Welcome back guys 😀 Today, Trisha Paytas dropped in to join me on a cheesy adventure! She also recently started an ASMR channel! After the video, go check it out! The link is in the description 🙂 LET’S EAT!! First bite is all yours! The cheese pulls are not strong today 🙁 Good news is that these are delicious pull or no pull! Thanks for watching!! <33 See ya next time!


  1. I think Trisha might be the only person whos love for Mozzarella Corn Dogs matches my own

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  2. Finally! TRISHA'S NOT AS ORANGE AS LAST TIMEEE!!!! Lol, she looks WAAYY more natural looking now

    Lol, not hating her or anything, promise

  3. man, the fact you didn’t involved in the drama makes me feel very upset. you see that Nick hurt a girl, bully her, and was an abusive person with her and you just shut up and continue your life like nothing happened? use your plataform and your “fame” to help from things like that don’t happen again to others, or you’re just an complicit. really i just hate to say this, i like your videos but i don’t like people that just like to be in the shadows when they can be supportive with others.

  4. Why does trish’s makeup always look like she slathered her face in orange spray tan and contoured with nyma tang’s foundation? Asking for a friend.

  5. I’m watching this to decide what to eat then order the food and realize they’re resteraunt is closed then try another and they end up not delivering then I go to sleep without dinner and starve myself to sleep

  6. Im so glad that hes not involved in the fight but i still stan him, the only problem is that he is friends with nik, trisha, hyunee. Im not forcing him to be friends with stephanie. He just doesnt wanna be involve in the fight so just leave him alone

  7. Off topic. But of course Trish is gonna look like a different person. she has the whole shop of Sephora plastered on her face. She must be really insecure about herself and must not accept her natural beauty or must be ashamed of it.

  8. 1) he chews with his lips like a duck face 2) i dont know if the foods hot or not but he chews with his mouth open like it is. like dude chew right in my opinion lmaoo😭😂

  9. Idk why but this just seems awkward. It's 2 people just eating in silence in front of a camera. 😂😂😂 lol but it's nothing against them 💕

  10. Who else just randomly watched mukbangs not know there is this mush drama into it😂😂

    P.S Like the drama between Nick and Stephanie😬😬

  11. Please do not fight about the drama

    Even if we don’t know if he was innocent or not, it’s still rude to hate on him like this

    We should believe his words about his side of the drama

    (Btw I found this really relaxing)

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