like those. Okay. It doesn’t have a very strong peppermint
flavor. It is more like a hint of it. The filling is also a little bit chewy. Yep, I
do like it. I’m giving it the thumbs up. These are Anzac biscuits. We were just around
Australia for Anzac day. This will be interesting to try as well. These smell good. They smell very buttery.
Oh wow. That is a lot crunchier than I thought they’d be. That is a nice cookie. It is very rich and
as expected also very buttery. This is Kirk’s Originals. We’ve actually been
seeing this brand a lot here in Australia. I’m going to be sampling the Ginger Beer.
It is called Olde Stoney and it says Australian made since 1865. Alright, so this is already smelling like
medicine. It has a really strong ginger flavor and it doesn’t really smell artificial. This
seems like the real stuff. Sam wants me to chug it like a man, so I’ll
do my best. It has a strong aftertaste. You don’t really
taste the ginger at first but once you swallow it is like the ginger is here. I don’t know. I’m not convinced yet. It probably
wouldn’t be my first choice for a beverage. Let’s leave it at that. Bundaberg. Another kind of ginger beer. And
we’ve become so famous in Australia that look – our photos are on the cover. Hahaha. Yeah,
right. We’ve staying in Pepper’s Hotel in Broad Beach,
which is located in the Gold Coast. And to surprise us they gave us these beverages with
our faces on them. I think I’m almost obligated to like this here. You’re guzzling that. Gingery gingery goodness.
I love anything with ginger. Yeah, this is something I would actually endorse this. Overall, this was a really pleasant surprise
that I liked – I don’t know – over 90% of the things I tried. My favorite being the
Chokito bar followed by the Cherry Ripe bar, which is hardly a surprise because I really
have a sweet tooth. The only thing I really didn’t like were these Chicos. They were not
tasty. Okay, so for my favorites I’m going with the
Shapes crackers. I thought these were really tasty and really flavorful. Kind of like pizza.
Yeah, a nice snack. And I also really enjoyed the Lamingtons. They were a pleasant surprise.
I was expecting them to be a little bit bland so these were nice. I like shredded coconut
so it was a good combo. If you ever find yourself in Australia now
you have some ideas of treats you can try. These can easily be found in a local supermarket
and they don’t cost very much. So enjoy!


  1. ANZAC biscuits have been around for 100 years. they were first made for the australian and new zealand troops fighting in Gallipoli as it was easily preserved.

  2. ANZAC biscuits are so much nicer when they're soft and chewy rather than when they're crunchy like that. Still so nice either way though 🙂

  3. You guys should also try vegimite get toast add butter then vegimite but not to much a thing layer but not to thin if you add to much it's foul welcome in advance bigggggg fan by the way

  4. It`s funny because I dislike everything you guys disliked. XD I live in Australia in New South Wales and I have never heard of the Chokito bar, the Mint Patties and the Macadamia Chocolate Mangos. ^-^

  5. In Bowen my grandpa Noël Meurant was a very famous and well known mango grower, sadly he passes away when I was around 4-6

  6. check the food packing label if it say's a product of Australia it may not be. As Australian products should say made in Australia without imported goods.

  7. you can buy aussie snacks from the link below, and if you mention their store in your you tube food challenge video and email the link to them, they send you free stuff to try!!

  8. I kind of got annoyed at the tittle because I have been watching lots of these Australian food test and they eat Vegemite with a spoon btw I'm Australian I live in Sydney

  9. You two are very funny, I thoroughly enjoyed this. I particularly cracked up at the pronunciation of FantALEZ!!! Hahahahha

  10. The weight watchers lamingtons are just the same as any other regular lamington, only diff is they're portion controlled & all the mint patties say 50% less fat, they just have a thin layer of chocolate & rest is mostly sugar which makes them lower fat.

  11. ive never seen those lamingtons, i usually get the coles brand if you tried a lamington from like a bakery you would get a better taste of what they are.. i don't like chocolate freckles that much, iv'e never seen those mango things…. ever. its pronounced fan-tails (literally how it is spelt) and everyone loves them, nobody likes chicos (no one!) the filling in violette crumble is honeycombe, cherry ripe has cherry and coconut in it, nestle doesn't have a diet variety it's just like that, anzac buiscuits are, THE BEST. Not many people drink ginger beer from kirks,

  12. you ate the tim tams all wrong, what you need to do, is make a cup of hot chocolate or coffee or tea, bite a little bit off of one corner of the tim tam. then bit a little bit off of the corner diagonal to the first. then you stick one of the bitten corners into your hot drink and suck the liquid through until you feel it get a bit soft. then you shove it into your mouth and experience heaven

  13. Cool video I live in Australia and one secrect we have with TimTams is you bite of two oppisite corners and drink a cup of milk with it

  14. Violet Crumble is honeycomb, which is basically aerated sugar candy, and on the crunchy factor? The direct competitor to Violet Crumble is named Crunchie.

    Also, on the ANZAC biscuit, store ones are a lot more crunchy than you'd get if you make them at home. Home-made tend to be chewier because they have quite a high sugar content, with both sugar a golden syrup (a type of light treacle) in them. This relates directly to the name – people would send ins of biscuits to soldiers in WW1 and these eggless rolled oat things were a common choice, so much so that they got named after the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZACs).

  15. I have traveled a lot, but i can say with certainty that Cherry Ripe is and will remain the best chocolate bar i have ever tasted in my life.

  16. FANTALES are for FANS of movies, as they have short TALES of movie trivia on their wrappers.

    Great video and I hope you both had fun in the sun in Australia!

  17. Cherry ripe and fantales are the best. Do you not have HONEYCOMB in the US???? Like how? Also I prefer CRUNCHIE to VIOLET CRUMBLE. But they are both good. Just wondering, do Americans not know how to chew? Like everyone is saying "its so crunchy" on all these videos. Also those are not popular soft drinks (sodas) we usually have SCHWEPPES.

  18. This was the most hilarious snack taste test I've ever seen ! LOL, just loved your facial expressions. Anyway, hope you guys return to Australia soon 🙂

  19. alright you two I never seen these videos before you two are full of surprises and as always be safe

  20. 'This actually reminds me of the kind of candy your grandma would have in her purse' 😂😂😂 Great video guys! We're heading to Oz for 8 weeks tomorrow and I'm craving Tim Tams lol. The mint Tim Tams are my favourites 🙂

  21. That's NOT how to eat a Tim Tam…Nibble a corner, and a bottom corner. Now, use the tim Tam as a straw with a cup of tea….That's Tim tamming…

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