Assista isso antes de tomar LEITE PARA GASTRITE!

Assista isso antes de tomar LEITE PARA GASTRITE!

Calcium source and usually fortified
with vitamin D, cow’s milk is usually associated with the health benefit effect
since these nutrients act precisely in this sense. But is it everyone who can take
milk? Does drinking milk hurt gastritis? Before you know, subscribe to our channel
and leave a like in the video. People with lactose intolerance do not
can consume cow’s milk because they don’t can digest the substance that is
present in the drink and is known as sugar of milk. It is also found in other dairy products. But how do you know if milk is bad for gastritis? The first step in understanding this is to know
better than this condition. We are talking about a disease characterized
inflammation, erosion or infection of the stomach lining. What happens is that the mucosa that protects
the stomach wall weakens. With this, the digestive juices produced by the
stomach damage lining tissue of the organ. The truth is that milk is bad for gastritis
yes and enters the list of foods that should if avoided by those who have the condition. That’s because experts believe that the
calcium and amino acids found in milk stimulate acid production and therefore
cause the disease to be aggravated. A curiosity about the relationship between
milk and gastritis is that for years doctors used to tell their patients
diagnosed with gastritis and ulcers to take milk as a way to coat the stomach
and help block the effects of acids. However, such a belief has already collapsed,
and it is currently believed that the drink does not should be used as a way to alleviate
the gastric pain. This is because, although it causes an improvement
instant milk also brings Then an aggravation of gastritis. In the case of kefir and yogurt you can make
a test: take a small amount and see how your body reacts if the symptoms
or not. If not, it is a sign that kefir
and yogurt don’t cause you any problems, but Do not exaggerate. Share this information on your networks
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