asmr) 식단조절 집밥 만들기 먹은 것들#2 체중감량-8kg 후 1년동안 몸무게 유지중인 나의 식단(54kg➡️46kg) mukbang vlog NO BGM/ youis유이즈

Hi guys 🙂 Hello MYIS This is my second daily meal plan video I lost 8kg and now I’m maintaining that weight (currently 46kg 161cm) I stay at home most of the time (a hermit) And I don’t keep a steady eating schedule So I just filmed whenever I grabbed something to eat. I hope you enjoy. Love you and thank you always. Olive oil that I got from home as a gift. There are 13 more bottles… Today’s menu is fish cutlet. I’m from Daegu so I’m gonna eat fish cutlet. The lid prevents the oil from jumping everywhere Look at the colors~ It goes well with a bowl of salad but I don’t have one right now. I make a pot full of soup and freeze it in several plastic bags. The broth is store bought. I just added the meat, onion, green onion. Cracking an egg is challenging.. Homemade green onion paste Ingredients for bean sprout side dish Bean sprouts becomes tough when you boil them for too long Rinse it under cold running water. It look red but I haven’t done any seasonings. So it still tastes bland. Salty foods are the cause of swelling. So it’s better to avoid them if you want to be healthy. Transfer into a bowl and it’s done! Ice is not immune to germs So you need to keep the scoop separately from the ice bucket I think KANU has the best americano French fries for side dish I usually eat my french fries with nacho cheese sauce or ramen soup powder.

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